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Item# PL-3890

Average: 3.5

Luster Style Writer Product Reviews

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5-Star Rating Nice Pen
BY: Lorrie .
We ordered the blue pen with our logo in white. The white lettering really pops on the blue. Looks way more expenseive that it really was. Very satisfaied.
5 out of 5

4-Star Rating 4-Stars
BY: Corinna .
Looks great and writes well! Only problem we had was that some pens came apart entirely when they were accidentally dropped on the tables.
4 out of 5

3-Star Rating Luster Style Write Pen
BY: Kathy P.
Nice Looking Pen - and the imprinting was great. I would have liked the pen to be a little sturdier but all-in-all I am pleased.

3 out of 5

2-Star Rating 2-Stars
BY: Giulio .

2 out of 5

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