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Jr. Zippered Padfolio
Wenger Jr. Zippered Padfolio
Item 9355-07
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Zippered Padfolio
Wenger Zippered Padfolio
Item 9355-12
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Writing Pad Bundle Set
Wenger Writing Pad Bundle Set
Item 1355-02
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If you are looking for a way to show consumers that your brand is sophisticated and functional, consider distributing Wenger products imprinted with your logo. A manufacturer of a broad range of items, including Swiss Army knives, computer bags, padfolios and watches, these items can all be incorporated into recipients’ daily routines. As opposed to traditional advertising, which often does not have the desired effect, branding products with your logo can help any organization to become a household name. When also customized with your brand’s name and message, these items increase brand exposure and encourage recipients to associate your brand with the luxurious products you distribute. In addition, you will also align your corporate image with the image of the company that manufactures the product. Thus, while finalizing advertising merchandise, choose wisely and select Wenger products for your next marketing initiative.

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