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5 Retail Drinkware Alternatives to YETI You’ll Love

We know there are a lot of drinkware brands out there that you can buy, and you probably have a few favorites. YETI® is a well-liked brand among consumers, often inquired about during promotional gift buying. 

Did you know that there are YETI alternatives that are similar but have unique features of their own? These retail brands generally cost less, yet still, maintain the high-quality materials and production standards that YETI is known for. 

Buying alternative drinkware brands in bulk can help you save on your annual marketing budget, too. We think you’ll love these cool, alternative brands and their stories! Here are our 5 best drinkware brand picks:


If you’re seeking a drinkware brand that gives back to the earth and to communities in need, then you’ll love MiiR and its selection of modern products. 

MiiR got its start in 2009 when it began designing its products with four concepts in mind: minimal, sustainable, functional, and enduring. Its cups and tumblers are made of premium grade stainless steel, and its lids are comprised of no-leach chemical plastic. MiiR is an excellent, alternative drinkware brand to YETI because of its double-wall vacuum insulation, similar heat- and ice-retention, and giving projects.

When you buy a MiiR product, such as the insulated camp cup or an insulated wine tumbler, you’ll receive a unique code. Once the code has been registered, 3% of the sales revenue is donated to a non-profit committed to sourcing clean water, a healthier environment, and building strong communities around the world. 

Since its inception, hundreds of thousands of dollars have funded social responsibility efforts in 26 countries. MiiR users can follow in the journey and see how their contribution is making a difference here 


Is the use of eco-friendly products and materials a part of your brand’s identity? Then you’ll be happy to know that Ello does just that and is focused on reducing single-use plastic waste. Ello products are safe, clean, and green – perfect for your office space or business associates.

Its product line consists of materials like bamboo, cork, silicone, stainless steel, and glass to give it a beautiful and unique style. Glass is one of the greenest materials you can get, and it doesn’t stain, smell, or leave an aftertaste. Designed with drinkware technology like FDA silicone and anti-microbial spouts, you’ll enjoy all of the modern styles of Ello drinkware that Pinnacle Promotions has to offer, such as the Ello Riley Vacuum Stainless Bottle and the Devon Glass Tumbler


RTIC (pronounced “arctic”) was founded in 2015 in Cypress, TX by twin brothers John and Jim Jacobsen. Its drinkware line was designed for use in the great outdoors, just like its popular line of coolers. 

While the structure and shape of RTIC are similar to YETI, the price is much more affordable. According to Jim Jacobsen, regarding his brand, “It’s about the adventure and how you can take RTIC along – you spend the money on the adventure, not on the gear.”

Its familiar design – like the 30 oz. stainless steel tumbler – and brand name, in addition to its excellent quality and value, make the RTIC collection perfect employee appreciation gifts and swag for corporate outings.


CamelBak was founded on its signature hydration pack before expanding into water bottles, outdoor gear, and accessories. Michael Edison founded CamelBak in 1989 by stuffing a water-filled medical sack into his backpack before competing in a 100-mile cycling competition in Wichita Falls, TX.

Today, they continue to innovate and build up the hydration sector with engineered products that exemplify quality and durability. Just like its counterparts, CamelBak is focused on doing good for the environment by eliminating the use of disposable plastic water bottles.

CamelBak drinkware products are top-notch, featuring an ergonomic drink interface, spill-proof lid, and an easy-carry handle. The CamelBak Chute Mag Copper VSS makes for a wonderful employee wellness incentive because of its endurance and sleek design.


Tervis was founded by two engineers, Frank Cotter and G. Howlett Davis, by combining the last three letters of their last names. The company made its debut in 1946, and the double-wall insulation tumbler was born.

That’s right – Cotter and Davis were the brains behind this new (at the time) technology that forever changed the drinkware industry. Tervis is popular with companies because of its numerous drinkware styles and social responsiveness to keeping our oceans free of plastics.

Tervis drinkware has tumblers, cups, and mugs for all occasions in a variety of colors and materials. Its drinkware collection, cool designs, and color options make this a great brand for promotional products. We think you’ll love the 20-ounce Tervis full-color stainless steel tumbler (also available in 30-ounce) as well as its classic tumblers.  

Why Choose YETI® Alternative Drinkware Brands?

The options for promotional drinkware are endless. At Pinnacle Promotions, we’ll help you find the best tumbler, cup, or mug for your upcoming event. These retail brands are quite impressive and can stand on their own because of their cool features, ergonomic styles, and corporate sustainability efforts. You’ll love the look, feel, and value of these custom drinkware brands and your clients will love them, too!

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