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Viewing Products with 360 Degree Imagery

For digital shoppers trying determine the best promotional products for their needs, revolutionary 360 degree product imagery can streamline the ordering process by saving consumers time and money while eliminating anxiety. Many shoppers say that, in today's digital age, where everything seems to be available for purchase online, it's often hard to know who to trust or even what products will look like when they arrive at their doorstep. 360 degree imagery alleviates this stress by bringing products to life and allowing customers to interact with the items before purchasing.

Clicking the "360 degree view" button will prompt the image of the product to start spinning. After making a complete circle, customers will be able to control the product by clicking on the image and dragging their mouse to slowly rotate the products. Shoppers will still have the option to view traditional still images, but can use the 360 view to gain a better sense of a item's shape, size, feel, and imprint area.

While many suppliers provide samples to allow shoppers to interact with their products, interested customers have to wait to receive the items before making a purchasing decision. Often times, purchasers do not have extra room in their event planning schedule to wait for products, nor do they want to pay fees that are sometimes associated with this process. Now, with 360 degree imaging, all potential customers can interact with their custom products and compare them side-by-side, with no wait time and no cost.

Shoppers can view a wide range of products from all angles, including tote bags, drinkware, keychains and other giveaways, awards and corporate gifts, outdoor accessories, and office items such as pens and notepads. Over time, 360 degree imagery will become a standard feature for all products offered by Pinnacle Promotions.

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