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Apple Stress Ball
Apple Stress Ball
Item SB404
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Star Stress Reliever
Star Stress Reliever
Item 4097
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From pencil and computer shaped tension relievers to star shaped designs for “star students” school stress balls are great for advertising any business a part of the education industry or even those that are just trying to target students. Just as businesses may recruit employees, many learning institutions recruit students to enroll at their particular college or university. Similarly recruitment events like industry trade shows where recruiters use branded items, such as school stress balls, to gain attention of event attendees and encourage them to visit their booth. This can prove to be a great way to gain student interest and increase admissions. In today’s educational market, students have more choices than ever before. Your institution may offer all the courses and extracurricular activities a potential student is looking for, but so do many others out there. Set yourself apart today!

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