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All Natural Bug Repellant Spray
All Natural Bug Repellant Spray
Item BS2000
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The soothing balm of lotions can help relieve job stress, a real issue that faces Americans. These products, an emulsion of oil and water, can also be used to aid in giving a massage. Massages may help to reduce pain, blood pressure and heart rate, anxiety, and even the number of stress hormones in our system. If an employer recognizes signs in an employee that indicate job stress, disturbances in mood and sleep, headaches and relational issues, he or she should take action towards preventing further damage to the employee's mental and physical health. Additionally, lotions restore natural oils and form barriers between skin cells and the air to keep water from evaporating. So whether the issue is job stress or dry skin, this timely gift will smooth out wrinkles throughout the workplace.

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