Our Story

Always pursuing perfection.

A funny thing happened in the late 1960's.

Actually, two funny things.

Linda Weintraub gave birth to two boys, Mitch and Dave.

Over the years, she then methodically made them obsessive perfectionists.

This might sound like a bad thing for them - if it weren't such a good thing for you.

Her impossibly high standards gave her boys the drive they needed to succeed.

Mitch got his MBA, and Dave graduated from law school. But neither young man felt their path lay in working for someone else. They always gained more satisfaction by finding the best way to get something done.

Mitch took the lead by organizing the purchase of some promotional products while he was in college. A demand grew, and eventually exploded. So much, that he called in brother Dave.

Pinnacle Promotions was born.

Then they got better at it. And faster.

They negotiated better prices and built a reputation for standing by their products and making sure every customer was happy with their purchase.

Add an award-winning website, the brightest people in the industry, and over 25 years of experience and you have the fastest growing, most dependable, forward-thinking, brand-aware, speed-conscious promotional product company in the country.

Day in and day out they strive to make the right impression with their customers, their vendors, and their employees.

Now if they could just make Linda happy.