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10 Common Misperceptions About Promotional Products

10 Common Misperceptions About Promotional Products

Welcome to the world of promotional marketing, where everyday items become significant tools for brand engagement. In this article, we’re tackling ten common misconceptions about promotional products. Often viewed as just temporary giveaways, these items actually serve as essential tools for building long-term brand recognition and loyalty.

We invite you to join us in this informative exploration, where we’ll uncover the real impact and potential of custom giveaway items. As a leader in this field, Pinnacle Promotions excels in transforming these items into impactful marketing solutions. Prepare to shift your understanding and approach to branded giveaways.

Misconception 1: Limited Impact

Promo items do more than just provide a temporary spike in brand awareness; they create lasting impressions and foster enduring brand loyalty. This is how businesses achieve it: by integrating it into the daily lives of their clients and customers. For example, a branded notebook used in daily meetings or a custom water bottle carried to the gym becomes a part of their routine, constantly reminding them of your brand. The items are not only reminders but also conversation starters, extending brand reach every time they are used or seen. Pinnacle Promotions specializes in crafting these kinds of impactful items, understanding that each product is a seed planted for long-term brand recognition and connection.

Misconception 2: Only for Large-scale Events

There’s a common belief that branded giveaway items are primarily for big events like trade shows or large corporate functions. However, the reality is much broader. Promotional items are incredibly versatile and can be effectively utilized in various scenarios, irrespective of scale. They work just as well for smaller gatherings, community events, or even personal marketing efforts like direct mail campaigns. The power of a well-chosen promotional item lies in its ability to become a part of daily life, like a branded pen or a keychain, continuously keeping your brand in the user’s consciousness. Pinnacle Promotions expertly designs products that suit both grand and intimate occasions, ensuring your brand remains prominent in any context.

Misconception 3: Lack of Creativity

It’s a common misbelief that branded giveaways are limited to generic, unoriginal items. On the contrary, there’s a vast creative landscape to explore in promotional product marketing. The true artistry lies in customizing these products to mirror a brand’s unique personality. From quirky designs on t-shirts to innovative tech gadgets, the possibilities are endless. Creative promotional items capture attention, spark conversations, and make your brand memorable. At Pinnacle Promotions, creativity is at the core of our approach, helping brands stand out with products that are not only practical but also have a strong aesthetic appeal and brand resonance.

Misconception 4: They’re Just Giveaways

It’s a common belief that custom giveaway items are merely freebies with little strategic value. In truth, they are powerful marketing tools designed to actively engage and connect with customers. These items go beyond being just giveaways; they create meaningful interactions with the brand. For example, a branded wireless charger or a custom-designed notebook can be used daily, keeping the brand in the customer’s mind. Thoughtfully selected items can lead to increased brand recall and customer loyalty, making them a key component in a well-rounded marketing strategy. By choosing products that resonate with their target audience, companies can turn a simple item into a lasting brand ambassador.

Misconception 5: No Longevity

It’s a common myth that promotional items are used briefly and then forgotten. However, the reality is far different. Quality promotional products often become a part of daily routines, offering lasting brand exposure.

For instance, a study by the Advertising Specialty Institute found that the average consumer keeps a promotional product for about eight months. This duration extends significantly if the item is practical and of high quality. Items like water bottles or tech accessories, which blend seamlessly into daily life, can remain with recipients for years, continuously reminding them of your brand.

The key lies in choosing durable, useful items that people want to keep using. By focusing on quality and utility, company freebies can create lasting impressions and prolonged brand visibility.

Misconception 6: Not Eco-Friendly

The belief that giveaway items are inherently harmful to the environment is a misconception. The truth is, that the industry has evolved significantly, with a strong emphasis on eco-friendly and sustainable options.

More and more companies are now offering a wide range of products made from recycled materials, biodegradable elements, and sustainably sourced goods. From reusable tote bags made of recycled plastics to bamboo tech accessories, the options for green promotional items are diverse and innovative. See all of Pinnacle’s eco-friendly options.

These eco-conscious choices not only reduce environmental impact but also resonate with a growing demographic of consumers who prefer sustainable products. By opting for eco-friendly promotional items, businesses can showcase their commitment to sustainability while still effectively marketing their brand.

Misconception 7: Limited to Certain Industries

It’s a common belief that branded giveaways are only effective for certain industries, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, businesses across a multitude of sectors can harness the power of promotional items.

Whether it’s a tech startup gifting branded earbuds, a healthcare provider distributing hand sanitizers with their logo, or a real estate agency offering custom keychains at open houses, customizable promos have universal appeal. Educational institutions, non-profits, and even government agencies find creative ways to use these items for outreach, awareness, and engagement.

This versatility demonstrates that custom giveaway items are not industry-specific but rather a universal marketing tool adaptable to various business needs and contexts. They can be customized to suit any industry, message, or campaign, making them a valuable asset for all types of businesses.

Misconception 8: High Cost, Low Return

A prevailing misconception about promotional products is that they’re expensive with little return on investment. This perspective, however, overlooks their cost-effectiveness and high ROI, especially when compared to other marketing strategies.

Promotional items offer a unique advantage — they’re often less expensive per impression than many traditional forms of advertising. For instance, a branded t-shirt or pen that’s used regularly exposes your brand repeatedly over time, ensuring sustained visibility. This kind of prolonged exposure is hard to achieve with one-time ad campaigns, which often cost significantly more for a shorter impact period.

Company freebies have a tangible presence. They’re not just fleeting images or sounds but physical items that can create a lasting bond with your audience. This physicality often leads to a stronger emotional connection with the brand, translating into loyalty and repeat business. In essence, with well-chosen promo items, you’re not just making a one-time investment; you’re creating long-term brand ambassadors, making the return on investment remarkably high.

Misconception 9: Hard to Measure Impact

It’s a myth that the impact of promotional items is difficult to measure. In reality, tracking their effectiveness is quite feasible. Utilize unique promo codes or URLs on the items to monitor website traffic and sales directly linked to them. Employing surveys and feedback forms can also gather customer reactions and measure engagement. Additionally, social media metrics, such as increased mentions or tags, can indicate the product’s influence on brand visibility. For comprehensive campaigns, CRM systems can track interactions and sales from recipients, providing clear data on their effectiveness. These methods demystify the impact measurement of corporate giveaways.

Misconception 10: Irrelevant in the Digital Age

In today’s digital-heavy marketing world, it’s often misconceived that traditional, tangible marketing tools like customizable giveaways are obsolete. Yet, they hold significant relevance and complement digital strategies. Physical items create a tangible connection with the brand, a sensory experience that digital advertising can’t replicate. Studies reveal that 85% of consumers remember the advertiser of a promotional product, proving their enduring impact on brand recall. Moreover, tangible items drive 500% more referrals from satisfied customers than an appeal through digital means alone. Combining digital campaigns with custom promo items can bridge the gap between online and offline marketing, creating a holistic brand experience for the audience.

Rethinking Promotional Products: A New Perspective

At the end of the day, branded promotional items are more than what meets the eye. They’re not just freebies; they’re powerful marketing tools with immense potential for creativity, engagement, and lasting impact. It’s time to dispel the myths and embrace the true value of these tangible marketing wonders. If you’re looking to innovate and make a real difference in your marketing strategy, consider partnering with experts like Pinnacle Promotions. We’re here to help you unlock the full potential of branded promo items.

About Pinnacle Promotions

Pinnacle Promotions is a leader in the promotional marketing industry, dedicated to crafting creative and effective solutions for businesses of all sizes. With years of expertise and a passion for innovation, we specialize in turning ordinary promotional items into powerful branding tools. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and cutting-edge design ensures your promotional strategy makes a lasting impression.

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5 Signs It’s Time for New Promo

5 Signs It’s Time for New Promo

We know you’re gearing up to hustle hard this year, spreading the word about your awesome brand. But as you dig out the old promo from storage, it may not have occurred to you that those old fidget spinners are definitely out-of-date. 

The thing is the promotional products that once rocked the scene could use a little refresh. How do you know when it’s time to shake things up? Well, grab your favorite mug (branded, of course), kick back, and let’s chat about the five telltale signs that scream, “It’s time for new promo!”

#1 Your Swag is So Last Season

Picture this – your company is handing out promotional products at an event, and someone walks up, squints at your swag, and mutters, “I got this  last year.” Yikes! If your promotional items are giving off a retro vibe unintentionally, it might be time to hit refresh. 

Staying on trend not only makes your brand look current and cool but also ensures that your promotional products won’t end up collecting dust in the back of someone’s closet. Keep an eye on the latest trends in colors, materials, and designs to keep your promo game strong.

How to keep an eye on the latest trends: 

  • Stay on top of Social Media Trends: A lot of the products promoted on TikTok and Instagram have bulk customizable options for companies or have dupes that are similar in style.
  • Check Out Your Competition: Keep a close eye on your competitors’ promotional campaigns. Analyze the types of products they’re using, the colors, and the overall design aesthetic. 
  • Collaborate with Promotional Professionals: Consider partnering with a creative promotional team that can provide valuable insights and help you create promotional products that are not only trendy but also align with your brand.

#2 The Buzz is MIA

Remember when your branded flash drives were the talk of the town, and people were lining up just to get one? If that buzz has dwindled to a faint whisper, it’s a sure sign that your promotional products need a revival. 

It’s all about creating excitement and generating that ‘gotta-have-it’ vibe. Think about what’s trending or what people are genuinely excited about, and incorporate that into your promotional items. Whether it’s eco-friendly materials, tech gadgets, or quirky accessories, give the people what they want – and watch the buzz return!

3 trending products we love:

#3 Your Competitors are Outshining You

Competition is fierce out there. And your promotional products should be the secret weapon that sets you apart. If you notice your competitors are handing out swag that’s stealing the spotlight (Hint: Stanley Quenchers) it’s time to step up your game. 

Analyze what they’re doing right, then take it up a notch. Whether it’s a fresh design, higher-quality materials, or more useful items, make sure your promotional products leave a lasting impression that makes your competitors green with envy.

#4 Your Brand Identity Got a Makeover

Brands evolve, and sometimes that means a shiny new logo or a fresh color palette. If your brand has recently undergone a makeover, it’s crucial to update your promotional products to match. Consistency is key in building brand awareness, so make sure your swag aligns with your new look and feel. 

Imagine handing out promotional items that clash with your brand’s updated aesthetic – talk about a fashion faux pas! Ensure that your promotional products seamlessly integrate with your current brand identity for a polished and cohesive image.

#5 You’ve Got a New Audience in Town

As your business grows and evolves, so does your target audience. If you’ve expanded your reach or shifted your focus to a different demographic, your promotional products should reflect that change. 

What appeals to one audience, like B2C customers, might not resonate with another, so it’s essential to tailor your swag to the preferences and interests of your current audience. Understanding your demographic is key to choosing promotional products that catch their attention and make a big impact.

Pinnacle Promotions: Your Ultimate Swag Sidekick 

Promo products are like the unsung heroes of brand marketing – they’re out there in the streets, doing the heavy lifting to boost your brand’s visibility. But much like superheroes, they too need an occasional upgrade to stay fresh and relevant in the ever-evolving landscape of marketing. 

Keep it fresh, exciting, and most importantly, aligned with your brand identity. Your swag should be a reflection of the awesome company you are, so go ahead, and give your promotional products the makeover they deserve.

And speaking of making a statement with your swag, why not partner with Pinnacle Promotions? Our team is passionate about staying on top of the latest trends in colors, materials, and designs, ensuring your promotional products are always ahead of the curve. 
Let us help you elevate your brand with innovative and eye-catching merchandise. Visit our website or call us today at 877.300.2007 to discuss how we can take your promo game to the next level. Your brand deserves to shine, and we’re here to make it happen!

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Game On! Captivating Your Audience with Playful Promotional Games

Game On! Captivating Your Audience with Playful Promotional Games

You have had your fair share of promotional products. From pens and desk calendars to branded drinkware and custom tote bags, you know the advantage promotional products hold for boosting brand awareness. But did you know that promotional products can be fun and interactive? That’s where custom games come into play! 

Picture your audience not just receiving your brand message but actively participating in a game that brings your brand to life. It’s more than a giveaway; it’s an experience, and that’s the game-changing secret we’re about to unveil. 

So, let’s explore promotional games and how these unique novelties can help set your brand apart. Ready, set, game on!

The Power Play of Marketing Games

In a world that bombards audiences with ads, marketing games step onto the scene as a tangible way to captivate your audience. Imagine turning your brand message into an interactive experience, such as a custom puzzle game, where your customers are not passive spectators but active participants. This isn’t marketing; it’s a full-blown game-changer!

Promotional games can be your secret weapon, inviting customers to play, engage, and immerse themselves in your brand’s universe. From fun desk games to branded pickleball, these games are the strategic maneuvers that transform your marketing plan into a playful expression of your company.

Team playing custom game in office

Pinnacle’s Custom Game Picks for Marketing

Branded Games: Your Answer to Interactive Trade Show Booths

Did you know promotional games can also help set your brand apart at your next trade show? Whether you believe it or not, one of the best ways to garner foot traffic to your booth is through interactive games. Custom games are not only appealing. They help break the ice and start conversations with potential clients and customers.

Imagine this: your trade show booth transformed into a bustling hub of activity with a cornhole game branded with your company’s logo front and center, beckoning passersby to join in the fun. Each time a customer drops by, you can offer to play a short game or watch as colleagues play against each other. 

Whether it’s a branded cornhole set inviting friendly competition or a customized Spin ‘N Win wheel for contest prizes, these custom games forge connections that extend far beyond the immediate surroundings. 

They create an interactive and memorable experience, turning your trade show presence into a lively spectacle that captures attention, fosters engagement, and creates a big impression on your audience. So, when the next trade show comes around, let your brand shine as the headliner, leading the way with outdoor branded games that elevate the entire experience.

Pinnacle’s Custom Game Picks for Trade Shows

Work Hard, Play Harder: Fun Games for Employees

Stress and tight deadlines can often cast a shadow in the hustle and bustle of corporate life. But did you know introducing fun games for employees can help boost overall morale?

Consider handing out branded puzzles or playing cards to your team, turning their break times into moments of joy and relaxation. These are not team-building exercises inducing collective eye rolls; they’re about embracing the individual’s need for a quick mental rejuvenation.

From brain-teasing puzzles that stimulate creativity to relaxing adult coloring books that transform employees into budding artists, these simple yet engaging activities are the catalyst behind a motivated and happy workforce. Your brand subtly transitions from being a mere emblem on a paycheck to an unspoken source of daily smiles, fostering a workplace narrative of positivity and vibrancy.

Pinnacle’s Custom Game Picks for Employees

The Grand Finale: Branded Fun’s Return on Investment

Now, you may be thinking ‘okay, branded games sound pretty fun, but what about the return on investment?” Branded fun isn’t just an expense; it’s an investment that pays dividends in smiles, brand loyalty, and a memorable customer journey. The joy and engagement generated by these branded games extend far beyond the playtime, resonating in the minds of your audience long after the game is over.

From social media shares that amplify your brand’s reach to positive word-of-mouth marketing that spreads like wildfire after a trade show, the return on investment for branded fun is the kind of currency that can’t be calculated in numbers alone. It’s measured in the laughter shared, the memories created, and the lifelong connection between your brand and its audience.

Epilogue: Game Over, and the Adventure Continues with Pinnacle Promotions

As our exploration of the captivating world of branded games comes to an end, you now have a better understanding of the transformative power these unique novelties hold in engaging your audience. From marketing games that turn your brand message into a memorable experience to interactive trade show booths that become bustling hubs of activity, custom games forge connections that transcend the ordinary.

Branded fun is more than just a trend; it’s a fun, engaging way for companies to captivate their audience. At Pinnacle Promotions, we understand that unique experiences start with unique products. Our account managers are here to assist you with the latest promotional trends to help set your brand apart from the rest. Contact us today at 877.300.2007 to learn more about our hands-on approach to boosting your brand.

Let the games begin, and may your brand emerge as the true champion! Game on!

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9 Ways to Use Promotional Marketing Effectively

9 Ways to Use Promotional Marketing Effectively

Every global enterprise started as a small business with big dreams. Whether it’s Google, Amazon, or Apple, each had the drive to grow their business, and to do so meant standing out in a world crowded with competition. 

In this guide, we’ll explore nine effective ways to use promotional marketing to grow your business. From choosing the right small business promotional items to understanding your target audience and beyond, we’ll help you learn the ins and outs of promotional marketing.  

#1 Pick The Right Stuff

When it comes to choosing small business promotional items, your choice should not only show off your brand’s personality but also be something useful in your customers’ daily lives. 

Picture a busy college campus where students get handed all sorts of promotional stuff. Now, if a local pizza place gives out branded pizza cutters with special discount codes, they’re not just giving out something practical — they’re also connecting with their college-aged audience.

The right promotional items are like messengers, telling people about your brand and what you stand for. Choose wisely, and your promotional products become a natural part of your brand, leaving a positive, lasting impression.

#2 Have Clear Promotional Marketing Goals

Once you have an idea of what promotional products to use for your business, you’ll want to be clear about what you want to achieve with your promotional giveaways or purchasable merch. These goals need to be specific and doable. For instance, if you’re giving out branded pens, a simple goal might be to increase brand recognition with 25 people.

But here’s the trick: these goals must align with your broader strategy for promoting your business. It’s about ensuring all the pieces of the puzzle fit together seamlessly.

Let’s take a look at some examples. 

If you aim to cultivate customer loyalty, you might set a goal of offering special gifts to repeat customers, creating a sense of importance and encouraging them to stay. 

Alternatively, if you focus on building a strong social media presence, you could distribute appealing items like stickers or tote bags that people are eager to share online. 

These are measurable goals that are in sync with your overarching strategy.

#3 Get to Know Your Audience

Understanding your audience is a powerful tool in the world of promotional marketing. It’s not just about giving things away; it’s about giving the right things to the right people. To achieve this, you need to know who these people are. 

Know Your Crowd 

Understand who you want to attract or keep happy. Create personas for your ideal customers, considering their age, interests, and what makes them tick.

Tailor to Interests 

Once you’ve got these personas outlined, tailor your small business promotional items to fit their interests. For a tech-savvy audience, consider wireless chargers or Bluetooth headphones. If your audience is into fitness, think about items like water bottles, gym bags, or even yoga mats.

Getting to know your audience transforms your promotional efforts from a random giveaway to a thoughtful gesture.

#5 Stay on Budget

Staying on budget is a cardinal rule of promotional marketing, especially for small businesses aiming to make a big impact without breaking the bank. 

Plan Ahead 

Before randomly purchasing promotional items for small businesses, take the time to plan. Consider how much you can realistically allocate to promotional efforts without compromising other aspects of your business.

Bulk Purchases 

Bulk purchasing will be your budget’s best friend. Many promotional product suppliers offer discounts for larger orders. By ordering in bulk, you not only save money per item but also ensure a steady supply of promotional materials for future campaigns.

Focus on Impact 

Concentrate on impactful and budget-friendly options. Sometimes, simplicity can be more memorable than extravagance. Consider items that offer a high perceived value without a hefty price tag, maximizing your budget’s effectiveness.

Staying on a budget in promotional marketing is not about compromising quality or impact. Instead, it’s a strategic approach to making every dollar count. 

#5 Use Social Media

Social media is like a big stage where you can put your stuff in the spotlight. Choose the social media platforms your customers like hanging out on — Instagram, Facebook, X (formally known as Twitter), or others. Then, get creative with your posts. Make them look cool and interesting to catch people’s attention. Use captions that make folks want to join the conversation.

Incorporating Influencer Marketing

Now, here’s another great promotional marketing strategy — get influencers to talk about your products. Pick influencers who are a good match for your brand. 

When working with influencers, it’s not just about sending them your stuff. Team up and create a story that fits both your brand and their style. It could be unboxing videos, reviews, or pictures showing how your products fit into everyday life. This teamwork not only gets more eyes on your products but also connects with customers through someone they trust.

#6 Make Cool Designs

Designing your small business promotional items gives them a unique personality that stands out. The design is the silent storyteller that speaks volumes about your brand.

Create Eye-Catching Designs

First, make designs that grab attention. Use bright colors, bold fonts, and cool pictures to make your product stand out. Whether it’s a pen, a mug, or a tote bag, the design should instantly catch the eye and be interesting.

Be Creative But Stick to Your Brand

While being creative is important, keep your brand in mind. Your promotional products should feel like a part of your brand, with the same look and message. This makes your products not just cool giveaways but also important parts of your brand.

In short, designing your promotional products is a creative journey that mixes cool ideas with your brand’s style. It’s about making a statement without saying much. 

#7 Make It Exclusive 

Creating an air of exclusivity around your promotional products is like giving your customers a VIP pass to something special. By instilling a sense of exclusivity, you’re turning your promotional products into coveted items that people feel compelled to grab before they’re gone.

Crafting Exclusivity

Start by making your small business promotional items feel special. This could involve creating limited-edition versions, exclusive color variants, or unique packaging. The goal is to make customers feel like they’re getting something one-of-a-kind. 

Limited-Time Promotions and Discounts

Timing is everything. Introduce limited-time promotions and discounts to add a sense of urgency. Whether it’s a flash sale, a weekend-only offer, or a special discount code, the limited time frame creates a feeling of opportunity that customers won’t want to miss. 

Invoke a Need to Act Quickly

Make people feel they need to act fast to get their hands on your promotional products. This urgency can be created through countdowns, exclusive pre-order opportunities, or limited stock announcements. When customers perceive limited availability, it triggers a psychological response that drives them to take immediate action.

#8 Track Your Progress

Tracking your promotional marketing progress is like having a compass on a journey — you need to know where you’re going and how well you’re getting there. 

Monitoring Your Success

Start by keeping a keen eye on how well your promotional products are doing. Are they generating the buzz you hoped for? Are customers responding positively? Regularly check in to gauge the effectiveness of your efforts. 

Utilizing Analytics for Insight

Measure key performance indicators (KPIs) such as engagement rates, website visits, or social media interactions. Analytics provide a comprehensive view of the impact your promotional products are having on your audience.

Making Informed Adjustments

The real magic in promotional marketing happens when you use the gathered data to make informed adjustments. If a particular product or promotion is resonating strongly with your audience, consider doubling down on those strategies. On the flip side, if certain aspects aren’t performing as expected, tweak your approach. 

#9 Keep Customers Coming Back

One effective strategy is to transition from a one-off experience to a continuous relationship. Whether it’s offering exclusive discounts, early access to new products, or accumulating points for every purchase, try to create a sense of appreciation and value that encourages repeat business.

Transforming Satisfied Customers into Advocates

Satisfied customers are your best advocates. Encourage this advocacy by providing avenues for satisfied customers to share their positive experiences. This could involve social media shoutouts, testimonials on your website, or even referral programs that reward customers for bringing in new business.

Fostering Ongoing Engagement

Engagement is the key to longevity. Keep the conversation going through regular communication. This could include newsletters, exclusive emails, or sneak peeks into upcoming promotions. By staying on your customers’ radar, you become a familiar and trusted presence in their lives, increasing the likelihood of them choosing your products over competitors.

Unlocking the Potential of Promotional Marketing with Pinnacle Promotions

In the ever-changing world of growing a business, small companies have big potential. Think about big players like Google, Amazon, or Apple – they all started small and had to stand out in a crowded market. Promotional marketing can be a secret weapon to help jumpstart your growth.

This guide has been your roadmap through the tricks of effective promotional marketing. From choosing the right items to understanding your audience and staying on budget, each tip is like a building block for success.

As you dive into your promotional journey, remember it’s about more than just promo; it’s about telling a story that people relate to. Make smart choices, keep an eye on progress, and build lasting connections.

Ready to Boost Your Brand? Contact Pinnacle Promotions Today!

Turn those small business dreams into big achievements with effective promotional strategies. Contact Pinnacle Promotions today at 877.300.2007, and let’s take your brand to new heights!

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Employee Welcome Kits: 5 Proven Ideas

Employee Welcome Kits: 5 Proven Ideas

We’ve all been there — those first-day jitters when starting a new job. There’s a ton of new information and training that you must learn while introducing yourself to your new team (and your new boss). It can be pretty overwhelming!

Companies can help new employees feel more comfortable and establish rapport with a custom welcome kit full of branded goodies. When you present the team members with a special box of company-branded merchandise to say, “Welcome to the team! We’re glad you’re here.”

But how do welcome kits for new hires help companies like yours with the onboarding process? These kits contain items that can increase employee engagement, outline employee expectations, give insight into the company culture, and help new employees get started right away. 

At Pinnacle Promotions, we can help you build a personalized new employee welcome kit with any budget. From high-end promotional items to the simplest of gifts, a kit of curated products can make a lasting impression on your new hires.

The Purpose of an Employee Welcome Kit

Employee welcome kits have a few key advantages:

  • Employee engagement
  • Insight into the company’s culture
  • Promotional products that support the job

When members of an organization are happier at their jobs, employee engagement is at a high. Giving promotional gifts is a kind gesture that increases overall employee morale to help drive contributions to the goals and successes of the company. A welcome kit shows new hires that the company is committed to its employees, which can provide insight into the company culture and organizational advocacy among employees. 

Items such as pens, notebooks, and desk calendars can help new employees get started on their new job duties. Consider adding new-hire resources and documentation into your onboarding welcome kit, such as a welcome letter from the team, a supervisor, or president, as well as an FAQ flier regarding important office information your new hires need to know.

5 Proven Ideas to Create a New Employee Welcome Kit: 

Are you ready to start building your new hire welcome kits but are unsure what products to add? Not to worry, we have your back! 

There’s a variety of products to choose from to help make your kit a hit with the new hires. Below are our five proven product ideas to include in your new employee welcome kit that will make them feel like part of the team:

Idea #1: Unique Gifts 

Onboarding new hires with unique promotional items and gifts shows that your organization thinks outside the box. Quirky, fun items will make your new employees smile and create a sense of loyalty. 

What qualifies as a unique gift?

We like to think of unique gifts as outside of the box, fun and trendy. Unique gifts are typically things like the Modern Sprout® Glow & Grow Live Well Gift Set or branded mini desk vacuums (yes, this is a thing, and it surely is unique!).

Idea #2: Office Essentials

Office essentials not only help new employees set up their space but can also help them quickly dive into their job responsibilities. Supplying new hires with a planner, branded pens, and sticky notes can help them feel organized, with effective note-taking during their onboarding training classes. 

Here are five office essentials employees love and appreciate:

  1. Notebooks
  2. Planners
  3. Folders
  4. Desk Organizers
  5. Notepads

If you’re searching for that perfect office essential gift to include in your welcome kit, any of these five items (or all) are great options. Notebooks prove useful for those who love taking notes and like keeping organized. Planners are excellent for those who love to plan their week and need to write down due dates. Folders help keep all those new hire documents together. Desk organizers? Need we say more? Notepads, just like notebooks, are perfect for jotting a quick reminder or writing down a fresh, innovative idea. 

Idea #3: Apparel

Employees love receiving branded apparel to wear around the office and at company events, but they tend to wear their favorites outside the office. Custom apparel comes in many forms, including polo shirts, button-down shirts, outerwear, and even uniforms. Giving apparel can help your new hires feel like part of the team from day one! 

PS: Employees LOVE branded jackets! 

We’ve heard from our clients that their employees absolutely love branded jackets. It’s a warm gift that truly goes a long way. The more stylish and on-trend your jacket, the more likely your employees will wear them out and about in their daily lives.

Shop our custom jackets today, and include it in your welcome kit! 

Idea #4: Industry-Focused Gifts

Create a greater connection with your new employees by gifting branded items specific to your industry. Think of industry-focused items that they can use throughout the day. Something that will help them do their job well is a must! 

Educators and healthcare workers might appreciate a lanyard to hold their ID badge, whereas baseball caps and all-weather jackets benefit those who work in the elements. This gesture allows your employees to work more efficiently once they’ve settled in. Be sure to view our collection of best work jackets to get an idea of what our customers love.

Idea #5: Wellness Gifts

Gifts that promote health and wellness show that your organization cares about the well-being of its employees. Heavy workloads can create stress, and an outlet where you can reduce stress can do a world of good for employee welfare. Items like a stress ball, fitness tote bag, and a water bottle can encourage a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance. 

Mental health is important. Show your care through purpose-built wellness gifts!

We all know that work can be stressful or tedious at times. These thoughtful wellness gifts help you promote a healthy work environment and encourage a positive work/life balance. Shop today and find the perfect wellness gift for your employee kit.

How to Create a New Employee Welcome Kit for Your Company

Sure, you can do it yourself. You can find the products, have them shipped (usually separately), and then assemble your kits by hand. Or you can let us do it for you!

Here at Pinnacle Promotions, let us take the hard part off your hands so you can do what you do best — hire and welcome top talent. Our promotional professionals will help you find the perfect products that fit your brand and budget. We’ll work our magic and curate an unique onboarding kit just for you. 

You’ll love the efficiency and product consistency across your organization. To learn more about our creative ideas and promotional marketing concepts, check out the Pinnacle Promotions blog or contact us today at 877.300.2007.

Get started today and reach out!

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Top 15 Creative Ideas for Employee Awards

Top 15 Creative Ideas for Employee Awards

Your employees work hard, and they deserve to be rewarded. But how? You don’t want to give them just another corporate t-shirt. They deserve more than that. If you’re having trouble brainstorming employee awards and categories that are creative, useful, and thoughtful, we’ve put together a list of our favorite ideas for employee recognition to help you make a decision.

Categories for Employee Contributions

Recognizing your employees not only fosters loyalty and creativity daily but also strengthens the sense of community within your team. Let’s explore these innovative ways to honor your hard-working colleagues:

#1 Best Deal Closer

If one of your employees is always closing deals and leads the sales department in numbers, it’s time to give them some recognition. Giving them a custom executive pen is a great choice since they’ll think of you every time they pull it out to sign a deal. Both affordable plastic and higher-quality metal versions are available, and some of them even come with a stylus tip so they can be used with digital touchscreen devices as well. Executive pens are available in twist, click, and cap styles as well as a range of colors for every need and budget.

If you’re giving physical gifts for awards, the round brass coaster award is sturdy and durable – a great choice for employees to show off in the office. Trust us, your employees will feel the love.

#2 Best Writer

Most people write in some capacity for their job, but a truly skilled writer is hard to come by. If your writing team has knocked it out of the park recently, consider giving them a personalized leather journal to help them keep track of their creative ideas. 

Multiple styles are available including notebooks, journals, portfolios, padfolios, writing pads, jotters, planners, and binders. Don’t worry if leather isn’t your material of choice. There are many other materials available as well, including faux leather, paper, and even stone! Some of our personal favorites are the Moleskine® Hard Cover Ruled Large Notebook and the Karst Pocket Stone Paper Notebook

To help boost this employee award idea, we recommend pairing a custom executive pen with a leather or faux leather promotional portfolio for a substantial yet useful gift the recipient is sure to appreciate

#3 Most Hustle

If you have a standout employee on the team who has shown the most drive and determination to get his or her projects accomplished, why not gift them with something deserving? Promotional food and beverage gift baskets are great ideas for employee recognition, and your top hustler will surely enjoy the goodies and the feeling of being appreciated. Pop Star Premium Popcorn Gift Set.

Whether it’s the Pop Star Premium Popcorn Gift Set, a sweet treat like the You’re Appreciated Sustainable Snack Pack or a healthier nut mix option like the Favorite Snack Gift Bag, your employees can unwind with a scrumptious treat. Most items come beautifully packaged, so all you need to do is present it to them in person or leave it on their desk as a surprise with a nice note.

#4 Best Road Warrior

Traveling for work can be tough since it takes you away from your home and family. If one of your employees has been hitting the road a lot recently, reward their performance with practical corporate awards they’ll be sure to use on many trips to come — like a high-quality branded backpack.

Many working professionals gravitate towards computer backpacks, which keep their look classy while preserving all the functionality of a traditional backpack. If your employees fly a lot for work, they’re sure to appreciate a checkpoint-friendly backpack that will help them get through security faster than you can say “TSA.” 

These backpacks feature quick-access pockets and special space for laptops. Some models even lay flat to go through security checkpoints, making flying easier than ever. Find the best backpacks for women and the best work backpacks from Pinnacle to give to your favorite road warrior.

#5 Best Dressed

Among more traditional employee award categories like “best leader” or “most innovative,” it’s good to have a couple of fun ones to promote company culture and add some humor to the workday. One of our personal favorites is Best Dressed, so of course, it makes sense to give some sort of apparel to the winner. But some options—such as t-shirts—can come off as cheap and lacking thoughtfulness. We recommend choosing a custom jacket or another type of high-quality promotional outerwear – for work jackets, check out our best work jackets collection for great outerwear ideas. 

Lightweight jackets are a perfect choice if you tend to keep the office a bit chilly, while more substantial coats are great if you live in a colder environment or are looking for a fall/winter award. If you want a more transitional piece, custom vests are also an option. Be sure to check out the best vests for men and the best vests for women to find your favorite.

#6 Biggest Overachiever

If one of your colleagues has been putting in a lot of overtime recently, why not honor them with a thoughtful gift in the form of a Bamboo Wireless Charging Desk Clock? This clock offers a  sleek and modern design. The top surface has a 5W wireless charging pad for compatible devices to help keep devices powered throughout the day and night — just like that hardworking colleague!

A small version of your logo can be elegantly incorporated into the clock, discreetly enough that the recipient will think of your company whenever they check the time—without it being obtrusive or distracting to others.

#7 Best Speaker

Speaking in public is hard, whether it’s presenting to your colleagues or pitching a major potential client. If your team recently nailed a big presentation, celebrate by giving them a high-quality, branded Bluetooth speaker to commemorate the occasion. One of our personal favorites is the Boxanne Bluetooth Speaker which offers a Bluetooth range of up to 30 feet and features a wrist strap that you can wrap around backpacks, bikes, etc, for easy portability. 

If you’re looking for a truly unique employee reward, there’s also the High Sierra Kodiak IPX7 Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker, which offers 12 hours of listening on a three-hour charge.

#8 Most Innovative

Employees who implement innovative new processes deserve an award that’s equally practical and unusual. Instead of the typical plaque, consider giving them a pair of nice Bluetooth headphones instead—after all, music can stimulate creativity! We recommend the Wrapsody Bluetooth Headphones, which combine a futuristic design with large imprint areas on the headphone drivers. 

The headphones also provide omnidirectional full-range audio drivers, 85 percent isolating outside noise reduction, a 33-foot Bluetooth wireless range, multi-function on-ear buttons for answering calls and controlling music, a built-in microphone for phone calls, and 10+ hours of play on a single charge.

#9 Everyday Leadership Award

Employees don’t have to have “leader” or “manager” in their title to be a leader at work. Honor workers who have shown leadership in their everyday duties with a gift that they can also use every day, such as a custom tumbler. Tumblers are made of durable plastic or stainless steel and usually feature a double-walled construction to keep hot beverages hot and cold drinks cold. Whether you’re looking for a wine tumbler or a travel mug, there’s a type of custom tumbler out there that fits the bill. 

One of the most popular tumbler options is a custom Stanley® Quencher H2.O FlowState™ Tumbler – 40 oz. This viral sensation features vacuum insulation that retains temperature while protecting your hands from hot and cold. All their tumblers are constructed of recycled stainless steel for sustainable sipping, and the 40 oz. version can keep a beverage hot for up to 11 hours and cold for up to 72 hours.

#10 Best Rainy Day Save

In a time of crisis, there’s usually one or two employees who step up to the plate and save the day. If someone stepped up at work during your time of need, they deserve a shout-out. If you want to get creative with the employee award, consider giving them a promotional golf umbrella — which, contrary to the name, isn’t just for golfers. While many golf enthusiasts do turn to these umbrellas to keep off the sun and the rain while they play 18 holes, many non-golfers also appreciate these over-large umbrellas for the protection they provide. 

A quality golf umbrella can be difficult to find, so your employees are sure to appreciate this practical gift. Most golf umbrellas offer a wingspan of almost five feet, usually ranging between 58 and 62 inches, though smaller 46-inch versions are available as well. If you have lots of golfers in your office, we suggest pairing a golf umbrella with tees, balls, towels, and other custom golf accessories for a full set.

#11 The Survivor Award

If one of your reports survived a tough product review or got grilled during a client meeting, acknowledge it with a humorous yet practical gift to commemorate the occasion: a custom barbecue set. A custom BBQ set is especially timely if you’re heading into the summer months or live in a place that’s temperate year-round. 

Most grill sets include some combination of spatula, tongs, knife, fork, basting brush, skewers, and corn holders all wrapped up in a convenient carrying case. Supplement with a BBQ multitool, apron, cooler, grill basket, carving set, or other grilling accessories for a truly comprehensive employee reward.

#12 Best Team

A bad team can go off the rails in a few days, but a good team is far greater than the sum of its parts and will rise to extraordinary achievements. Recognize teams who have gone above and beyond with an appropriate group-themed gift, such as a branded glassware set (beer, wine, cocktail, champagne, or all of the above). Glass is the most popular material but many styles come in stainless steel as well. 

Stainless steel wine tumblers are an especially good choice for picnics. Give employees one of each kind of glass or bundle four or more of one type into a set so they can toast with their friends to their employee recognition.

#13 Best Customer Service

Working in customer service is a tough job. But just because customer service is hard doesn’t mean that it also has to be thankless, so show your employees that you recognize their hard work, even if the customers don’t. Customer service reps are always helping other people, so give them something nice to treat themselves, such as a set of high-quality custom bar accessories instead. 

Think automatic wine openers, stainless steel flasks, mixology sets, beverage sets, wall-mount beer openers, and more. Select an already-existing set or pair several items together to create your own. Bonus points if you combine this gift with some nice beer, wine, or liquor. Or even better, tickets to a group mixology class that employees can take together as a team bonding experience, with no customers in sight.

#14 Coolest Under Pressure

Employees who stay calm, cool, and collected in the most stressful of circumstances deserve to be recognized appropriately. For a relevant gift that they’ll be sure to use for years, we recommend a durable hard cooler with a latching lid. Bison, Igloo®, and OtterBox all make quality hard coolers with large lids that offer a substantial imprint area for your logo and branding. 

Not only is a custom hard cooler a practical yet considerate gift, but employees will be able to use it for a long time. Many of them come with a warranty to back it up (OtterBox even offers a lifetime warranty!).

#15 Longest Tenure

It’s no longer the norm to stay with one company for 20 years or more. Many workers move on after just a few years, with long-standing employees becoming more and more rare. This makes it more important than ever to recognize your tenured employees’ loyalty. Give them a long-lasting gift with employee corporate awards made from glass, metal, and/or wood. 

These classy-looking awards are sure to be treasured and communicate your appreciation of your employees. Just make sure to order them in plenty of time before the ceremony since the custom engraving takes time.

Business Benefits of Recognizing Your Team

Employee engagement fosters loyalty and creativity daily. Just like how we focus on our consumers’ behaviors to create connection, your teammates seek out the same sense of community. To be able to recognize and value your company’s contributors with humor and dedication to development requires a support system like Pinnacle Promotions.

Connect to our Account Management Team for Support

Your employees are sure to appreciate any of the ideas on this list of employee award categories. If you’re having trouble deciding between them, or you’ve narrowed down your decision and are ready to get a quote, feel free to reach out to us!

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Customized Drinkware: Sipping Success with Personalized Promotions

Customized Drinkware: Sipping Success with Personalized Promotions

Let’s be honest. Staying top of mind in a world of shorter and shorter attention spans can be difficult for any brand. Living in this ever-evolving digital landscape, you need to be strategic about how to promote your brand — including keeping an eye on what promotional products are trendy, useful and reusable. That’s where custom drinkware comes in!

Customized drinkware has been a popular promotional tool for many years. These everyday items have always offered a level of functionality, but these days they have become a viral sensation, status symbol and must-have to maintain hydration. 

While you can scroll through hundreds of custom drinkware choices, at Pinnacle Promotions, we have our finger on the pulse of the trending drinkware items. In this blog, we explore the power of personalization, what drinkware types to choose from, the benefits of using drinkware in your promotional strategy, and how to choose the right custom drinkware for your event or campaign. 

The Power of Personalization

You are probably familiar with the power of personalized marketing strategies. You know that every one of your competitors is out there, both digitally and traditionally, vying for your audience’s attention. And that means you have to use creative and innovative promotional tactics to ensure your brand stays relevant.

You may think, well yeah, but how does customized drinkware help? The cool thing about items like custom tumblers or branded mugs is that they are tangible ways for your brand to be on the top of the mind. 

For example, you want to promote your brand on social media so you host a giveaway — you order the coveted Stanley Quencher 40 oz. with your logo and a message that says “Sip. Smile. Repeat.” Your winners will not only share their winnings to their feeds but will flaunt their Stanley’s out in the world.

Customized tumblers and other customized drinkware have become a staple in people’s daily drive to stay hydrated, while branded mugs are the key to staying caffeinated. Each type of drinkware item allows you to use these promotional powerhouses to stay on the top of your audience’s mind.

The most important thing about personalization to remember is to create unique messaging, logos or designs that align with your brand guidelines. 

Types of Customized Drinkware

So you’ve bought into the idea of personalizing custom drinkware, but where do you start? What kind of drinkware do you choose? And how can you ensure you won’t break the brand bank when you do? Let’s go over customized drinkware types to get you started.

Customized Tumblers

Custom tumblers are insulated drinkware that can be personalized with unique designs, logos, or messages, making them versatile promotional tools and stylish everyday accessories. Popular brands like Yeti, Stanley, and S’well offer high-quality tumblers known for their exceptional insulation properties, keeping beverages hot or cold for extended periods. 

Branded Mugs

Branded mugs, such as those from popular brands like MiiR and Swig Life, are a common fixture in promotional merchandise and personal coffee collections. These mugs, along with their travel mug counterparts, are not only practical for on-the-go coffee enthusiasts but also serve as potent marketing instruments, ensuring that a brand’s message or identity remains consistently in the hands of its customers.

Promotional Water bottles

Promotional water bottles come in various materials, including plastic, stainless steel, glass, and eco-friendly options like bamboo or biodegradable plastics, allowing businesses to choose the most suitable material to align with their brand values and the preferences of their target audience.

Custom Glassware

Custom glassware is an elegant and memorable choice for events, certain businesses, or personal collections. Some popular types of custom glassware include wine glasses, pint glasses, champagne flutes, whiskey glasses, and shot glasses, each tailored to suit specific beverage preferences or occasions.

Choosing the Right Occasions For Custom Drinkware

Selecting the right custom drinkware to match upcoming events and occasions is a crucial aspect of any successful marketing strategy. The choice of where and when to introduce these customized items can significantly impact their effectiveness in promoting your brand. 

The goal is to ensure that your personalized drinkware leaves your customers feeling more engaged with your brand. This involves understanding your target audience and aligning your promotional efforts accordingly.

Where Custom Drinkware Shines

Trade Shows: At trade shows, personalized drinkware, like custom tumblers or branded mugs, not only keeps attendees refreshed but also ensures your brand remains in their minds as they use the item in their daily lives.

Conferences: Conferences attract professionals seeking valuable insights and connections. Handing out promotional items like branded travel mugs fosters a lasting connection between your brand and the attendees.

Corporate Gifting: Team-building events, product launches, or client appreciation occasions provide excellent opportunities to reward employees or clients with custom drinkware, reinforcing brand appreciation.

Designing Eye-Catching Drinkware

The design of your drinkware is not just a visual element; it’s a crucial component of your marketing strategy. A well-designed drinkware item can capture attention, create lasting customer connections, and effectively convey your brand’s identity. Let’s run through some essential tips on crafting eye-catching and memorable drinkware that aligns seamlessly with your brand’s message.

Know Your Audience

To design customized drinkware that resonates with your audience, you must understand their preferences, values and lifestyle. Are they environmentally conscious? Do they appreciate minimalistic designs? Try running some A/B testing via email, or your website can help tailor your drinkware to suit their tastes and ensure it will be well-received.

Consistency is Key

Cohesive branding is essential. Your drinkware should be an extension of your brand’s identity. Maintain consistency in colors, fonts, taglines, and logos so it is instantly recognizable as a part of your brand. This alignment reinforces your message and enhances brand recall.

Embrace Creativity 

Eye-catching drinkware often combines creativity with functionality. Think outside the box when it comes to design. Explore unique shapes, innovative use of colors, fun messaging and original artwork that represent your brand’s uniqueness. Creativity captures attention and encourages regular use.

High-Quality Materials 

The feel of your drinkware matters as much as the look. High-quality materials not only ensure longevity but also enhance the overall impression of your brand. Whether it’s a sleek stainless steel customized tumbler or a sustainably-made branded travel mug, choose materials that align with your brand’s values.

Focus on the Details 

Small details like etching, embossing, or textured finishes can make your drinkware stand out. These subtle elements can make or break the impression of your custom drinkware and your brand.

Designing eye-catching custom tumblers, branded travel mugs, or other custom drinkware is a blend of creativity and strategy. By understanding your audience, maintaining consistent branding, embracing creativity, using high-quality materials, and focusing on the details, you can create personalized drinkware that not only captures attention but also aligns seamlessly with your brand’s identity. 

Benefits of Using Customized Drinkware

Incorporating customized drinkware into your marketing efforts comes with a multitude of advantages that extend well beyond merely offering a practical item. These benefits encompass brand exposure, customer engagement, employee motivation, and loyalty. Let’s explore how personalized drinkware can be a game-changer in enhancing your marketing strategy.

Amplified Brand Exposure 

Customized drinkware, when used or seen by your target audience, can become a daily staple in people’s lives, which increases your brand exposure. Whether it’s a banded coffee mug at a workplace, a reusable water bottle at the gym, or stylish customized tumblers carried around town, each sighting reinforces your brand’s presence and message.

Increased Customer Engagement 

Custom drinkware fosters a deeper connection with your customers. When they use these items in their daily lives, they form a bond with your brand. They’re not just sipping from a cup; they’re sipping from a symbol of their affiliation with your business. 

Employee Motivation and Loyalty 

Custom drinkware can serve as an excellent tool to motivate and reward employees. Personalized glassware or custom tumblers as employee incentives not only boost morale but also strengthen their loyalty to your company. It’s a tangible symbol of your appreciation for their hard work.

Custom Drinkware in Action

Let’s say you are the brand specialist for a fitness apparel company that offers customized stainless steel water bottles as part of its new product launch. You decided to send these water bottles out to your fitness influencer network. The influencers who received these bottles not only used them during their workouts or daily lives but also post unboxing videos on social media. 

This creates a sense of belonging to the brand’s fitness community, leading to increased engagement and loyalty. In a similar vein, employees within the company received branded drinkware as a reward for meeting fitness goals, boosting their motivation and allegiance to the brand.

The benefits of incorporating customized drinkware into your marketing strategy are multifaceted. Beyond the tangible item, these items amplify your brand’s exposure, deepen engagement, and motivate employees, fostering a sense of loyalty and community. When used strategically, customized drinkware becomes an integral part of your marketing efforts, leaving a lasting impact on both customers and employees alike.

Pinnacle Promotions: Your Partner in Sipping Success

In a world where it’s hard to make your brand stand out, using custom drinkware is a smart move. It’s not just about keeping your customers hydrated; it’s about becoming a part of their everyday routine. This blog has shown you the importance of personalization in marketing, the different drinkware options, and the many benefits it offers. So, it’s time for businesses to see how customized drinkware can boost their brand.

Now, it’s your turn to take the plunge. Consider integrating customized drinkware into your marketing efforts to enhance brand visibility and customer engagement. 
To start your journey to sipping success, contact us at 877.300.2007. Our team at Pinnacle Promotions is ready to assist you in selecting the perfect customized drinkware solutions that align with your brand’s identity. Elevate your brand with customized drinkware and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

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Employee Holiday Gifts: The Top 8 Promotional Product Categories for 2023

Employee Holiday Gifts: The Top 8 Promotional Product Categories for 2023

by Chrissy Petrone, Content Marketing Specialist

Can you believe we are already in the midst of the holiday season? Pumpkin season is here, Thanksgiving is coming, and before we know it we will be ringing in the New Year. While you probably know that promotional products are great for marketing initiatives, trade shows, and client gifts, you may not think about promotional products as employee holiday gifts. The holiday season is all about gratitude —  your employees have worked so hard this year, and a great way to express your gratitude is to thank them with a custom-branded gift.

Since it is unlikely that all of your employees have the same hobbies and are into the same types of things, it might be hard to narrow down the perfect personalized gift for everyone. Don’t worry we’ve got your back. Here are the top 8 promotional product categories we are excited about for the 2023 holiday season:

#1 Home & Leisure

Fall is absolutely my favorite time of year. Autumn is officially here, and one of my favorite things about the season is spending quality time with family and friends. Whether I am hosting a Friendsgiving or sitting by the fire and playing cards with friends and family, aesthetics are important to me. I don’t know if I’ve caught the "Fixer Upper" bug or if it’s simply my personal preference, but when I’m entertaining I like for my home to feel and look polished, warm, and inviting.

Copper is in this season, and one of my favorite custom entertaining pieces we offer for entertaining is our Moscow Mule Mug 4-in-1 Gift Set. This four-piece branded gift set has all of the essentials you need to make an excellent Moscow mule. Not only is this custom gift modern and high quality, it’s also very thoughtful. Most likely, your employees will be using this while mixing a drink and relaxing at home. Even though they are away from the office, this gift will enhance their downtime and remind them that they have a great job to be thankful for.

Another favorite holiday gift of mine is the Field & Co. Sherpa Blanket. I love this customizable blanket because it is soft, trendy, and versatile. If you work in an office, then you know that sometimes it is boiling hot, and other times it’s freezing cold. This gift is great because your employees can keep it at their desk or use it to cozy up around a bonfire. Either way, you’re keeping them warm and showing how much you appreciate them.

Field & Co. Sherpa Blanket
Moscow Mule Mug 4-in-1 Gift Set

#2 Custom Drinkware

Drinkware is one of the most popular promotional product categories, and we have some fantastic options for this holiday season. I suffer from a *minor* caffeine addiction, so I love a custom tumbler that I can use for hot coffee in the morning and that I can wash out and use for iced coffee throughout the day.

It’s pretty incredible that the branded Himalayan tumbler can keep beverages hot or cold for up to 6 hours. Some days I am so busy that I find myself sitting at my desk from the moment I get here till I get up to take my lunch break. When you are in the middle of a project, the last thing you want is to go for a sip of your delicious hot java only to find that it’s turned lukewarm. 

The Himalayan tumbler is such a life-saver for busy workdays and the 20 oz. Himalayan Tumbler is my new favorite design. This custom-branded tumbler is excellent for cold mornings on the soccer field or hot summer days at the park. It will help keep your employees fueled up and hydrated for any kind of day their week might throw at them.

I also have to mention the Intrepid Stainless Steel Tumbler - 40 oz. This promotional tumbler is a big hit here at Pinnacle and has become a coveted item around the office. Everyone loves this thing, and it’s no surprise. It holds up to 40 oz of liquid, can be used year-round in all seasons and for various occasions, and is just plain cool looking. 

It also has a double-wall construction, a screw-on lid with a straw, and is BPA-free. Plus, it comes in trendy matte colors. If you are looking to "wow" your employees with a unique gift this year, this is your show-stopper. It’s large enough to fill with smaller gifts and cool enough to gift on its own. Either way, your employees will be impressed!

20 oz. Himalayan Tumbler
Intrepid Stainless Steel Tumbler - 40 oz.

#3 Branded Apparel

I love sporting my company's custom swag, especially on casual Fridays. I love where I work, and I feel proud to wear my company's branded attire to work and also out and about. Wearables are such an excellent and practical holiday gift for your employees. It’s pretty impressive when you realize how many different types of apparel and wearables you can brand with your company's logo.

One gift idea that has particularly caught my attention this year is  The North Face® Pom Beanie. Everyone makes resolutions for the New Year to become a fitter and happier version of themselves. The North Face® Pom Beanie will encourage your employees to get outside and start moving while keeping their heads toasty and warm. 

Another favorite of mine is the Port Authority Women's Interlock Open Cardigan. This is another coveted item around the office and is flattering on all body shapes and sizes. This cardigan is lightweight and has an open front, and the back seaming details at the waist give it a sophisticated and timeless look. What I really love about it is that it can be dressed up or down. I can wear this with workout clothes, while running errands, around the office, and dress it up for meetings with my clients. This custom piece pairs well with so many different styles and occasions and is a classy way to promote your brand. The Port Authority Interlock Full-Zip is our men’s compatible piece.

Branded apparel is one of our top-selling product categories, and we are adding more unique styles all of the time. From short and long-sleeved polos, jackets, cardigans, dress shirts, workout attire, winter attire, or even fashionable beanies, you will be able to find the perfect gift for your employees this holiday season.

The North Face® Pom Beanie
Port Authority Women's Interlock Open Cardigan

#4 Branded Food Gifts

Charcuterie boards are all the rage this year. Whether you are hosting a holiday event or bringing food to a potluck, the Charcuterie Favorites Board with Meat and Cheese Set is the perfect item for the holidays and year-round. This comes with dry cured salami, assorted cheeses, cheese knife, crackers, and gourmet mustard. All are packaged with a beautifully engraved bamboo cutting board. Delicious food and high-quality cutting board and knife make for an excellent and thoughtful custom holiday gift for your employees.

Food gift sets are always a popular choice, and we have the perfect gift to fit this trend. Our Holiday Treats Tower is such a cool and "out of the box" (pun intended) way to show employee recognition this year. Packed with a variety of gourmet goodies, including chocolate-covered pretzels, caramel popcorn, and mixed nuts, this delightful tower is designed to satisfy every palate. The mix of sweet and savory snacks caters to different tastes, ensuring there's something for everyone on your team. The Holiday Treats Tower is an ideal way to strengthen employee morale, boost holiday cheer, and express your sincere thanks for their contributions, making their holiday season a little brighter. 

It is difficult to choose just a few food gifts for this season, but we have so many different offerings to meet your needs this season that you will have no issue picking something tasty, classic, and memorable.

Charcuterie Favorites Board with Meat and Cheese Set
Holiday Treats Tower

#5 Promotional Outdoor Items & Safety Products

We are so busy these days, and the holiday season is definitely the busiest time of year. Between working 40+ hours a week, trying to prep healthy meals, exercising, and sleeping eight hours a night the last thing most working professionals think about is their car battery. Most people are back to commuting to work daily and put a lot of wear and tear on their vehicles. Being prepared for the worst is important, and safety gifts are a great way to make sure your employees are safe on the road and able to get to work on time with less stress. The Highway Companion Gift Set is the perfect gift for your commuter employees.

This thoughtfully curated set includes a sleek, black leatherette pouch containing essential tools every traveler needs. The set features a power bank to keep their devices charged on the go, a multi-functional flashlight, and a compact yet mighty tire pressure gauge. Practical and stylish, this gift embodies your appreciation for your team's dedication. Living in Atlanta, commuting takes up a good portion of my day. On a good day, I can make it to work in 45 minutes, and I would love to have a kit like this in my car…just in case.

It’s almost impossible to keep weight off during the holidays. From work parties to family gatherings, food tends to be the centerpiece for all occasions. I am trying to exercise more and am really watching my diet. I want to be healthy, and there is a strong chance that your employees will make some sort of health-conscious resolution for the new year as well. 

The Adventure Duffle Bag is an excellent investment for your health. It’s perfect for hiking but can also be used to pack gym clothes, healthy snacks, and whatever else your employees will need to tackle their 2024 health goals. Corporate health and wellness initiatives are important for companies to focus on, and this is a great way to encourage your employees toward a healthier lifestyle.

Highway Companion Gift Set
Adventure Duffle Bag

#6 Branded Tech

Technology is such an exciting and universal promotional product category. Every one of your employees uses some sort of technology every single day. From Bluetooth wireless speakers, power bank and jolt chargers, USB drives, headphones, wireless Bluetooth earbuds, and activity monitors, there are so many unique and modern gift options in this product category.

I am definitely a technology junkie, so this is the hardest category for me to narrow down, but I have to mention the Essos True Wireless Auto Pair Earbuds w/ Case. These sleek and high-quality earbuds are more than just a gift; they're a gesture of appreciation. Featuring auto-pair technology and a secure-fit design, they provide premium sound quality while ensuring comfort during long listening sessions. 

The compact charging case ensures they're always ready to go, perfect for on-the-go employees. These are excellent for commuting, traveling, exercising, and whatever else your employees are up to. Many of the newer mobile devices don't have a headphone jack, so wireless headphones are the way to go, making these headphones convenient and forward-thinking.

The Sleek Aluminum 4,000 mAh Power Bank is the ideal holiday gift to light up your employees' festive season. This stylish and functional power bank is designed to keep your team connected and powered up throughout their busy days. Its 4,000 mAh capacity ensures that they can charge their devices on the go, from smartphones to tablets. The sleek aluminum finish and compact size make it a chic and convenient accessory, while the customizable branding options add a personalized touch to your holiday gifting. By choosing this gift, you're demonstrating your appreciation for your employees' dedication and offering them a practical tool to stay charged and productive. Show your gratitude and give the gift of power and connectivity this holiday season.

Essos True Wireless Auto Pair Earbuds w/ Case
Sleek Aluminum 4,000 mAh Power Bank

#7 Custom Office Items

Personalized office products are practical and thoughtful. I know for me personally I love my company-branded notebook. My team has weekly meetings, and our sales department tends to have many meetings at various times during the week. The Manhattan Writing Pad is a great choice if you are considering a nice notebook for your employee gift. It is made with genuine leather, which gives it a sleek and professional appearance. It also features an interior organizer with business card pockets and a document folder. This notebook can be used around the office or on-the-go for client meetings.

I love my notebook for organization, but there are so many other unique office categories for employee gifts. The Truman Wireless Charging Accessory Tray is by far my favorite office holiday gift for the season.

This multifunctional and stylish desk accessory acts as an organizational hub for personal items, and it includes a wireless charging pad, ensuring devices stay powered throughout the workday. I think this item is so cool and so different. Your employees will absolutely love feeling well-equipped to tackle their daily tasks, making it the perfect holiday token for a productive and connected work environment.

Manhattan Writing Pad
Truman Wireless Charging Accessory Tray

#8 Branded Sustainable Gifts

Sustainability has been a big topic this year and offers another unique promotional product category that you may have not considered for holiday gifts. Whether your employees are traveling for business or pleasure, the Aft Recycled PET 21" Duffel is a fantastic holiday gift.

Crafted from recycled plastic bottles, this eco-friendly duffel not only showcases your commitment to the environment but also offers ample storage space for all your employees' travel or gym essentials. Its versatile design complete with multiple zippered pockets, an adjustable shoulder strap, and durable handles, ensures a seamless transition from work to play. This duffel is a very high-quality and thoughtful gift for you to give your employees this holiday season.

After a busy work year, relaxation is on everyone’s mind at the end of Q4. Our MiiR® Camp Cup Gift Set is a fantastic employee gift to encourage healthy work/life balance. This gift set includes a classic campfire-style mug and a high-quality, dual-layered vacuum-insulated tumbler. Whether your employees are sipping their morning coffee or a refreshing beverage on a camping trip or at their desk, this gift set keeps their drinks at the ideal temperature. It's a versatile and eco-friendly option that encourages your team to reduce waste by using reusable containers. Your team has worked so hard this year, and they deserve to relax and feel appreciated for all of their efforts.

Aft Recycled PET 21" Duffel
MiiR® Camp Cup Gift Set

Show your employees how much you care about them this holiday season by giving them a unique and memorable holiday gift. Home & Leisure, Drinkware, Apparel, Food Gifts, Outdoor/Safety, Technology, Office, and Sustainability are our top promotional product categories for 2023 holiday gifts. Whether you are wanting your employees to relax, pursue a healthy lifestyle, or simply enjoy a delicious treat, we can help you show your gratitude and create a lasting impression to show your appreciation. If you'd like more great gift ideas, check out our Holiday Hub — a great resource for expanded ideas in these product areas!

I hope this has given you some great ideas for your 2023 employee gifts.

From all of us at Pinnacle Promotions, we wish you a safe and happy holiday!

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Apparel & Headwear Branding: Fashionable Statements for Your Brand

Apparel & Headwear Branding: Fashionable Statements for Your Brand

Your brand is more than just a logo or a product — it’s a statement, a story and an identity. In the corporate world, creating a strong brand is a paramount strategy for success, and keeping up with the latest fashion trends plays an increasingly vital role in achieving that. 

Fashion, through branded apparel and custom headwear, empowers brands to make a bold statement, forge a deep connection with their audience, and stand out in the crowded marketplace.

In this blog, we’ll explore the world of custom corporate apparel as a brand strategy. These wearable canvases showcase your brand’s visual elements and reflect its principles, values and culture.

So, whether you’re a seasoned brand looking to refresh your image or a new player seeking to put your startup on the map, join us as we unravel the art of using custom company apparel and branded headwear to craft compelling brand narratives and forge lasting connections with your target audience.

The Significance of Branded Apparel and Custom Headwear 

When it comes to branding and marketing, apparel and headwear have emerged as powerful canvases, each bearing the potential to redefine how a brand is perceived.

In fact, according to a 2019 ASICentral ad impressions study, brand recall is highest for apparel items, with 85% of people remembering the advertiser who gave out the apparel. That’s why implementing branded apparel and custom headwear is a valuable strategy to grow your brand. 

Clothing as a Branding Canvas

Clothing does more than just serve a purpose — it’s an active way to express your brand’s story. Every dress shirt, polo or hoodie can be transformed into an advertisement for your business and a professional narrative for your employees. When you strategically place your logo, showcase your color palette, and incorporate your messaging, you transform everyday attire into an avenue for brand expression.

Headwear’s Role in Reinforcing Brand Identity

Custom headwear, including caps, hats and beanies, isn’t merely an accessory. It’s the finishing touch that defines a look. When imprinted or embroidered with your logo and designed in alignment with your brand’s aesthetics, headwear cultivates brand loyalty. It ensures your brand is prominently displayed wherever it’s worn, adding an extra layer of reinforcement to your brand’s identity.

The Impact of Fashionable Statements on Your Brand 

In today’s style-conscious world, fashion isn’t limited to runways — it extends to how individuals present themselves. When your brand is associated with fashionable and well-designed custom-branded apparel and headwear, it elevates the perception of your entire brand. 

It communicates that you care about the quality of your products and how your customers look and feel when they wear them. The more fashionable and appealing your branded items are, the more likely they become coveted items, fostering a deeper connection between your brand and its audience.

Key Elements of Successful Apparel and Headwear Branding

Creating successful custom company apparel may sound easy but there are several key elements to consider. At Pinnacle Promotions, we will work with you to strategize how to create the best-branded apparel for your organization or event. But to get you started, here’s a quick breakdown.

Logo Placement and Design

How you design and place your logo on custom apparel and headwear can significantly impact its visibility and effectiveness as a branding tool. A unique logo design with the right placement can make your brand stand out. Here’s how to ensure your logo is in the right spot:

Effective Logo Placement

Center Stage: Placing your logo front and center is often a winning choice, especially on branded headwear. This prime real estate ensures that your brand is the first thing people notice.

Sleeve Appeal: The sleeves of garments are underrated branding spaces and are often trendy places for your brand message. Utilizing sleeves can be a subtle yet effective strategy. 

Upper Back: For a unique approach, positioning your logo on the upper back of a shirt or hoodie can create an intriguing dynamic, especially for those who view the wearer from behind.

Creating a Memorable and Distinctive Logo

Simplicity: Keep your logo design simple and uncluttered. A complex logo can be challenging to remember. Think of iconic logos like Nike’s swoosh or Apple’s apple; they’re simple, making them easy to recognize and remember.

Uniqueness: Strive for uniqueness in your logo design. A distinctive logo sets you apart from the competition. Your logo should be unmistakably yours.

Relevance: Your logo should reflect your brand’s identity, values and message. Ensure it’s relevant to your business to make it more memorable.

Remember, the key is finding a balance between visibility and aesthetics. The goal is for your logo to be noticeable without overwhelming the design of the apparel.

Color Palette and Brand Consistency

Consistency and color selection are large pieces to effective branding. It’s not just about selecting the right colors; it’s about ensuring these colors remain consistent across the diverse range of apparel items. Here’s why maintaining this consistency is essential:

The Significance of Color Selection

Brand Identity: Colors serve as a visual shorthand for your brand’s identity. Think about brands like Coca-Cola, where red represents excitement and joy, or Tiffany & Co., where the iconic blue evokes elegance and luxury. The right color can instantly convey your brand’s personality, values and mission.

Emotional Impact: Colors have the remarkable ability to evoke emotions and influence perceptions. Warm colors like red and orange can stimulate excitement and enthusiasm, while cool colors like blue and green can convey trust and calmness. Strategically choose colors that align with your brand’s emotional message to forge a deeper connection with your audience.

Color Consistency: A consistent color scheme is vital for brand recognition. When customers encounter your brand across various touchpoints, from your website to your promotional products and, of course, your branded apparel, consistent colors create a sense of familiarity and trust. 

Maintaining Brand Consistency Across Products

Brand Recognition: When customers see your brand’s signature colors across different products, it becomes a memorable and recognizable part of their experience with your brand. Whether it’s a t-shirt, a hoodie, or a cap, they should be able to identify your brand by its colors.

Professionalism: Brand consistency exudes professionalism. It conveys attention to detail and a commitment to quality. 

Trust and Reliability: A consistent color scheme across products builds trust. It signals that your brand is dependable. Customers can trust that the quality and experience they associate with one product will carry through to others.

Ensuring brand and color consistency across a diverse range of products can be a complex task, but it’s a critical one. By implementing clear brand guidelines, maintaining open communication with your suppliers, and regularly reviewing the production process, you can ensure that your brand’s colors stay true to your vision across all apparel items.

Strategies for Apparel and Headwear Branding

Successful apparel and headwear branding requires a multifaceted approach. Leveraging influencer and celebrity endorsements can enhance brand visibility, while collaborations and limited editions can create a sense of exclusivity and excitement. 

Embracing sustainable branding practices and weaving compelling brand narratives are essential strategies that promote your products and align your brand with conscious consumer values, ultimately fostering a loyal and ethically aware customer base.

Leveraging Influencer and Celebrity Endorsements

In today’s era of influencer marketing, influencers and celebrities serve as powerful brand amplifiers when they don your branded apparel and custom headwear. Their endorsement provides exposure for your brand to a wider audience and lends authenticity and credibility — making their fans more likely to engage with and trust your products.

Collaborations and Limited Editions

Collaborating with other brands or crafting limited-edition apparel can create excitement and anticipation for your brand. Such initiatives create a sense of exclusivity and urgency, motivating customers to make purchases and enhancing your brand’s perceived value.

Sustainable Branding Practices

As environmental awareness grows, sustainable branding practices are not only responsible but also resonate with eco-conscious consumers. Embracing sustainable materials, ethical manufacturing, and environmentally friendly packaging can position your brand as a leader in ethical fashion, attracting a customer base that aligns with your brand’s values.

The Power of Storytelling and Brand Narratives

Storytelling is a potent tool for forging emotional connections between your brand and customers through apparel and headwear. By weaving narratives that showcase your brand’s journey, values, and impact, you create a compelling and relatable identity that resonates with consumers on a deeper level, fostering brand loyalty and attachment.

Craft Your Next Fashion Statement With Pinnacle Promotions

Today we learned that fashion is not just about what’s on the runway — it’s about how your brand presents itself. Custom corporate apparel and branded headwear have emerged as powerful tools for branding, enabling you to create a bold and stylish statement that resonates with your audience.

From logo placement and design to color consistency, we’ve explored the key elements for successful branding. But it doesn’t stop there. Leverage influencers, collaborate with other brands, embrace sustainability, and craft compelling narratives to forge a deeper connection with your customers.

As you begin on your branding journey, remember that Pinnacle Promotions is here to support you. Whether you’re a well-established brand or a startup, we’re ready to assist you in creating remarkable branded apparel and custom headwear that make a lasting impact.

Contact us at 877.300.2007 and get your brand’s fashionable statement started today!

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Custom Jackets vs. Custom Shirts: What’s The Best Bang For Your Buck?

Custom Jackets vs. Custom Shirts: What’s The Best Bang For Your Buck?

The time has come. You are in charge of the event planning for the local 5k to help raise funds for your nonprofit. It’s scheduled for November. While you have high hopes for nice weather, you know there is always a chance that a chilly, rainy day could be on the horizon. When your marketing intern comes to you with that dreaded question, “Should I order custom jackets or custom shirts for the 5k?” You sit in your office and ponder…which should you pick?

At Pinnacle Promotions, we are the experts in promotional apparel, custom jackets and custom shirts. In this blog, we will walk you through the benefits of custom jackets, and the ‘why’ behind custom shirts and help you decide which is best for your event. 

Getting to Know Custom Jackets

Woman in custom fall jacket

Promotional jackets are a fantastic way to showcase your company’s brand. From light windbreakers to cozy fleece, custom jackets are functional and practical for a variety of uses. They are popular among businesses, sports teams, schools, non-profit organizations, and event organizers — and for a good reason. According to the ASICentral 2023 Ad Impressions, 41% of consumers would be more likely to do business with an advertiser that gave them logoed outerwear or fleece. 

What Are the Benefits of Custom Jackets? 

Custom jackets offer a wide range of benefits for your brand. Here are some key advantages:

Brand Promotion: First and foremost, custom jackets can offer your brand a lot of mobile real estate. When your customers or employees wear a logoed jacket, it helps increase brand visibility and recognition.

Professional Image: Outfitting employees or team members in custom jackets creates a professional and cohesive look, which instill trust in customers and help attendees recognize who is working or volunteering at a specific event. 

Employee Morale: Employees love a well-thought-out gift. Customized jackets can help boost office morale and team spirit, fostering a sense of belonging and pride.

Versatility: The coolest thing about custom jackets? They come in so many different styles! Custom jackets come in all shapes and sizes, perfect for different seasons and activities.

Gifts and Incentives: Just like your team, customers and clients love gifts too! Branded jackets make excellent gifts, rewards or incentives for customers and clients, strengthening relationships.

Unique Style: Customization allows you to create one-of-a-kind designs that align with your brand or personal style, setting you apart from the crowd. 

Weather Protection: Depending on the type of jacket, they can offer protection from the elements, such as rain, wind, or cold temperatures. 

Longevity: Well-made custom jackets may be on the more expensive side but these apparel items can last for years, ensuring prolonged exposure for your brand or message! 

Custom jackets bring a mix of branding, a professional touch, and practicality to the table, making them a smart and valuable choice.

The ‘Why’ Behind Custom Shirts

Custom shirts are a popular choice for individuals and businesses to convey a specific message or promote a brand identity. For instance, businesses often distribute custom shirts at trade shows and conferences as promotional merchandise, fostering brand recognition. 

Many companies also utilize them as uniforms for employees, projecting a professional and cohesive image. On a more personal note, custom shirts are ideal for commemorating special occasions like weddings, family reunions, or milestone birthdays, where personalized designs and messages add a memorable touch. 

Non-profit organizations leverage custom shirts to raise funds and spread awareness for their causes, while schools use them to bolster school spirit during events and competitions. Whether for team-building, celebrations, or marketing, custom shirts offer a blend of professionalism and individuality to meet various needs.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Custom Shirts? 

At one time or another, we have all received a custom shirt. Whether from summer camp as a kid or at a corporate team-building event, shirts are one of the most popular apparel choices. Trust us when we say we know a thing or two about how custom shirts can make a difference in your next campaign or event. Here’s a breakdown of the top benefits: 

Rock Your Brand: Just like custom jackets, custom shirts put your logo front and center, making it stand out in the crowd and leaving a lasting impression.

Spread the Word: The average American owns about 16 promotional t-shirts. That means you have the opportunity to create a unique custom shirt that can become a walking billboard, taking your brand message far and wide.

Take It Home: For special events like weddings and reunions, custom shirts become cherished keepsakes. 

Fundraising Marvel: For non-profits, custom shirts are like superheroes — they help raise funds as purchasable merch and shine a spotlight on your cause.

Promo Power: For business conferences or trade shows, shirts are the secret weapon for leaving a memorable mark.

Feel-Good Fit: One of the best things about shirts is their versatility and cost-effectiveness! Whether it’s a workout or a workday, custom athletic or work shirts can be designed for ultimate comfort and performance.

So, whether you’re boosting brand recognition or simply looking good, custom shirts have got your back, making them a functional and winning choice for all sorts of situations.

How to Make Custom Jackets and Shirts Unique

With all these benefits, how can you create a one-of-a-kind custom jacket or custom shirt for your audience? At Pinnacle Promotions, we are the go-to experts on how to create a truly unique promotional experience, but to help you get started, here are a few key tips:

Pick Your Perfect Base: First things first, choose a jacket or shirt style that suits your vibe. Whether you’re into a classic tee or sporty windbreakers, find custom apparel that feels like your brand.

Dive into Design: Get creative with your designs, logos or artwork. If you’re not a design whiz, don’t sweat it – collaborate with a talented graphic designer who can bring your vision to life.

Splash of Color: Think about the color scheme that speaks to you or represents your brand. Consider how those colors will pop on your jacket or shirt’s fabric.

Place It Right: Decide where your custom magic will happen — front, back, or sleeves. Where you put your design matters for maximum impact.

Quality Matters: Make sure to choose quality materials! Quality threads and inks ensure your customizations stay sharp and vivid over time.

Test Run: Before going big, create a prototype to fine-tune your design. Consider getting a sample if you find a jacket or shirt you love but want to check out the quality beforehand. 

Should I Give Out Custom Jackets or Shirts?

Now that we’ve looked at all the aspects of custom jackets and custom shirts, it’s time to choose! Let’s do a short review:

Custom Jackets

Custom jackets are a statement piece that not only keeps your team or customers warm but also ensures your logo or message is on full display. Jackets are fantastic for the cooler months, outdoor events, or trendy employee uniforms. They are a slightly more expensive option but often worth the extra expense.

Custom Shirts

On the flip side, custom shirts are like the Swiss Army knives of custom apparel. They come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, suitable for every occasion. They’re perfect for any season, ideal for mass giveaways, and cost-effective.

Why Quality Matters Most

Here’s the golden rule: no matter your choice, quality reigns supreme. Invest in well-crafted, comfortable, and durable jackets or shirts. Why? Because it’s not just about what you give; it’s about how long it sticks around. Quality ensures your custom apparel becomes a cherished asset and that go-to item that your recipients pull from their closets again and again. This is really how you make the biggest impact at your next event.

In the end, the choice between jackets or shirts depends on your specific needs and the season. Just remember, it’s quality that truly sets you apart and leaves a lasting impression.

The Perfect Choice for Your Brand’s Apparel

The debate between custom jackets and custom shirts may seem daunting, but fear not – we’re here to help you make a confident decision. We know that when your event comes, you will have not only chosen the best apparel that will turn heads but it will be designed with perfection. 

At Pinnacle Promotions, we’re your go-to experts for custom apparel and promotional items. Whether it’s jackets, shirts, or any other branding solution, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to us today for expert guidance and assistance in planning your next promotional project. Together, let’s make it a resounding success! Contact us at 877.300.2007 today!

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