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Promotional USB hubs and custom adapters

Time to do some work at the ol’ coffee shop. You walk into the room in your Dad jeans and Weejuns and you see a sea of hipsters — wooly beanies and beards and post-ironic T-shirts everywhere. You wedge yourself between two of these fine fellows, who both sigh and roll their eyes as they scoot their laptops, festooned with clever stickers and the names of bands you’ve never heard of, over to give you an inch more room at the communal table. Your laptop has plenty of charge, but you decide to plug in your phone. And that’s when you see that every outlet is occupied. The two guys next to you are using three outlets each for their various devices. This would be the perfect time to pull out a promotional computer hub or custom adapter from Pinnacle Promotions. These customized hubs and adapters are the perfect thing for the techie with multiple devices but limited access to power. Just plug one of these babies into your laptop, and you can charge and connect numerous devices at the same time. Not only that, but if you print your logo or company information on these hubs and adapters you’ll also market your business every time you plug in. Hand out some of these promotional hubs and adapters at a trade show, and your customers will be able to connect their various devices while keeping your logo front and center. Try the custom Round 4-Port USB Hub, which comes in six colors and allows you to connect up to four devices to your computer with a portable four-hub USB adapter. Its flat cord rolls neatly into the hub for easy transport in a pocket or bag. Or how about the Flip Port USB Hub, which features USB ports and one micro port for transferring data from one device to another? Then there’s the promotional Tangle Hub 2.0, which twists 180 degrees. Or go for the Hub Dude, a USB hub that looks like a little stick figure. Its hands and feet are ports. Or take a look at the custom ETL Certified Turf Charging Station, which has four outputs and is topped with silicone that looks like cartoon grass that can hold up to three devices in place while charging. So give Pinnacle Promotions a call, and we’ll set you up with the perfect promotional hubs and adapters for your company, your customers, and your budget. You’ll market your company every time you use them, and they’ll help you avoid awkwardly asking a hipster to please free up an outlet for you. He has his earbuds in anyway. So he can’t hear you, grandpa.