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Smart college branding solutions

Welcome to the University of Swag, where we specialize in smart solutions for all your college branding needs. Ignite school spirit with our wide range of college swag, carefully chosen to bring energy and pride to every part of your campus. From spirited giveaways for schools to trendy college apparel, we've got you covered.

Our collection goes beyond the usual, offering plenty of options that make a statement. Elevate your campus identity with university merch designed for a big impact. Whether you're getting ready for fundraisers, preparing for game day, or stocking your bookstore with essential college merch, our collection is designed to tell your unique campus story.

Elevate your campus experience

At the University of Swag, we know how essential cohesive branding is across departments. Our approach ensures that your institution's character shines through in every piece.

Explore our university swag today and discover how the right promotional items can elevate your campus experience and leave a lasting mark on students, faculty, and alumni alike.

Need a little extra help with your next campus event or project? Our dedicated account manager, Staci Herchenbach, is here to assist. Contact Staci at 470.592.5341 or by email at Send your logo and receive a digital IdeaKit™ full of unique promotional solutions to help make your project a success.

Schedule a coffee talk with Staci to learn how to get started today!