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San Francisco Promotional Products

When you think of San Francisco promotional products, what comes to mind? Plastic miniature cable cars? Golden Gate Bridge fridge magnets? These are good things, but souvenires are not limited to the city's most famous landmarks. There is so much history surrounding California's Bay Area and so much culture, that the possibilities are nearly endless. Did you know, for example, that the San Francisco Bay Area includes not only the cities of Oakland, San Jose, Berkeley, Emeryville and Albany, but also nine counties, including Alameda County, Napa County, Santa Clara County and Sonoma County? Hopefully by the end of this city guide, you will have a new perspective from which to choose.

San Francisco and the California Gold Rush

How about ordering your items in gold? It was, in fact, the California Gold Rush of 1848 that launched San Francisco onto the global and national scenes. As hundreds of thousands of people migrated to California looking for gold, the city's population increased from merely 1,000 to 25,000. To get a picture of what San Francisco looked like before World War I, read John Steinbeck's magnificent novel, East of Eden. Plenty of mementos come in the color gold, including custom t-shirts and coffee mugs, plastic cups and pens.

San Francisco and Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is largely considered the leading high-tech hub of the United States, so fortunately there are many high-tech products available for the technology industry. Encompassing all of the Santa Clara Valley, including San Jose, the southern San Francisco Peninsula, and the southern East Bay, Silicon Valley is home to thousands of high-tech companies, among them Google, Adobe Systems, Apple, and eBay. Branded mousepads, USB drives, charging stations and other electronic accessories make great giveaways for Silicon Valley's high-tech companies, as well as for Stanford University, whose alumni have founded many of the companies located there. Plenty of promotional items are available in red and white, for all you Stanford Cardinals reading.

San Francisco and the Summer of Love

With summer-themed products, you can recollect the two-year "Summer of Love," the cultural and political rebellion that occurred in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco from the summer of 1967 until 1969's Woodstock. During the Summer of Love people lived communally, shared resources, and loved freely. From the San Francisco hub, hippies spread across America and gathered together in the name of music, drugs and politics. For years to come, the Summer of Love, as well as the civil rights and gay rights movements, established San Francisco as a bastion of liberal politics. Here is a list of items to celebrate the Summer of Love:

1. Rubberized Sunglasses

2. Inflatable Beach Ball

3. Picnic Basket Cooler

4. Picnic Blanket

5. Portable Fan

6. Rainbow Stress Ball

Do you have more ideas for promotional items that celebrate the Bay Area? Email us.

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