Half a hat is better than no hat at all: Custom Visors

Promotional visors provide great visibility for any brand and it’s easy to see why. These highly functional hats have many uses and are specifically designed to shield wearers from the sun’s harmful rays, as well as from the rain and other inclement weather. Unlike traditional hats, however, promotional visors do not have a covered crown, which allows heat to escape from recipients’ heads and keeps recipients cool. In addition, many promotional visors feature sweatbands inside the brim, helping recipients stay dry, too. Due to their plethora of useful features, athletes often wear promotional visors and, in fact, these items are seen everywhere from the tennis court and the baseball field to the beach and the pool. Many golfers, in particular, wear embroidered visors with their sponsor’s logos as they hit the links.

Logo Visors

While promotional visors are commonly worn on the sports field, there are many other uses for these branded headwear items. In fact, promotional visors and other wearable items are some of the top giveaways at fundraisers. Is your company sponsoring a walk or other charity event to improve community relations? Consider distributing promotional visors to participants as they register or use them as a way to reward top fundraisers for their efforts. In addition to wearing their promotional visors during the event, recipients will likely don them around town for months afterwards, too. Another idea is to give logo visors to all attendees at a local sporting event; this will not only enhance their team spirit, it will also increase their enthusiasm about your company.

Branded Headwear for Every Season

While visors can enhance marketing campaigns throughout the year, they make especially great giveaways during the summer months. That’s because promotional visors will keep customers and clients cool, calm and collected, and they will have you to thank for this positive behavior. During the cold winter months, consider the fact that promotional winter caps and hats keep recipients warm while actively displaying a company name and logo. Both types of branded headwear items are available in a wide selection of colors and styles, so you can find the perfect headwear items to strengthen your brand recognition, increase customer loyalty, and even enhance employee retention rates.

From then to Now: a History of Promotional Visors

From bonnets to beanies, top hats, to baseball caps, many different styles of hats that have been popular over the years. Visors first became popular on the sports field and then spread to the mainstream. Brightly colored visors were one of the top trends during the 1970s and 1980s. Today, you can find a large assortment of promotional visors, including those that feature flat brims and those that have curved brims. The majority of visors features adjustable back closures, which makes them ideal giveaways for recipients of all ages and sizes. In addition, our promotional visors are unisex and can be worn by both men and women. And, you can even find brand name promotional visors that will surely impress any recipient.