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Unisex 4.2 oz. Driftwood Long-Sleeve Jersey Hoodie
Unisex 4.2 oz. Driftwood Long-Sleeve Jersey Hoodie
Item 3512
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Juniors Slub V-Neck Hoodie
District Juniors Slub V-Neck Hoodie
Item DT241
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Juniors Tri-Blend Hoodie
District Juniors Tri-Blend Hoodie
Item DT238
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Keep Yoru Employees Warm in Corporate Sweaters

If you’re looking for a way to encourage your employees or customers to cozy up to your brand, consider presenting them with embroidered sweaters during the cold weather months. A favorite piece of promotional apparel for all types of organizations, companies and their events, especially during the fall and winter time, embroidered sweaters customized with your brand’s logo make an excellent giveaway, corporate gift, or gift with purchase depending on your strategy, needs, and budget. Embroidered sweaters from Pinnacle Promotions are available in a wide variety of colors, styles and sizes so that men and women young and old can feel comfortable and fashionable in their corporate apparel.

Give a Custom Women’s Sweater This Holiday Season

Do you have a female coworker, assistant, or supervisor who has helped your career become what it is today? Has she provided you with valuable guidance and support in the workplace that has made a difference in how you perform, helping you achieve and surpass goals on a regular basis? Whether this woman is your peer or your superior, whether she has been with your company for decades or just arrived last week, thank her for her attention and dedication to both your organization and your own role therein with an embroidered sweater custom printed with your company’s logo, or perhaps her name and the position she performs so well. Regardless of the image or text you choose to have appear on the embroidered sweater you give to a deserving individual, she will appreciate the gesture during the holidays or at any time of year. A warm and comfortable piece of custom apparel will be worn frequently during the winter months and will remind the recipient that you are grateful for your professional relationship.

How Embroidered Sweaters Can Help Boost Your Company’s Morale

After the holidays, it is often difficult for employees to return to work with a motivated and positive attitude. The return of family and friends to their homes in different parts of the country and even the world can be disappointing, and when paired with the short, dark days of January, can have a serious impact on an employee’s will and enthusiasm. This makes the beginning of the year, a time when individuals least expect it, a great opportunity to implement an awards program or distribute gifts to thank employees for their contribution over the past year and especially during the holiday season. With spring still a few months away, embroidered sweaters are a great medium through which to express such gratitude. A warm and comfortable gift with personalized embroidery and stylish features will be appreciated by everyone who receives them: men and women in every department of your business will be proud to display your brand in the office, at home, and on the go with customized embroidered sweaters. Consider adding this cozy item to your employee incentive program to make a positive impact and boost morale.

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