Promotional Laser Pointers Point the Way

Laser pointers are portable devices that project a small spot of colored light in order to highlight and bring attention to it, and because this function is often useful in business situations, promotional laser pointers make ideal gifts or giveaways to promote and advertise a company's brand. Though relatively small products, purchasers can effectively customize them to draw attention to their name and logo imprinted on them. Then, when you present important clients or valued employees with these items, they will be reminded of your brand each time they use item to point out important information during business presentations. And others in the room will take note of your brand as well, leading to numerous brand impressions over the years these pointers are kept and used.

Promotional laser pointers are available in many different styles, colors and price ranges. Most feature slim, sleek designs for both a professional appearance and ease of portability. They generally run on batteries and the light becomes visible by simply pressing a small button on the outside of the item, but some have additional capabilities such as a wireless presentation remote control that allows users to control power point slides and other presentation materials with the push of a button. There Others can perform separate and distinct functions including; many can be used as a pen, a stylus, and an LED torch. There are also styles that include a USB flash drive in the upper barrels.

In addition to the different styles available, there are also different customization options for these items. Most products give purchasers the option of two decoration techniques for imprinting these items with their company name and logo - screenprinting, a technique whereby ink is pressed onto the surface of the object through a fine, mesh screen that features the desired design; and laser engraving, a technique whereby lasers are used to incise a design into the surface of the object. Companies should consider their corporate image when deciding which technique to use - a more youthful, fun organization may want to consider using screenprinting in order to employ bright colors that appeal to younger audiences, whereas a more strict, professional organization may opt for engraving.

Looking for a unique, but practical gift for an important client? Consider giving them a multi-function laser pointer. These have a high perceived value and will be sure to be appreciated by any business professional. Looking for a lower-priced item to offer as special giveaways at a trade show or other event? Basic versions are a great choice too, as they can appeal to both men and women, and, as mentioned, are easy to transport for both you, and recipients.