Promotional Highlighters - Highlighting Your Brand Name

Promotional highlighters can be great marketing items because they provide a useful service to their recipients; these handy gadgets make text stand out on a page by overlaying it with a transparent color, leaving it legible but highly emphasized. Since practically any office job entails reading and taking note of salient material, a highlighter can be both a welcome and necessary tool on a person's desk. And as can be imagined, since the promotional highlighters you give to your customers, prospective clients or employees include your company's name or brand imprinted on the side, you can be assured that your business will always be right in front of the people you're trying to reach.

The felt-tip writing utensil was actually only invented in 1962 by Yukio Horie of the Tokyo Stationery Company in Japan. Since then, the highlighter market has grown and expanded to included a variety of styles for these pens; providing options for any company's budget and marketing needs. First of all, today they are available in more colors than the traditional fluorescent yellow (which is colored with a dye called pyranine, by the way). Purchasers' color options generally include pink, blue, green, purple and orange. And, just like other writing instruments, they can be of the retractable style or have a removable cap. Many products include a regular pen on one end and a highlighter on the other, providing recipients with two products in one. There are also items that include three or more different colors of fluorescent ink in one product for those users who like to color-code the different materials they are highlighting. Other unique items include products with carabiners and tri-twist pen, pencil and highlighter combinations.

No matter which style a customer may choose, one of the most important factors is ensuring that their company name and logo will stand out when imprinted on their pens. The most optimal location for such an imprint is usually on the barrel of the pen, and most  are decorated using screenprinting, a technique that involves pressing ink through a fine mesh screen and onto the surface of a product. Purchasers do need to decide what colors they want to use when imprinting their name, a choice that will depend on the barrel color of the pen too.

As mentioned previously, custom highlighters are very basic, useful writing accessories, which means that they can be appropriate items to give to almost any target demographic for a business. Because of their small size they are also easy to transport, which makes them ideal giveaways for trade shows and other large events. And at such a low cost for each individual pen, you can really stretch your budget a long way and still make an impact with your intended target audience.