What kind of artwork do you need?
Can I preview how my logo will look on the product?

You can use the "See your logo on this product" button on any product page and our art team will provide a virtual proof for you.

While we always try our very best to get the sizing as close to the final printed product as possible, it is not always achievable. If the exact sizing and location are especially important, we recommend asking us for a sew out or pre-production proof.

View our virtual sizing guide here ›
What is the difference between vector and raster art?

There are two types of files.

1. Bitmaps are composed of pixels.
Raster images are more commonly called bitmap images. A bitmap image uses a grid of individual pixels where each pixel can be a different color or shade.

The following file types are ALWAYS raster-based:
.jpg | .gif | .png | .tif | .bmp

2. Vector graphics are composed of paths. Vector graphics use mathematical relationships between points and the paths connecting them to describe an image.

The following file types are OFTEN vector-based:
.ai | .cdr | .eps | .pdf | .ps | .wmf

The above file types can be raster, vector or a combination of both, depending on the contents embedded. Just because a file has an .eps extension, does not make it vector. Likewise, you CAN NOT take a .jpg and change the extension to .eps to convert it from raster to vector.

Bitmap Image:
Vector Graphic:
Pinnacle Promotions FAQ Difference between Vector and Rastor art: Bitmap Image Sample
Pinnacle Promotions FAQ Difference between Vector and Rastor art: Bitmap Image Sample

The image to the left above is representative of a bitmap and the image to the right is representative of a vector graphic viewed in outline mode.
They are shown at four times actual size to exaggerate the fact that the edges of a bitmap become jagged as it is scaled up:

With Adobe® Systems' introduction of the PostScript®, computers could display fonts and images using point-to-point math rather than by pixels alone. The advantage to using a page-description language such as PostScript becomes clear when you scale an image up. The larger you display a bitmap, the more jagged it appears, while a vector image remains smooth at any size. That is why PostScript and TrueType® fonts always appear smooth - they are vector-based.

Anti-Aliased Bitmap Image:
Smooth Vector Image:
Pinnacle Promotions FAQ Difference between Vector and Rastor art: Anti-Aliased Bitmap Image Sample
Pinnacle Promotions FAQ Difference between Vector and Rastor art: Smooth Vector Image Sample

The jagged appearance of bitmap images can be partially overcome with the use of "anti-aliasing". Anti-aliasing is the application of subtle transitions in the pixels along the edges of images to minimize the jagged effect (above left). A scalable vector image will always appear smooth (above right):

Bitmap images require higher resolutions and anti-aliasing for a smooth appearance. Vector-based graphics on the other hand are mathematically described and appear smooth at any size or resolution.

Bitmaps are best used for photographs and images with subtle shading. Graphics best suited for the vector format are page layout, type, line art or illustrations.

Wherever possible use the vector format for all your type, line art and illustrations and only use bitmaps for photos or images with complex or non-uniform shading. If the graphics application recognizes native vector files such as those created by Adobe Illustrator® (a filename with an extension of .AI), CorelDRAW® (a filename with an extension of .CDR), then use them first.

The EPS File Format

If the graphics application you are using cannot read native vector files the next best thing would be to save them as EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) files. These are self-contained PostScript files which contain the same mathematical descriptions as the vector files they are made from. Even bitmaps can be saved in the EPS file format. EPS files are supported by most all graphics applications. It is the most portable format for this reason. It is best to use EPS files for all line art and illustrations because they can be reproduced at any size or resolution and still display exactly as they were drawn. Use them wherever native vector files cannot be used.

What if I cannot get the artwork in the correct format?

Send over whatever you have and we will evaluate and let you know what needs to be done. We will do whatever we can to make sure that your order is not held up because of artwork problems. Often times we can recreate your logo quickly with little or no charge. However, if your artwork is complex or we have difficulty reproducing it, we may have to charge you a small art charge based on the time spent fixing it. Typically we charge $50.00 per hour.

What if I don't have artwork?

We have a talented in-house art department that is available to create a design/logo for you. For simple jobs we may not even charge you for this service. However, our standard art fee is $50/hr.

What is PMS Color Matching and why does my artwork spec have PMS numbers next to the color boxes?

PMS stands for Pantone Matching System®. It is the standard color matching system that allows printers to choose a color without leaving it up to an individuals' subjectivity. Each color in the Pantone color chart corresponds to a particular number so that if you say your logo is royal blue, we can pick an accurate blue to recreate. PLEASE NOTE: Because computer monitors display colors in RGB format, the color that you see on your screen may not be accurately calibrated to the actual PMS color chart.

Where should I send my artwork?

If you order online, you can upload your art during the checkout process.

You can also e-mail your artwork to: art@pinnaclepromotions.com

For printed artwork please send to:

Pinnacle Promotions, Inc.
4855 Peachtree Industrial Blvd.
Suite 235
Norcross, GA 30092
Attn: Art Dept

Do you keep my artwork on file?

We archive every art job that we do for our clients. This means that once we have your logo on file there is usually not a need to send it to us again. We can also make revisions and/or changes to your logo or add text underneath (usually) at no charge.

Overview of the ordering process

How can I place an order?

You can either order directly online (at the individual product page) or by calling us at 888-304-5861.

What are the Imprint (Decoration) Options?

Imprint options are the various methods in which your product can be branded with your logo.
Below are a few of the most popular...

Screenprint A screenprinted logo on drinkware Screen-printing involves pressing ink through a fine mesh screen and onto the surface of a product.
Deboss A logo debossed on a jotter A debossed logo Also referred to as blind deboss, this classic method leaves an impression--or rather, a depression-- of the logo onto a material's surface.
Emboss Monograms embossed on napkins Embossing is a technique which creates a pattern on the material that is raised or in relief
Dome Various epoxy-dome samples An Epoxy Dome is made of a clear soft flexible see through material which is "domed" over the top of the pressure sensitive decal material.
Embroidery Embroidered logos on apparel Stitching a design into fabric through the use of high-speed computer-controlled sewing machines
Foil Stamp Foil-stamped logo on jotter Foil stamping uses controlled heat, pressure, and precision timing to apply colored or metallic foil resins to decorate surfaces of varied shapes and materials.
Laser Engraving Keyring with a laser-engraved logo Pen with a laser-engraved logo This technique uses lasers to engrave or mark an object. It can be technical and complex, and often a computer system is used to drive the movements of the laser head.
Heat Transfer Logos on lanyards via the heat-transfer method Heat transferred logo on a cooler Heat transfers are applied by heat transfer printing. This dry decorating method uses controlled heat, dwell and pressure to thermally bond the graphic onto the surface, achieving high quality and durability.
Pad Print Example of a pad-printed promo item Pad printing utilizes a flexible silicone rubber transfer pad that picks up a film of ink from a photo-etched printing plate and transfers it to a three-dimensional part surface.
Color Stamp Example of a color-stamped logo Simple one-color designs are enhanced when a die is used to apply colored foil to a material's surface.
Color Fill Example of a color-filled logo Color fill combines color stamping and debossing. A die is created to first color stamp the logo onto the surface, and then that same die is used to deboss the logo into the material.
Digitizing Embroidered items must be digitized Before a logo can be embroidered, it must first be digitized. It is a technical term used to describe the process involved in programming the embroidery machine to stitch the logo accurately.
4 Color Process Items digitally printed via 4-color process A process where 4 different color values — cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) — come together to create a color image. These 4 colors can be combined to create thousands of colors.
What are Set-up Charges?

Custom imprinting your logo on an item requires printing plates, film, setting up the engraving laser or embroidery tape charges (just to name a few). These costs are independent of the actual costs of imprinting and are set-out under the "Set-up" section of your order confirmation. Although these are one-time costs, for certain items there are re-set charges, which will also be noted separately.

What happens after I place my order?

Immediately after placing your order you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to send us your artwork. Once we receive your artwork and our art department has set-up your proof you will receive an e-mail or fax containing your Order Confirmation and Virtual Art Proof. You must approve your order and artwork to begin production. If we have any questions or need any other information from you, we will contact you immediately. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We will keep you informed as to your order status throughout the ordering process and will send you a shipping information sheet including your tracking numbers when your order is on its way.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

Pinnacle Promotions currently collects sales tax on orders shipped to many states that impose sales tax. If your organization is exempt in any of the states or jurisdictions where we collect sales tax, please supply your Account Manager with the appropriate tax exemption or resale certificate.

What if I receive my order and I'm not happy? Is there a guarantee?

We do everything possible to prevent mistakes on orders. Before we begin production of your order you must sign off on a complete Order Confirmation and Digital color art-proof. For orders in excess of $2500 (when time allows) we will do a pre-production proof.

We Guarantee that we will ship your order exactly as you approved on your Order Confirmation and Art Spec and that it will arrive On-Time and error-free. We have a 26+ year impeccable reputation for service & quality and take customer satisfaction very seriously.

Keep in mind that we will be happy to send you a sample and encourage you to take advantage of this offer whenever possible.

Payment Information

How can I pay for my order?

Due to the permanent nature of producing custom products, all first-time orders must be paid for before shipping. You can pay by credit card (Visa/Mcard/Amex), company check or any other standard, legally-recognized form of payment. Customers wishing to be put on Account status must fill out a credit application. Large Organizations and Government Purchasers may use corporate purchasing cards. If you choose to pre-pay by company check we cannot process your order until your check clears our bank.

When do you charge my credit card?

We charge your credit card on the day that your Order Confirmation and Art Spec are approved.

How can I get credit terms? Can you bill me?

We offer open account status to qualified businesses. Please note that it takes up to 10 days to process credit requests. If you need your items in a hurry you may prefer to pay by credit card for this order.

Rush Orders

What if I have a Rush Order?

We pride ourselves on our FREE 24 Hour Rush Service - we have hundreds of success stories. We can produce thousands of promotional items and apparel in as little as 24 hours. Look for the 24 Hour Rush logo throughout our web site and check under the "Production Time" heading to see our express time frame.

Rush service only applies to actual production time after order approval. Time does not include artwork production or shipping time frames. For questions concerning timing of your order please call our Rush Order Hotline at 888-920-9147.

If you need immediate help do not hesitate to call us directly at 877-300-2007, and we can suggest our most popular items!

Samples, Minimum Orders & Unimprinted Items

What if I only want 1 item without a logo?

We specialize in corporate merchandise and are not a retail site for individual purchasers. Although we would like to accommodate orders for 1 item at a time, that simply is not our business.

What is the minimum quantity that I can order of a particular item with my logo?

Minimum quantities are listed as the starting pricing column. However, sometimes manufacturers will have an Absolute Minimum quantity of 1/2 the listed quantity. This minimum usually requires a "less than minimum" charge and varies in amount from manufacturer to manufacturer. If you have questions concerning an "Absolute Minimum" please feel free to contact us at: sales@pinnaclepromotions.com

Can I order a sample before I purchase a product?

Absolutely. However, we reserve the right to inquire about sample requests and will refuse to accommodate any request we feel is abusive. Our standard policy is that we do not charge for samples under $20.00. Otherwise we may choose to charge you for samples.


What if I receive more or less than I order?

Because we produce items in bulk, we always try to run a few extra pieces in case there are quality issues. We want to make sure that you receive the best items we produce. Depending on the item that you order, that quantity can vary from 5% - 10%. We make every effort to meet your quantity exactly, but overruns are billable unless prior arrangements are made. This is a standard practice in our industry. Arrangements can be made prior to production to alter this policy and may require an additional charge.

Shipping Information

Can I ship on my own FedEx or UPS account number?

No problem. Just provide your 3rd party billing account number during the Order Confirmation process and we'll take care of it for you.

How do you ship my items?

We prefer to ship by either FedEx or UPS. The shipping method is determined by your in-hands date, location of your destination, time-frame and cost factors. Shipping is charged at prevailing freight rates by carrier and we can ship on your account if you would like. If freight charges are not specified on your Order Confirmation we will bill your freight post-shipment and may show up as a separate charge on your credit card. Our standard freight method is UPS Ground Service.

What if I have multiple destinations?

No Problem. Depending on the complexity of your shipping instructions we may have to add a per-location, drop-ship charge -- usually $7.00 per location.

Can you ship internationally?

We have shipped all over the world from Japan to Australia and currently have customers on almost every continent. We prefer to ship FedEx International and can handle everything from Customs to packaging for an additional charge.

What if UPS or FedEx loses my shipment?

We guarantee that we will ship your items on the designated day via the method that you have approved. However, ownership of the goods passes to the customer once we deliver them to the carrier. We will do everything within our power to help you with any situations you encounter. All of the major carriers that we work with have policies relating to these situations that you should investigate prior to placing your order.

How can I find out the status of my order?

Just call 888-304-5861. Please have your job number or customer name handy and we can answer your questions immediately. Keep in mind that you will receive a confirmation and your tracking information on the day that your order ships.

What if I need my products for a specific event date?

Please make sure that the "Firm Event Date" Box is checked on your order confirmation. Production times stated on each product page are estimates only and vary according to manufacturer. Please advise us ahead of time if your in-hands date is firm or if you need your items by a particular time of day. Unless we are notified otherwise, we assume that the standard production time is appropriate. Also, please note that we reserve the right to adjust delivery times based on customer need. In other words, we may change your ship date by a day or so in order to accommodate a customer with a rush request. We will notify you immediately if we choose to do so.