Custom Candy: A Sweet Strategy for Enhancing Brand Image

Americans have an undeniable sweet tooth; on average, United States citizens consume over 24 pounds of candy per person every year and thus, because people love sweets so much, custom candy is a great way for organizations from schools to financial institutions to reach their target audience. For example, companies can use candy to enhance their brand image amongst potential consumers, to say thank you to top customers, or to show employees how much they appreciate their hard work.

As there are many purposes for distributing candy, it should come as no surprise that these sweet treats are available in an array of shapes, sizes, quantities, and varieties. Customers can find individually wrapped branded candy, as well as those that come in plastic tins shaped as awareness ribbons or sports balls. At the other end of the price spectrum, shoppers can find elaborate candy towers and various machines, such as gum-ball machines or Jelly Belly machines. All of these options can be imprinted with a company name and logo for maximum visibility.

With so many options available, how do organizations decide which type of candy will best enhance their brand image? It's important to consider a target audiences' wants as well as the message that a company is trying to promote. A school, for example, may use small branded candies - such as LifeSavers or Jelly Belly packets - to enhance school spirit at sporting events or as a reward for students who do well on their exams. Students will appreciate these small tokens of affection may strive harder to perform well in the classroom. However, it's not just the youth market that will appreciate custom candy. In fact, some sources estimate that American adults, ages 18 and over, consume 65% of the candy manufactured in the United States each year.

Therefore, restaurants and organizations in the hospitality industry should also use branded candy to promote their message. Again, individually wrapped candies such as LifeSavers or mints, are affordable options that are ideal for mass giveaways. Restaurants can leave a bowl of mints on the counter with their name and number imprinted on the wrapper. Customers will help themselves to the candy; perhaps they will stick it in their pocket to save for later and when they find it again, it will serve as a reminder of the fine dining experience, making them more likely to turn into a repeat customer.

In addition to using candy as a mass giveaway, it also makes a great corporate gift. Packaging candy in a wooden barrel or glass apothecary jar creates a sophisticated looking item that even top executives would be proud to display on their desk. Not only will candy express your thanks to a loyal customer, but also everyone who enters their office will see your brand name and logo imprinted on the jar on their desk.

Whether your goal is to attract new customers or thank clients and employees, organizations in all industries can find personalized sweet treats to meet their needs. And any option that you choose is sure to be a hit amongst your target audience!