Looking to increase employee participation in your health and wellness programs?


Want more engagement in your company's community service events?


Need more employee support for a recycling or charitable giving program?

Pinnacle can create a custom online portal to reward employee participation and provide control over inventory and program spend.

We deliver turn-key solutions; created, developed, implemented, and executed all under one roof.

How the program works:

  1. Pinnacle provides a custom redemption portal - secure, controlled access.
  2. Customer selects merchandise awards (zero-inventory options available).
  3. Customer provides Pinnacle with an eligible employee list.
  4. Employee receives an email thanking them for participation with a link to the redemption portal.
  5. Portal validates award recipient and provides them with up to five reward options.
  6. Pinnacle handles production, fulfillment and shipment to the employee.
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Pinnacle Solutions Drive Employee Engagement

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