Personalized Lip Balms Do More Than Moisturize - They Market Your Brand!

Distributing personalized lip balms, customized with your company's name and logo, will ensure that your name is stuck on everyone's lips! They are ideal giveaways for several reasons. They can be used throughout the year during all seasons, and they are items that are useful to both males and females. They are extremely portable; recipients can slip one into a pocket, briefcase or handbag, potentially advertising your brand wherever they use it. So whether you need an item to give away at a trade show, meeting or seminar, or outdoor sporting event, custom lip balms can provide you with tools to increase your brand recognition and promotional marketing success!

Because of the vast array of personalized lip balms available on today's market, any company can find the one that best fits their corporate image as well as their budget. The traditional style is a small tube with cap and a four color process customizable label that allows purchasers to design the entire label to their own specifications. You can also choose balms that come in round or rectangular tins, as well as those that come with attached carabiners or lanyards. Many also give you the choice of flavors with options including everything from mint, cherry, vanilla and watermelon to chocolate, marshmallow, pomegranate and root beer. You can also choose to create your own unique flavor. This is popular with companies trying to promote a new beverage or food item, and they can get it customized to match the flavor of their own product.

Another popular trend is the "Goofy Group" whose caps are designed to resemble different people, complete with fuzzy, fun colored hair. The different people include sports players, like basketball girls and soccer boys, perfect to promote sports teams or to give away at sponsored sporting events. There is also a snorkel guy with goggles and a snorkel and a beach lady with sunglasses and hat that would each be great to use for summer marketing campaigns, or even travel agencies. These products certainly get noticed, leading to inquiries about where they came from and how someone got them - and advertising for your business!

No matter what type of branded lip balms you choose, or for what occasion you distribute them, in each and every instance they are used, both the recipients as well as people in his or her immediate vicinity can see your company name on the barrels or caps of the balms. This is a great was to passively advertise your company and increase awareness for your brand. One of the most important rules in promotional marketing is that the more useful an item is, the more likely recipients are to keep it and actually use it, resulting in marketing for your brand.