Say It With Promotional Post It Notes

Used by countless companies, businesses and individuals, promotional post it notes are a mainstay in any office environment. Post it notes were invented by a person who wanted a way to help keep his bookmark adhered to the proper page. But what began as a personal solution to a personal problem, has expanded to become one of the most popular office products in American society with a use that has reached viral proportions. Due to their penetration and usage throughout workplaces, schools, homes and elsewhere, sticky notes present an easy, handy way to get your company name, or perhaps even your own name in front of people. Consider the following examples of how promotional post it notes can serve as unique advertising tools for you and your business.

Upon studying missed and cancelled appointments, a busy hair salon realized that they were scheduling the customers' next appointments on business cards, but these reminders were promptly lost or misplaced. This, in turn, forced the salon to make follow up phone calls to remind customers of their next scheduled visit. But when the business shifted to providing appointment information on the top sheet of adhesive notepads customized with their name and logo, they noticed their no shows were immediately reduced by half. The success was attributed to customers apparently posting the reminders in a visible place in their homes. Additionally, they saw an influx in new customers as the notes afforded them additional advertising opportunities throughout the community where their recipients made use of them.

Feeling it needed a change from the run of the mill gifts and giveaways that many vendors used, a pharmaceutical company decided to investigate additional options. Wanting to keep its name as well as that of a newly FDA approved drug in front of physicians, these notes were determined to be exactly what was required. Imprinted with the drug's name and the company's logo, it kept their brands exactly where they wanted it: in front of doctors. As an added benefit, they decided to give custom pens away as well for use with the notepads. Both of these items effectively put all the advertising they possibly could in front of their customer.

Like the pharmaceutical company's endeavors noted above, these handy, welcome post tt notes are a sure fire way to get and keep your company name, logo, brand or personal message in front of people. There are many different sticky notes for purchasers to choose from too depending on their budget and their needs. Options include different colored-paper, different sized notes, and different amounts of sheets per notepad. You can even choose some that come with notepad holders that would make exceptional corporate gifts. So no matter which you choose, the thoughts you want to express will subsequently be right in front of your targeted audience.