Prepare for the lanyard effect with custom lanyards

You were so casual about that custom lanyard you wore at the tradeshow, fiddling with it as you surreptitiously grabbed yet another free gumball from your neighbor's trade booth. Then you swung the badge so it hung down your back, making it easier to lean in for yet another bite of free Dippin' Dots.

Little did you know, that lanyard's great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather was pulled to fire a cannon from a pirate ship, and its great-grandmother worked as a dead-man's switch, stopping a runaway train when the driver fell asleep at the controls. That's right — the humble lanyard has a storied history. It deserves our respect. So don't just view it as a throwaway. Get high-quality, cool-looking custom lanyards and conference badge holders from Pinnacle Promotions.

We may not think about them often, but custom lanyards are everywhere. They're on the neck of that Type A financial trader who's always barking "sell!" into his phone and shoving past you through the revolving door. The teacher who puts up with your kid's questions about where babies come from. The sleepy-eyed college student who hasn't washed his hair in three weeks. The doctor in scrubs who avoids eye contact with you in the elevator because he knows you're going to ask him about that rash (here's your answer: get it checked out). The beefy security guy who eyes you every time you even think about vaulting over the gate and onto the stage with Nick Jonas. The thousands of people who attend trade shows and conferences every day, all over the world.

With that kind of widespread use, custom lanyards are perfect marketing tools for your business. Give us a click or a call and we'll set you up with tradeshow lanyards that are printed with your company name and logo in your brand colors. We have tradeshow lanyards that stretch or retract. Some have a break-away clasp and a lightweight medallion, perfect for a four-color process logo. Others have durable hook-and-release loops. Still others have an attached flash drive.

So get yourself a bunch of custom badge holders. Spread the word about your company while helping your employees, customers, and trade show visitors hold on to their stuff — all while giving the humble lanyard its due.