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1/4 Zip Microfiber Windshirt
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Tour Bonded Soft Shell Jacket
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Encourage Healthy Lifestyles with Promotional Activewear

Customized sports apparel presents a unique branding opportunity because end users will associate any imprinted marketing message and/or logo with fitness and health. Whether your target audience is athletes, health-conscious individuals, or even customers who covet rest and relaxation, customized sports apparel can obtain a high number of impressions because of its varied applications. Men, women, and children alike can enjoy working up a sweat in customized sports apparel featuring your organization’s marketing message, or they can even run errands on the weekends while wearing a branded sweatshirt or pair of sweatpants. The versatility of customized sports apparel makes it ideal for promoting a diverse range of initiatives. For example, a large corporation could distribute customized sports apparel to employee volunteers at a charity 5K walk/run, while a medical practice may hand out promotional warm up gear to patients as part of an educational fitness campaign. Anytime individuals want to experience optimal range of movement, they can count on customized sports apparel provided by your company to deliver a level of comfort unmatched by any other type of apparel.

Custom Activewear for Team Warm Up Activities

The rush of adrenaline felt by athletes on amateur and professional sports teams while warming up is unparalleled by any other emotion, and customized sports apparel can be an influential factor in boosting team spirit. The experience of putting on a sweatsuit emblazoned with a team’s logo is exciting and memorable, and teammates can better relate to one another when they are provided with a constant reminder that they are working toward a common goal. Additionally, corporate sponsors of sports teams can obtain additional exposure by giving athletes matching warm up outfits imprinted with their brand name and logo. As team members prepare for a game, audience members will immediately be made aware of the association between the team and the sponsor, thereby building awareness for the sponsoring organization throughout its local community. Purchasing customized sports apparel for company sports leagues is another great way to motivate participating employees and improve internal morale. Whenever players venture out into the public eye wearing customized sports apparel, they will simultaneously be promoting your organization as an athletic, fun place to work.

Customized Sports Apparel to Promote Comfort and Style

Fashionable leisurewear has become an integral wardrobe component for men and women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Many popular retail lines have even launched brand extensions in recent years solely to deliver unique, stylish customized sports apparel to trendsetters who refuse to sacrifice style for comfort. From matching sweatshirt and sweatpant sets to colorful zip-up fleece jackets, customized sports apparel continues to evolve to meet the demands of fashion forward consumers. By personalizing and distributing customized sports apparel, your brand can communicate to your target audience that you support healthy work-life balance. Cute, yet comfortable, customized sports apparel allows recipients to endorse your organization to passersby at the gym, around their neighborhoods and anywhere else they may venture while wearing custom activewear emblazoned with your logo.

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