Mouse Pads

Promotional mouse pads prevent rodent friction

“Mouse rubbing” — it’s a thing. It’s a problem. The friction, the scratching. It’s an epidemic, really. You understand, don’t you? You seem like a reasonable person. But wait, what’s that in your hand? Is that a mouse? Like, a real-life mouse? And you’re giving it a massage? No, you clearly don’t understand what we’re talking about. And now we’re worried about you. We’re talking about what happens when you use a computer mouse without a promotional mouse pad underneath. According to Wikipedia, one of the benefits of customized mouse pads is that they keep your desk or table surface from being scratched and worn by a “continuous hand- and mouse-rubbing motion.” Another benefit, according to us: Promotional mouse pads can help you market your company. Just give Pinnacle Promotions a call, and we’ll set you up with customized mouse pads that are perfect for your business. We can print your logo and company information on promotional mouse pads in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Hand them out to your employees and customers and you’ll not only save their desks from errant mouse-rubbing — you’ll also market your brand and your business with every protected click. We have the Origin'L Fabric 8" Round Mouse Pad, which has a natural heavy duty rubber base and a large space for your logo. There’s also the Solid Jersey Gel Promotional Mouse Pad, which features a jersey fabric top that supports and positions your wrist so that it’s ergonomically correct. The solid jersey material does not reflect light from the mouse, so it won’t interfere with your vision. It’s great gift to welcome new employees, attract potential customers, or thank loyal clients. Or how about a customized Vynex® Hard Surface Mouse Pad, which has a non-slip base and is great for mail promotions or projects on a lean budget? This promotional mouse pad is lightweight and economical, yet still delivers the big impact your promotional message requires. So reach out to Pinnacle Promotions today, and we’ll help you find the perfect promotional mouse pads for your brand, your business, and your budget. Give them away at trade shows, expos, and conferences, or give them out as corporate gifts. You’ll rest easy knowing you’re helping to combat the scourge that is mouse-rubbing. Now please, put that poor rodent down.