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Striving for Perfection

From an early age, Mitch and Dave Weintraub were taught that impressions matter—the first, the last and every one in between. Paying attention to the details and striving for perfection formed the backbone of their personal values. These same values are infused throughout Pinnacle Promotions, where the brothers have created a culture of caring and innovation in which each order is branded perfectly and delivered on time, every time.

Born to Brand

From sports as kids to attending the University of Florida, Mitch and Dave have always been close. So when they decided to attend graduate school in different states it was no surprise that they would be back together at some point soon.

In 1994 Mitch was attending Emory University and nearing the end of his M.B.A. program, while Dave was attending the University of Memphis Law School. After a brief experience working as a financial analyst, Mitch decided that he could make more of a difference teaming up with his brother to create a company that reflected their personal values. Always the entrepreneur, he looked back at his college business of designing and selling t-shirts to the fraternities, bookstores and students, and decided he could do it again on a much larger scale. He and his brother developed what would become Pinnacle Promotions. Within months, Dave moved to Atlanta, passed the bar exam, and together they started to lay the groundwork for the company's long-term growth from the bedroom of Mitch's apartment to Pinnacle’s new 22,000 square foot office in Atlanta.

By hiring conscientious people, investing in innovative technologies and adhering to their ongoing pursuit of perfection, the Weintraub brothers have built a business that serves thousands of brands and organizations that are as concerned about making the right impression as they are.

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