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Commemorate Your Corporate Outing with Embroidered Camo Hats

When you’re looking for a memorable way to commemorate a special outing with your employees, clients, or business partners, you’ll stand out rather than blend in with custom camo hats imprinted with your logo. Recipients will appreciate this unique gift whether they spend time in the field or forest hunting any of a variety of game or not; custom camo hats are an uncommon accessory that make a great addition to any hat rack. Camouflage caps and other high performance caps can be distributed as a gift with purchase to customers at a sporting goods store, as a commemorative item to attendees of an outdoor event such as a company picnic or a client trip to the golf course or the shooting range, or even as a promotional giveaway at a sporting event, whether it be a tee ball matchup or an NFL game. Indeed, custom camo hats are a crowd favorite among a wide variety of individuals and the events they attend.

Camouflage Promotional Items

Custom camo hats are often worn by hunters and soldiers for both recreational and non-recreational purposes. In both circumstances, there are many different types of camouflage to choose from – for instance, soldiers will wear different shades of khaki, white, grey, blue, green and other colors depending on their surroundings. Individuals who are assigned to an artcic area might wear heavy duty, weather resistant white camouflage, while the custom camo hats donned by soldiers in the desert, mountains, or jungle look quite different. Hunters, by contrast, often pair their shades of camouflage with flourescent colors such as blaze orange so as to make them visible to other hunters in the field; many large game animals such as deer are dichromats that perceive this shade to be much duller than the human eye does. Like military camouflage, custom camo hats worn while hunting vary depending on the area in which the individual is hunting. Waterfowl hunters will wear shades and patterns that resemble swamp grass, while the most common pattern of camouflage for hunters is the brown and green mossy oak pattern that men and women wear to hunt wildlife such as rabbits, deer, and turkeys in more forested areas.

Beyond Custom Camo Caps

Custom camo hats are not the only items worn by hunters or soldiers, either: camouflage promotional items include pants, shirts, and jackets, backpacks, gloves, and even auxiliary items such as koozies and keychains. Recreational and non-recreational wearers alike often have a wide variety of camouflage promotional items, but one of the first items they get (and that is seen on the heads of even non-hunters and soldiers) is a custom camo hat printed with some brand’s logo. Making sure that your brand is seen is easy with custom camo hats, because despite the fact that camouflage is a method of crypsis meant to hide people and animals that use it, reality is that it makes for a unique promotional product that will certainly be noticed.

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