Custom Tech Pack: Promotional Tech Kits

Custom technology kits are magical

Good evening, ladies and gentlegerms! You are in for an amazing treat — a spectacular of the likes not seen since David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty disappear on live television (boy, that was something, huh?). I’ll amaze you more than Doug Henning’s lush moustache and mullet ever could. That’s right, it’s time for magic! Watch me wave my wand — oops, sorry, I’m not sure why a bunch of pennies just flew out of my sleeve and hit you in the face. A-hem. Let me try again. I’ll say the magic words — Pinnacle Promotions! — and voila! Cough. Cough. Gosh, that’s a lot of smoke. Smells kind of toxic. Anyhoo … what do we have here? A bunch of custom promotional tech bundles! That’s what you were thinking about, right? You were thinking that you needed a great giveaway for your customers and employees, something that would get people talking and thinking about your brand. I can read minds. Wait, you say you were thinking about a ham sandwich? Well, I probably tapped into your subconscious. See, this magic is serious stuff. Some people compare me to the great Tony Slydini, who was a master of close-up artistry, or Dai Vernon, whose card tricks always amazed. I’m an original, though, because there are no other magicians who specialize in promotional products. Yup, I’m special. Abra-cadabra and … here it is! The custom Jolt Premium Power Kit! It includes a Jolt Charger, 5V/1A car adapter, 5V/1A AC Adapter, and the micro USB to USB charging cable. It’s great for the office, car, and for everyday use. The promotional Travel Chargers Kit has dual ports and an LED ring that helps illuminate the logo area in the dark. The AC Mobile Charger plugs into a standard wall outlet and charges your mobile devices through a standard USB port. The Accessory Pouch ™ is Neoprene, and features a zippered closure, carabiner, and fits a variety of devices. Looking for more? Let me see … Ta-da! It’s the custom Hart Tech Pack, which features a Tech Sleeve, a pen and stylus, and a screen cleaning cloth. This promotional tech bundle fits compactly in all bags, purses and pockets. And up your sleeve! Even if you already have a bunch of scarves and a dove in there. Where’s that dove? Oh. Oh dear. Anybody have the number of a good vet?