Revolutionizing Online Swag Stores: Pinnacle Promotions Unveils Company Store Platform

Pinnacle Promotions unveils MyPromo Solutions, a game-changing online company store platform, empowering businesses with personalized shops, easy ordering, streamlined fulfillment, and employee culture programs.

Atlanta, Ga., August 17, 2023 — Pinnacle Promotions, an industry-leading promotional products marketing agency, announced the launch of MyPromo Solutions, a revolutionary online company swag store platform designed to transform how businesses manage and distribute branded merchandise. 

With an intuitive interface and cutting-edge features, MyPromo Solutions empowers companies to create a seamless, personalized, and engaging e-commerce experience for their employees, clients, and partners.

"MyPromo Solutions is the result of months of hard work, innovation, and collaboration," said Dave Weintraub, Chief Executive Officer of Pinnacle Promotions. "We recognized the need for a comprehensive and user-friendly online company store solution that streamlines the ordering process and elevates how brands connect with their audience. MyPromo Solutions achieves just that and more."

Key Features of MyPromo Solutions:

  • Personalized Online Shops: Pinnacle Promotions can now create custom-branded shops showcasing a company’s promotional products and branded merchandise. Companies have a choice between three online company store options — MyPromo Closet, MyPromo PopUp, and MyPromo Store — depending on the scale of their promotional needs. 

  • Easy Ordering and Inventory Management: MyPromo Solutions simplifies the ordering process for employees, clients, and partners, ensuring they can easily access and redeem or purchase the products. 

  • Streamlined Fulfillment and Distribution: The platform's integrated fulfillment and shipping capabilities ensure that all company swag orders are processed efficiently and delivered on time, regardless of the location of the recipients.

  • Employee Culture Programs: MyPromo Solutions offers a seamless way for companies to implement employee recognition or onboarding programs. Managers can reward outstanding team members or welcome new ones with custom-branded items directly from the platform, fostering a culture of appreciation and motivation.

"We believe that MyPromo Solutions will empower businesses to take their promotional efforts to new heights," added Weintraub. "From enhancing brand visibility to reinforcing company culture, this platform is a game-changer for businesses of all sizes."

To learn more about MyPromo Solutions and how it can benefit your business, visit MyPromo Solutions.

About Pinnacle Promotions:
Pinnacle Promotions is an Atlanta-based, industry-leading promotional products marketing agency whose hero mission is to help companies “Make the Right Impression™” through innovative promotional products and solutions. With expertise in brand management, product sourcing, and production — along with an award-winning eCommerce website — gaining a wide reputation as the best online swag store, Pinnacle Promotions helps companies create connections with their customers, prospects, and employees with promotional merchandise and branded apparel.

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