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That is how you win the trade show.

For over 20 years, we’ve helped companies just like yours create custom merchandise, apparel and event materials to stand out above the crowd. Relax. We got this.

Trade Show Giveaway Products

Top 5 ways to win the trade show

Whether it’s custom polo shirts, embroidered dress shirts or screenprinted t-shirts, figuring out how to outfit your team is an essential part of trade show planning.

You'll want to keep your booth team coordinated to present a united front to booth visitors, and we're here to help you select the styles and colors that match your brand perfectly.


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Trade Show promotional items to win the trade show

Haven't you ever wanted your own slow-motion scene, where you strut into the trade show like a boss, wearing a branded polo shirt, the camera panning over to your nemesis from the company across town as he gawks at your awesomeness? You high-five the dude dressed as a giant pencil, then point at your competitor and nod knowingly while he shakes in his proverbial boots. You're walking toward the camera as you toss your lanyard behind you. It explodes, and a ball of fire rises up behind you. But you don't even turn to look at it. Because you're that cool.

OK, OK. That’s a hard “no” on the fireball. You don’t really need it to win the trade show, anyway. And that’s what you want to do, right? Pinnacle Promotions can help. For more than 20 years, we've specialized in the kind of customizable trade show giveaways, tradeshow promotional items, trade show bags, and other trade show promo items that can make you a star of the show. The BMOCF (that's Big Man on the Convention Floor. But you already knew that).

Folks will flock to your booth and you'll generate leads when you set up an array of unique trade show promo items from Pinnacle Promotions. Our trade show giveaways come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. From budget-friendly items to state-of-the-art tech products, we can help you pick out the perfect item for your brand. Potential customers will swoon in your presence, perhaps falling onto your customized inflatable booth furniture. They'll forget that anyone else is in the room, and you'll just wink and smile, like you totally knew this was going to happen.

We can set you up with trade show table covers that will draw a crowd. Want a custom table throw with your logo, or a full-color pop-up stand? Yeah, we've got that. And after you've shown everyone you're the mack daddy of marketing, you can give them branded trade show bags to carry all their literature, giveaways, and other swag (swagger not included; that's all you). As a bonus, those people will become walking billboards for your brand. Boo-ya.

We can set you up with rubberized custom sunglasses, Color Pop earbuds, and Leed's Jolt Mobile Phone Chargers. We've got customized desk toys, personalized cord adapters, and some sweet selfie sticks. There's the High Sierra Lynx Outdoor Speaker and Charger, or the Tablet Folio with Powerbank. Or bring out some remote control flying drones, if you really want to blow their minds. We know you do. And you will.

And when it's all over, you'll slow-motion walk the heck out of there, leaving your competition gasping and your customers smiling. You'll have won that trade show. You'll push the doors open, and you won't look back. Boom. Even without a fireball.
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