Customized Ink Pens - Pass Your Brand Along!

Even with the onset of digital devices that are transforming the needs and uses of everyday things from calculators to clocks, pens, and customized ink pens in particular, continue to be an important daily item. From businesspersons taking notes at a meeting and students taking notes in the classroom to stay-at-home moms and dads jotting down their grocery lists, pens are important tools in the lives of many different types of people. They are not only handy to have as writing instruments, but pens can share the additional benefit of clearly advertising one's brand when imprinted with a business name, logo or special message. What better way can there be to keep your company in front of your customer?

And customized ink pens don't just market your business to the recipient. With an average of having 8 different users in their lifetimes, these items have the potential to spread your brand awareness to many different potential consumers. Just think; a medical doctor could order pens for patients to use when filling out paperwork in their office. After filling out forms, a patient could mistakenly insert the pen in their purse or pocket, taking the pen with them as they leave the office. They find the pen in said purse or pocket at home that evening, and use it to write a to-do list for the next day, leaving it on the counter with their notepad. Their son comes downstairs, in search of a pen with which to complete his homework and snatches up the pen, later putting it in his backpack to take to school. The next day at school, his classmate asks if he has a pen she could borrow and he hunts around the bottom of his bag and hands her the same one that originally came from the doctor's office. She forgets to return it at the end of class and pulls it out the next evening to complete homework at home. Her mother sees the pen and, having been looking for a new doctor, looks up the practice website listed on the pen and becomes the doctor's next new patient all from the advertisement on a pen whose unit price was less than one dollar.

Because they are small and lightweight, they are extremely portable so it's extra easy for pens to get passed around, spreading awareness for your brand along the way. And any business can share in the brand awareness and advertising fostered by them since they come in a wide variety of styles and price points to fit any organization's needs and promotional marketing budgets, too. They often come in an array of colors and include multiple imprinting options as well to suit your logo and create the end products you desire. So if you are in the market for a sure fire way to keep your company's name and brand in front of people, you can't go wrong by using promotional pens!