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Zippered Cotton Bag - 18" x 13" Product Reviews

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5-Star Rating Utilitarian, Simple Good Looks, and Sturdy(?)
BY: Eric .
A slightly rough textured, cream colored, canvas bag, double thickness canvas straps, seam-to-seam zipper closure, and large printable area. Single color, screen printed simple logo and Times smallcaps font text no smaller than 1/4" are bold, clear, and legible from a distance. Zipper sticks at first but smoothes out after use.

Initially appears to be sturdy enough to be functional as grocery or beach bag for quite some time. Canvas should launder well and while rough, is more pleasing to the touch than synthetic bags. Clean design means generously applied ink of screen-printed logo is prominent, and there are no gaudy extra pockets or dangling bits to snag on belts, chairs or stairway railings. While canvas is not water resistant, zipper fully closes top of bag, and should protect contents from a light unexpected sprinkle or unwelcome fingers. For us, all these positive points mean we hope our attendees will find day-to-day uses for their bag after the conference, and will reinforce a lasting good impression of the conference.

Zipper pull tab and slider are thin metal, and nylon zipper teeth need to be worked-in before functioning smoothly; I expect this will be first point of failure. Stitching is of good quality but perhaps a bit sparse. Straps are not X-stitched, but are doubled over a strip of re-enforcing canvas sewn into the bag's top. I do not know, but heavy loads over time may tend to roll this canvas strip away from the bag and pull the stitching. That said, impromptu testing with a load of several heavy textbooks (~20lb) reveal no call for concern of failure under load for new bags. Logo was printed slightly darker than on the online proof; while not a concern for us, if color matching is important for future customers they should consider specifying by pantone and/or ordering a physical proof.

I am a scientist and not a graphic designer or marketing guru, but Eliza made sure my order was handled quickly and without any hitches. She answered questions promptly and knowledgeably; going into as much detail as I requested. When I requested information she did not immediately have, she was very quick to gather it and respond. Her explanation of the ordering, proofing, and shipping process helped me be assured the bags would arrive on time and meet my expectations.

This bag is functional, good looking, and seemingly sturdy. A solid product at a very reasonable price. Consider its clean and simple design before buying a more expensive bag with less functionality.

5 out of 5

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