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Cutter & Buck Stylus
Item 9830-13
As low as
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Aris Ballpoint Stylus
Cutter & Buck Aris Ballpoint Stylus
Item 9800-44
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American Classic Leather Wrap Roller
Cutter & Buck American Classic Leather Wrap Roller
Item 1035-69
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Noble Twist
Cutter & Buck Noble Twist
Item 9800-03
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Noble Roller Ball
Cutter & Buck Noble Roller Ball
Item 9800-04
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Legacy Wrap Ballpoint
Cutter & Buck Legacy Wrap Ballpoint
Item 9800-31
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Choose Leed’s pens, the ever-useful writing instruments, to write down your thoughts on paper while also providing clients with some of the most popular items in the industry. No other item can provide such widespread visibility for your brand with the potential to reach so many audiences than these products. Among the few items that a company can give away relatively cheaply yet they still carry a high perceived value to recipients. Additionally, they available in a wide range of price points and many are even offered at less than a dollar each. These extremely low price points are sure to fit almost any marketing budget. You can also choose from an assortment of colors and styles, including Leed’s pens with either a click or twist action mechanism.

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