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Performance Golf Shirts
Rock stars and bankers... Dress to impress!

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Tech Pique Polo Item# K527
as low as $19.75
Dry Core Polo Item# CGM211
as low as $26.47
Hybrid Polo Item# OG109
as low as $32.34
Textured Performance Polo Item# CGM145
as low as $32.35
Dri-FIT Heather Polo Item# 474231
as low as $41.17
Dri-FIT Pique II Polo Item# 244612
as low as $35.28
Tech Sport Dri-FIT Polo Item# 266998
as low as $29.40
Dri-FIT Classic Sport Shirt Item# 267020
as low as $32.34
Ladies Dri-FIT Classic Polo Item# 286772
as low as $32.34
Dri-FIT Micro Pique Polo Item# 363807
as low as $27.93
Dri-FIT Pebble Texture Polo Item# 373749
as low as $24.99
Dri-Mesh Sport Shirt Item# K469
as low as $15.51
Dry Zone Raglan Sport Shirt Item# T475
as low as $14.10
Dri-Mesh Pro Sport Shirt Item# T474
as low as $18.34
Women's Color Blocked Wicking Polo Item# 2810
as low as $18.24
Men's Color Blocked Wicking Polo Item# 3810
as low as $18.24
Men's micro stripe polo Item# 3160
as low as $20.96
Women's micro stripe polo Item# 2160
as low as $20.96
Men's EZ-Tech Piqué Polo Item# 1139
as low as $36.76
Dri-FIT Shoulder Stripe Polo Item# 402394
as low as $32.34
Dri-FIT Sport Swoosh Pique Polo Item# 443119
as low as $42.63
Chev Embossed Polo Item# CGM186
as low as $35.29
Jacquard Chevron Polo Item# CGM199
as low as $42.65
Team Prestige Polo Item# 434CFM
as low as $33.09

Using Custom Logo Golf Shirts to Promote Your Brand

Performance golf shirts with a custom company logo is an effective way to positively promote a brand. When sponsoring a golf tournament, whether it is for a charity, an individual, business, or product, printing your company's logo on the shirt sleeve attractively and effectively promotes your brand. As players sport their performance golf shirts on the course, spectators and participants see what companies are actively involved with the event. This type of branding can be very beneficial especially if the event garners a large crowd. Similarly, if the event gains media attention such as community or national press, people will be looking to see what companies or individuals are involved with the event. Branding strategies are found to have a large impact on consumer behavior. Customizing clothing, in particular performance wear, is a very effective way to push a brand. Your company can bring their products and services to life by customizing performance golf shirts.

Promote Wellness with Cotton Golf Shirts and Microfiber Shirts

Today, health and wellness is highly encouraged in the workplace. Companies have incorporated gyms into their office buildings, taken out corporate memberships at local facilities, and even participated in corporate golf outings. If your company is interested in publicly promoting an active lifestyle, consider distributing performance golf shirts as a functional promotional piece. Golf shirts are available in a wide variety of performance enhancing materials and colors so your executives can create highly customized and comfortable athletic apparel. By implementing a wellness initiative, employees and observers will connect with your brand and view the company in a positive manner.

Target the Golfing World with Performance Golf Shirts

It is unclear when the first game of golf was officially played, but it is clear that golf has continued to gain in popularity since its origins. With such a large fan base golf apparel such as performance golf shirts has also gained in popularity. Today, you can find men and women wearing golf apparel on and off of the course. As a promotional tool and a marketing strategy, consider printing your company's logo on performance golf shirts. Performance golf shirts have a low cost per impression so each imprinted shirt will bring your company logo or message exposure. Similarly, performance golf shirts are an effective and low cost alternative to many other advertising tools. So, when your company plans their next marketing push consider custom printing performance golf shirts to promote your brand!

Performance Golf Shirts for the Business Golfer

Wear performance golf shirts as a way to dress for success during a round of "business golf." Business golf is one of the new and innovative ways many business executives discuss their future endeavors. Even though business golf seems much more informal than most corporate meetings, there are some general etiquette guidelines that should be followed. It is important that business is not discussed before the 5th hole or after the 15th. As a way to stay in your client's mind, consider wearing a performance golf shirt customized with your company's logo. Not only do you and your partner look professional, but you are discretely promoting your business.

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