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Is Offline Marketing Worth It in 2022?

Is Offline Marketing Worth It in 2022?

In the digital age, you may think online marketing is the only way to scale your business successfully, but is that true? 

We all know we live in a fast-paced, digital world. This computerized environment impacts how we communicate, how our customers’ shop and how we promote our businesses. It is indeed a different time from when our parents and grandparents were employing their marketing strategies! Because of this, we know that we must utilize digital efforts when it comes to our businesses’ marketing and sales efforts. 

Still, there must be a place for offline marketing strategies, right? Yes! Offline promotional marketing allows your business to connect with your target audience on a broader scale and helps you to create a memorable experience — rather than relying solely on digital efforts to make connections. 

Maybe you are just getting your business off the ground and still putting your marketing pieces together. To help you, we will explore the types of promotional marketing, what offline marketing strategies are and how these play a role in your overall growth efforts. 

What are the types of promotional marketing?

Before we get into the brass tacks of offline marketing, we need to fully understand all the types of promotional marketing to see the broader picture. states in its article, Examples of Seven Types of Promotions, “Promotional strategies are an excellent way for companies and organizations to communicate with a variety of audiences.” Each promotional element must be thought out and discussed as you develop your overall strategy. 

Personal selling 

This is what most people think of when they think of “sales” or a “sales team.” This strategy involves person-to-person conversation, and products or services are sold through a more personal connection, whether in person or over the phone. This type of promotional marketing is crucial because it builds relationships of trust with clients. 

Sales promotions

Sales promotions are short-term sales initiatives such as discounts, coupons or giveaways. This strategy helps drive sales on specific products and introduce new customers to your business. 

Digital marketing 

Most of us are familiar with online or web advertising efforts at this point. Digital marketing utilizes content, search engine optimization, social media, email, and affiliate marketing to boost your brand, helping you reach a global audience.

Public Relations

When you envision public relations for your organization, try to think of it as the face of your brand. Public relations efforts involve campaigns around social media, press releases, publicity stunts and influencer endorsements. This can help not only enhance your brand but also protect it.  


For this type of marketing, you are bringing awareness to your business by paying to help fund a specific event or individual. Sponsorships are a great way to support your local communities and strengthen your credibility as an organization. 

Direct Marketing 

With direct marketing, your business reaches out directly to potential companies or individuals through direct mail, emails, or even telemarketing to advertise products, services and related deals.  

General advertising

The area of general advertising allows you to reach a mass audience through areas such as newspaper ads, magazines, TV commercials and billboards. While these aren’t as targeted as the other types, it helps bring awareness to your brand.

According to Forbes, taking a balanced approach to your marketing strategy will involve all types of promotional marketing. It is up to you how you develop and implement your plan. Just be sure you understand that each plays a vital role!

What is offline marketing?

Now that we know a bit more about the types of promotional marketing, you may be wondering what offline marketing is and how it plays a role in the overall picture of your strategy

To put it simply, offline marketing is any marketing efforts that take place offline. When you send out direct mailers, place ads in the newspaper or give away free branded swag, you are supporting your business. Offline marketing should be a part of the spectrum of your promotional marketing strategy. 

While there are many different types of offline marketing, we have chosen a few to help you get started!

Pinnacle Promotions Top 6 Offline Marketing Strategies

#1 Newspaper & magazine ads

Newspapers and magazines are great, low-cost ways to get your brand out to a broad audience. While the number of views may be lower initially, it’s a great starting point for small businesses just launching their brand or products. The one downside is it can be difficult to track metrics. 

#2 Direct mail 

Another cost-effective solution to offline marketing is direct mailing. It’s especially useful for engaging older audiences. It can help your organization create a brand presence and promote discounts on products and services for new customer engagement. 

#3 Billboards

We’ve all seen them on our daily commutes — billboards are great ways to reach a large audience quickly and effectively. The one downside is that you have to rely on the customer to complete the final step by reaching out via phone or on your website. That means you must ensure that your message and logo are clear, concise and compelling! 

#4 Word-Of-Mouth

The tried and true marketing method, word-of-mouth will be a critical factor in building your brand loyalty. When a previous customer refers your company to their family, friends or neighbors, and you deliver consistent service, you can guarantee that word-of-mouth referrals will continue to spread. 

#5 Radio ads & TV commercials 

Both radio and television can give you some wiggle room to be creative and show off your brand using both audio and visual elements. Radio ads are a more cost-effective way to reach your target audience over commercials, but without the visual aspect, you will have to create a detailed message that conveys your brand and your products and services. 

On the other hand, TV commercials are more expensive and don’t allow for last-minute changes. However, you can visually appeal to your customers.

#6 Promotional products 

Last but not least (especially to us) are promotional products. Known as promo, swag and merch, promotional products are a great way to showcase your brand. Branded giveaways can provide your customers and business partners with a long-lasting way to showcase your logo. 

The better the gift or giveaway, the more memorable the experience is for your customers. 

Is offline marketing still worth the effort in 2022? 

When it comes to promotional marketing and how offline marketing fits into your strategy, you must look at how each piece plays its role within your entire business plan. Offline marketing strategies aren’t the bad guy here. In fact, offline marketing should be evaluated and implemented to develop a comprehensive marketing plan that compliments your online marketing efforts. 

For example, let’s say you are promoting a contest on your company’s social media pages for a free corporate kit with eco-friendly promotional products supporting Earth Day. You can get several kits full of branded items that you can easily send to your top clients, with one saved just for the winner of your social media campaign. It helps get the word out about your sustainability efforts, supports your digital strategy, engages your customer base and helps bolster your relationship with your top clients.

Offline marketing strategies do not play against your online marketing efforts but are just one piece of the whole marketing puzzle. It is up to you how you want to piece it together!

Let Pinnacle Promotions Help Piece It All Together

No matter what your offline marketing strategy may be, Pinnacle Promotions has a solution for you. We understand that offline marketing strategies require quality products, branded just the way you want them and delivered when you need them. 

Our team of dedicated promotional marketing professionals can assist with sourcing products, build kits and even help you scale your business with MyPromo Solutions online stores. Think of us as an extension of your offline marketing strategy! To learn more about how we can help, call us today at 800.300.2007.

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What Is a Pop-Up Shop?

What Is a Pop-Up Shop?

Exclusive events require effective marketing – that’s where the pop-up shop comes in.

Have you ever experienced that “here today, gone tomorrow” feeling? If so, you may have been to a pop-up shop! 

Pop-up shops have become all the rage in the last few years. From retail stores and bar experiences to tech releases and virtual stores, pop-up shops seem to be the trending marketing tool these days. But what is a pop–up shop and how can one benefit your business? 

Defining a Pop-Up Shop

What is a Pop-Up Shop?

To put it simply, a pop-up shop is a store that “pops up” for a limited period. These short-lived shops can stay open anywhere from two weeks to six months. Pop-up shops often provide an engaging experience and unique and limited run products that pique customers’ interests. 

Pop-up shops allow brands to create a sense of urgency that helps drive traffic to exclusive products. It’s a great way to get a feel if a new brand product will make the expected impact or attract a new audience.

Pop-up shops are a great way to drive sales, why not reach out to Pinnacle Promotions today and learn more about how we can help you set up your own PopUp shop!

Physical vs. Virtual Pop-Up Shop

The extraordinary thing about pop-up shops is that these stores take on many different shapes and sizes. Many businesses are even taking these shops online, with virtual pop-up shops gaining popularity. A virtual pop-up shop can operate in much the same way as a brick-and-mortar store, but allows brands to reach a wider audience. 

Brands can partner with brick-and-mortar locations in high traffic areas for seasonal sales or promote new or exclusive products. These partnerships are a “win-win” for both the property owner and the brand – businesses have the chance to test their products, and landlords fill their vacant space. 

Making Your Brand *Pop* With a Pop-Up Shop 

Now that we know what a pop-up shop is, let’s explore what makes this marketing approach so attractive. 

Creating a Sense of Urgency 

When people have a limited window to purchase a product or enjoy a pop-up experience, they are more likely to respond with a sense of urgency. In fact, most pop-up shops have a niche theme to help promote the products. This helps drive traffic and sales overall

Product Testing at its Finest

Pop-up shops provide an excellent opportunity for brands to test new products. The temporary nature of the shop allows companies to create a “soft opening” for merchandise before producing it in mass. 

Organizations can track the sales data before making a more significant manufacturing commitment.

Great for Celebrations and Events

Seasonal releases, partnership announcements and holiday events make great reasons to have a pop-up shop! 

Let’s say you’ve partnered with a big-name music festival and want to release a limited-edition branded cap to commemorate the event. It wouldn’t make sense to sell these exclusive products year-round – that’s why having a pop-up shop would be the perfect fit. 

Increased Sustainability

Consumers are becoming more concerned with the overall sustainability of the products they buy. That’s why many brands are working towards positively impacting their carbon imprint. 

Pop-up shops provide increased sustainability by producing fewer products. There is also less likelihood of storage or extensive transit. Online pop-up shops offer additional eco-friendly benefits – as most do not begin product production until after the online shop closes.  

Social Media Opportunities

The exclusivity of a pop-up shop means it’s a hub for influencers. Interactive events and cool products? Who wouldn’t want to share that on social media! That means brands can benefit from the exposure of sharing these pop-ups with the right influencer channels.

It’s Cost-effective

On the virtual side of things, most online pop-up shops benefit from the lack of overhead inventory. 

Retail pop-up shops tend to be more cost-effective than large-scale store operations. This is mainly because pop-up shops don’t require lengthy leases or square footage requirements. 

Find Your Next Branded Solution

Pop-up shops provide an exciting way for brands to share exclusive merchandise and gain a new customer base. From physical brick-and-mortar stores to online shops, these short-term experiences offer brands an exciting new way to extend their products.

Did you know that we can help you with your next online shop event? MyPromo PopUp can elevate your short-term online shop experience to the next level. To learn more about our customizable online stores, portals and shops, check out MyPromo Solutions for more information

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How to Handle a Suddenly Canceled Event

How to Handle a Suddenly Canceled Event

Event planners must be ready for all types of challenges and disruptions that can take place. 

Having to pull the plug on an event that took months of preparation and planning can be a tough decision to make. It can happen for many reasons: low ticket sales, the performer falls ill, a community crisis or state-of-emergency, funding issues, etc. 

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has been the cause of hundreds of canceled events around the world. When an event must shut down, it may leave you scrambling to come up with a solution that keeps your ticket holders informed and slightly less disappointed. 

Having to cancel is a real bummer, but we’ve come up with some simple tips to overcome the sudden status change and keep your customers (somewhat) satisfied. 

Confirm that the event cannot go on

Cancellations are sometimes unavoidable and out of your control. These types of situations may be government-mandated, or due to weather, venue orders, the entertainer’s health, or out of an abundance of caution. 

Review your booking agreements and contracts if the cancellation is on the venue or performer. You’ll probably want to read up on your insurance policy to see coverage and claim details. 

Cease all ticket sales

If your event is suddenly canceled while the ticket window is still open, quickly cease all ticket sales and payment processing. 

Make sure that you pull down the “buy tickets” button from your website, and that you alert your third-party ticket vendors to remove the listing. 

Consider your options

Depending on the circumstances, you may have some options to give your customers. 

Is the event able to be saved and postponed to a later date? You’ll be able to turn around some fans’ day who can’t wait to attend the rescheduled event. 

Other options to offer your fans include issuing a refund or applying their purchase to a future event in the form of credit. Your fans may be satisfied with the options, and you’ll want to be transparent about the process of both and inform them of the steps to take. 

Try to make the process as easy as possible for your affected customers. You want them to remember how you helped correct an unfortunate situation. 

Communicate updates to the public

Get the word out to the public of the event’s status. If you’re selling tickets at the door, you’ll need to notify the masses to keep customers from traveling to buy tickets to a canceled event. 

Send out a message on your social media, through email, text, and website posts. Create a banner informing those of the event cancellation and the contact information where they can direct their questions. 

It’s better to over-communicate – that way you have a greater chance of reaching every ticket holder. 

Enlist a response team to answer customer questions

With a sudden change such as this, you’ll need a few more helping hands to deal with the volume of incoming calls, chats, and emails. 

Having an internal FAQ resource sheet available to your response team can help them accurately and confidently answer the questions and concerns coming their way from frustrated customers. 

Say sorry with an incentive or peace offering

An apology email can help explain the situation to your customers while acknowledging their frustration and disappointment. 

It’s a great opportunity to tell your customers your plan of action and reassure them that you’re handling everything, and you can let them know of any incentives or peace offerings you may be offering to help express your sincerest apologies. 

Some ideas include:

  1. A discount on a future event
  2. Food and drink voucher redeemable on the postponed date
  3. Free custom event t-shirt and a promotional baseball cap
  4. Covered parking fees at a future event
  5. Branded tumbler to use at drink stations for unlimited refills

If you’re able to hold a virtual event and live-stream the performance, consider sending the ticket holders a swag bag of goodies. It’ll help foster goodwill. 

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Planning the Perfect Golf Tournament

Planning the Perfect Golf Tournament

Is your company looking for a fun and effective way to raise money for an organization that’s near and dear to your heart? A charity golf tournament is an excellent fundraising platform that participants, sponsors, and attendees will enjoy. 

Planning the perfect golf tournament requires significant time and money, but it can yield substantial benefits for the charity of your choice. There’s a lot that goes into executing an event like this, which is why we’re sharing our tips-of-the-trade so you can “ace” your event! 

Define the Goals for Everyone

Defining your company’s goals for the golf tournament is the best way to set up your event for success. First, determine the objective and how you plan to achieve it. What kind of goals should you be reaching for? Here are a couple of questions to consider: 

  • What is our purpose for this golf tournament?
  • Who’s benefiting from the event and how?
  • How much do we plan to raise?

A master strategy deck that clearly states your goals for the tournament can help keep everyone on the same page. Be sure your goals are defined, fundraising intentions are clear, and the beneficiary is identified when planning a golf tournament. 

Create a Budget

Ideally, you should determine your budget early on as it will help guide your decisions through the planning process. Take into account your anticipated expenditures, such as marketing and advertising spend, golf course rent, green fees, hiring of third-party event planners, food and drink, and golf gift kits. You never know when things may go awry, so be prepared to have room in the budget for last-minute or unplanned expenses, too.

Select the Golf Course

Once your budget is sorted out, you’ll need to decide what golf course you plan on hosting your tournament at. 

Consider the golfers who will be playing your tournament. Are they casual or intermediate players from your company, or are they PGA pros? You want your participants to be comfortable and equipped on the course you choose so they can raise the most money possible. 

Selecting the best golf venue is a crucial component of the tournament’s success. You’ll want to think about the players’ skill level, venue location, and price. 

Gather an Army of Volunteers

To pull off a successful tournament, you’ll need to have a lot of helping hands. Enlist volunteers who are knowledgeable about golf, have a passion for the cause, and are skilled in planning events and organization. 

Assign your team to areas where their skills can be most utilized. Volunteers who are experienced golfers or understand the game can help answer questions that come their way at the information or registration tent, or they could be useful caddies to the participating golfers. 

Those passionate about the cause can help spread awareness to attendees, while your team with exceptional event planning and organization skills can lend a hand in the operations and logistics of the tournament. Wherever they’re most suited, make sure the volunteers are also comfortable manning their assigned stations. 

Sign-On Sponsors

Sponsors are essential for a prosperous golf outing. Generally, golf tournaments have a headlining sponsor and several tiered sponsors. 

A headlining sponsor generally receives the most brand exposure during the event. Adding the headliner’s logo on all media, or naming the players’ lounge or award ceremony after them, is a great way to make sure their investment is well-placed. 

Tiered sponsorships allow businesses the option to choose how much they want to donate. Companies who become a tiered partner can enjoy seeing their name and logo at a specific area of the tournament. Branding opportunities are endless and can include sponsoring a hole, outfitting the players and volunteers with golf attire, or supplying the open bar and bartenders.  

Advertise, Advertise, Advertise

Now that your goals, budget, golf course, volunteers, and sponsors are worked out, you need to spread the word about your event! On the invitation, make sure to include all of the important details: date and time, location, the sponsors, entry fees, etc. 

Think about your company’s established channels of communication and use them to your advantage. Do you have a massive social media following? Post the invite as an event! If you have a solid list of email contacts, send an evite (email invitation). Going for a more formal look? Printed invitations can help achieve the look you’re aiming for. 

Anticipate Attendance

Don’t be afraid to cap the number of attendees that you allow to enter the event. Depending on the invitee type, a more intimate group could be all that you need to reach your desired result. 

A large participant pool could make the event go on longer than anticipated. Taking time to scope out the golf course layout, confirming player count, and staggering tee-times can help keep the tournament moving along efficiently. 

Keep the Food and Beverages Flowing 

Your golfers paid their entry fees to support your cause, so make sure they’re well taken care of on tournament day! Don’t forget to coordinate food with the venue and where to set up. Whether you use their on-site food services or a catering company, the venue may have a specific location in mind for plating and distributing meals. 

Almost as importantly, supply your volunteers and participants a place to eat quietly away from the crowds. Make sure you have snacks and beverages available to them so they don’t go hungry! 

Make it Memorable 

You can make the 18-hole event even more fun by hosting contests throughout the day. Awarding prizes for the longest drive, coming closest to the hole, and the wackiest golf outfit are a few ways to keep the competitive (and giving) spirit alive! 

Photo booths and golf-inspired cocktail drinks are also unique ways to ensure everyone in attendance has a memorable experience. 

Raise Extra Money with Prizes

Having raffles or silent auctions at your event is a great way to raise extra funds. Talk to your sponsors, local businesses, and sports teams to see if they can donate some prizes or goodies to bid on. 

If you’re gifting the items, think about offering something like a custom Fender guitar or a North Face Groundwork Backpack to really wow the crowd! 

Send Everyone Home with a Swag Bag 

Everyone loves a good swag bag, especially when it’s brimming with thoughtful and cool promotional items. You might consider a blend of golf promos and everyday products when creating a swag bag for everyone in attendance. 

A sports bag with a golf towel, a Bluetooth speaker, and a divot tool is the perfect swag bag for your golfers and volunteers. For spectators, swap out the sports bag for a tote and the divot tool for a tumbler! It’ll surely be a crowd-pleaser! 

Ask for Feedback

Lastly, send a follow-up thanking everyone who helped with the golf tournament. Be sure to include in your thank-you photos from the event, how their contributions benefited the charity, and a section where they can provide feedback. 

Ask them to include what they liked about the golf tournament and what areas need improvement. There are always going to be hiccups with every event, but their honest feedback can help your operations improve for the next one! 

There are a lot of moving parts to a charity golf tournament, but the outcome is so rewarding. Strategy, hard work, and dedication can help you spread awareness about the cause or organization you’re supporting and allow your brand to display their philanthropic arm to the world!   

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3 Steps to a Successful Corporate Apparel Program

3 Steps to a Successful Corporate Apparel Program

The supply and management of corporate apparel are challenging when going at it alone. Without an effective merchandising solution, the task of outfitting an entire group of employees can be overwhelming and near impossible. 

When your responsibilities include inventorying apparel, a corporate apparel program could be the right move. It’s a great way to coordinate a group while reinforcing your brand at the same time. 

What’s a corporate apparel program?

Also called a uniform program or a professional dress program, a corporate apparel program is an initiative to coordinate the selection, production, and administration of branded apparel for an organization. It’s designed to keep the driver of the operation in full control of their brand, logo, apparel, and imprint areas at all times. 

The program drivers influence what employees wear to work, whether it’s during a sales pitch, teleconferencing with clients, just around the office, or at a corporate function. 

Why do I need one?

A corporate apparel program provides an efficient online solution for easy ordering and inventorying of personalized uniforms and custom work attire. This program helps facilitate apparel needs for all types of industries, including healthcare, construction, manufacturing, retail, and corporate environments. 

Supplying custom workwear requires more attention to detail than just routine purchases of the same items and sizes. It’s also about maintaining consistency across the entire organization by incorporating the most current logo, colors, and keeping up with imprint guidelines on your company-branded employee merchandise.  

When successfully executed, a corporate apparel program helps increase brand visibility and can integrate with employee engagement and incentive initiatives, too. Corporate apparel programs help administrators overcome the pain points of inventorying large quantity orders and reorders, alleviate the stress of manual reporting, and help users securely purchase their apparel needs.

How do corporate apparel programs work?

A corporate apparel program is easy to navigate and consists of 3 main parts: selection, production, and administration. To simply put it – you pick the items, we make the items, and you control the output. 

Let’s break it down in 3 easy steps:

  1. Selection

    When it comes to the selection of corporate apparel, there are hundreds of available pieces to choose from that can be customized and implemented in your program. With so many options, how does one choose? Well, it depends on your brand, industry, and budget. 

    • Brand. The apparel you choose should reflect your brand’s identity. How your business presents itself in the public is essential for building out your online store. Think about corporate messaging, brand visuals, and market position when selecting your merchandise.
    • Industry. The type of industry you’re in will play a major role in the apparel choices you make. A company in a corporate or retail environment are likely to select more dress shirts and promotional outerwear since those employees are more client/customer-facing, whereas those in more labor-intensive jobs may be more inclined to purchase logoed polos, branded hats, or company uniforms. 
    • Budget. Your budget will determine what purchases you make. At Pinnacle Promotions, we help companies with various budgets outfit their employees with comfortable and on-trend merchandise.   

    Keeping your store up-to-date with new ideas is an excellent way to keep employees engaged and happy. Expanding your offerings to include travel bags and accessories can go a long way, too. Merchandising and corporate apparel program experts can help curate workwear apparel specific to your company’s needs.

    Also, look for someone who can simplify the inventory hold process. From client-owned inventory to partner-owned inventory to a drop-ship order from the manufacturer, make sure you discuss all of the options with a partner you can trust. 

  2. Production

    Once you’ve selected your corporate apparel, it then goes into production! This is where your clothing is decorated with your company message and logo. Apparel can be decorated in a variety of ways, such as embroidery, screen-printing, laser-etching, heat-transfer, and debossing. It’s important to find a partner who’s an expert in imprint methods, so you can keep your merchandise coordinated and up to brand standards. 

    Proper inventory management and warehousing are extremely important in creating an effective corporate apparel program. It’s one of the main challenges you face when managing the logistics alone. Having a partner who has expert knowledge of how to run a smooth corporate apparel program can take away the headache that comes with doing it yourself.

  3. Selection

    With apparel selection and production out of the way, now is the time to see first-hand what a corporate apparel program can do for your business. 

    Group buys in the company – per department, office locations, etc. – can consolidate spend and improve efficiency. Easy online payments, or a subsidized employee allowance, can do a world of good for engagement and store use. 

    As the administrator, you can pull reports on inventory levels, buy-ins, and shipping costs/tracking just to name a few. Having a custom-branded online portal makes it easy for everyone to purchase their apparel on their own time. Set manager approval rules, group buys, and show what items you want to whom you want to. There are dashboard customization options to make reporting even easier, from order histories to shipping locations to flex payments and more.

    The administration step is the keystone of your corporate apparel program: the easier to administer, the more effective your program will be.

Implementing an apparel program into your company

For more than 25 years, we’ve created corporate apparel programs for brands within the banking, technology, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. Pinnacle Promotions has worked with some of the world’s most recognizable brands and has the experience, know-how, and moxie to put together the right apparel program to suit your needs. 

Our tech experts build custom portals, and our knowledgeable merchandising experts help find the best custom apparel pieces that reflect your brand. So if you’re looking to coordinate your team, find a professional partner who can take the guesswork out of the process by providing a cost-effective sourcing solution.  

See our video below for more of our corporate apparel program capabilities. 

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15 Fun and Creative Employee Award Categories

15 Fun and Creative Employee Award Categories

Your employees work hard and they deserve to be rewarded. But how? You don’t want to give them just another corporate t-shirt. They deserve more than that. If you’re having trouble brainstorming employee award categories that are creative, useful, and thoughtful, we’ve put together a list below of some of our favorite ideas to help you make a decision.

Here are our 15 favorite employee award categories:

  1. Best Deal Closer

    If one of your employees is always closing deals and leads the sales department in numbers, it’s time to give them some recognition. Giving them a custom executive pen is a great choice, since they’ll think of you every time they pull it out to sign a deal. Both affordable plastic and higher quality metal versions are available, and some of them even come with a stylus tip so they can be used with digital touchscreen devices as well. Executive pens are available in twist, click, and cap styles as well as a range of colors for every need and budget.

    If you’re giving physical gifts for awards, nothing’s cooler than a round brass coaster award. Trust us, your employees will feel the love.

  2. Best Writer

    Most people write in some capacity for their job, but a truly skilled writer is hard to come by. If your writing team has knocked it out of the park recently, consider giving them a personalized leather journal to write in as well. Multiple styles are available, including notebooks, journals, portfolios, padfolios, writing pads, jotters, planners, and binders. If leather isn’t your material of choice, many others are available as well, including faux leather, paper, and polyurethane. Depending on the material, your logo can be embossed or printed on the front of the notebook. For a more impressive employee award gift, we recommend pairing a custom executive pen with a leather or faux leather portfolio for a substantial yet useful gift the recipient is sure to appreciate.

  3. Most Hustle

    If you have a standout employee on the team who has shown the most drive and determination to get his or her projects accomplished, why not gift them with something deserving? Food and beverage gift baskets are a great gift, and your employee will surely enjoy the goodies and the feeling of being appreciated. Whether it’s a large tin of buttery popcorn, delicious cookies, or a healthier nut mix option, your employees can unwind with a scrumptious treat. Most items come beautifully packaged, so all you need to do is present it to them in person or leave it on their desk as a surprise with a nice note. 

  4. Best Road Warrior

    Traveling for work can be tough, since it takes you away from your home and family. If one of your employees has been hitting the road a lot recently, reward their performance with a practical gift they’ll be sure to use on many trips to come in the form of a high-quality backpack. Many working professionals gravitate towards leather backpacks, which keep their look classy with preserving all the functionality of a traditional backpack. If your employees fly a lot for work, they’re sure to appreciate a checkpoint-friendly backpack that will help them get through security faster than you can say “TSA.” These backpacks feature quick-access pockets and special space for laptops. Some models even lay flat to go through security checkpoints, making flying easier than ever.

  5. Best Dressed

    Among more traditional employee award categories like “best leader” or “most innovative,” it’s good to have a couple of fun ones to promote company culture and add some humor to the workday. One of our personal favorites is Best Dressed, so of course it makes sense to give some sort of apparel to the winner. But some options—such as t-shirts—can come off as cheap and lacking thoughtfulness, so we recommend choosing a custom jacket or another type of high-quality outerwear. Lightweight jackets are a perfect choice if you tend to keep the office a bit chilly, while more substantial coats are great if you live in a colder environment or are looking for a fall/winter award. If you want a more transitional piece, custom vests are also an option.

  6. Biggest Overachiever

    If one of your colleagues has been putting in a lot of overtime recently, why not honor them with an appropriately chronological gift in the form of a custom watch? Many styles are available, including leather and metal bands. Choose from a classic or chronograph style watch face. Leather bands come in brown or black and metals come in gold, silver, and rose gold. Some models are even shower-resistant for round-the-clock wear, so carefully check the product description if that’s a feature you’d like. A small version of your logo can be emblazoned on the watch, large enough that the wearer will think of your company whenever they check the time—but not so large that it’s obvious or tacky to other people.

  7. Best Speaker

    Speaking in public is hard, whether it’s presenting to your colleagues or pitching a major potential client. If your team recently nailed a big presentation, celebrate by giving them a high-quality Bluetooth speaker to commemorate the occasion. One of our personal favorites is the Boxanne Bluetooth Speaker which offers a Bluetooth range of up to 30 feet and features a wrist strap that you can wrap around backpacks, bikes, etc, for easy portability. If you’re looking for a truly unique employee reward, there’s also the Egg Drop Levitating Bluetooth speaker, which offers 12 hours of listening on a three-hour charge.

  8. Most Innovative

    Employees who implement innovative new processes deserve an award that’s equally practical and unusual. Instead of the typical plaque, consider giving them a pair of nice Bluetooth headphones instead—after all, music can stimulate creativity! We recommend the Wrapsody headphones, which combines a futuristic design with large imprint areas on the headphone drivers. The headphones also provide omnidirectional full range audio drivers, 85 percent isolating outside noise reduction, a 33-foot Bluetooth wireless range, multi-function on-ear buttons for answering calls and controlling music, a built-in microphone for phone calls and 10+ hours of play on a single charge.

  9. Everyday Leadership Award

    Employees don’t have to have “leader” or “manager” in their title to be a leader at work. Honor workers who have shown leadership in their everyday duties with a gift that they can also use every day, such as a custom tumbler. Tumblers are made of durable plastic or stainless steel and usually feature a double-walled construction to keep hot beverages hot and cold drinks cold. Whether you’re looking for a wine tumbler or a travel mug, there’s a type of custom tumbler out there that fits the bill. One of the most popular tumbler options is a custom RTIC tumbler. The RTIC brand features double-wall vacuum insulation that retains temperature while protecting your hands from hot and cold. All their tumblers are made from 18/8 Stainless Steel and the 40 oz. version can keep a beverage hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 60 hours.

  10. Best Rainy Day Save

    In a time of crisis, there’s usually one or two employees who step up to the plate and save the day. If someone stepped up at work during your time of need, they deserve to get a shout out for it. If you want to get creative with the employee award, consider giving them a golf umbrella—which, contrary to the name, isn’t just for golfers. While many golf enthusiasts do turn to these umbrellas to keep off the sun and the rain while they play 18 holes, many non-golfers also appreciate these over-large umbrellas for the protection they provide. A quality golf umbrella can be difficult to find, so your employees are sure to appreciate this practical gift. Most golf umbrellas offer a wingspan of almost five feet, usually ranging between 58 and 62 inches, though smaller 46-inch versions are available as well. If you have lots of golfers in your office, we suggest pairing a golf umbrella with tees, balls, towels and other accessories for a full set.

  11. The Survivor Award

    If one of your reports survived a tough product review or got grilled during a meeting with a client, acknowledge it with a humorous and yet practical gift to commemorate the occasion: a custom barbecue set. A custom BBQ set is especially timely if you’re heading into the summer months, or live in a place that’s temperate year round. Most grill sets include some combination of spatula, tongs, knife, fork, basting brush, skewers, and corn holders all wrapped up in a convenient carrying case. Supplement with a BBQ multitool, apron, cooler, grill basket, carving set or other grilling accessories for a truly comprehensive employee reward.

  12. Best Team

    A bad team can go off the rails in a few days, but a good team is far greater than the sum of its parts and will rise to extraordinary achievements. Recognize teams who have gone above and beyond with an appropriate group-themed gift, such as a glassware set (beer, wine, cocktail, champagne or all of the above). Glass is the most popular material, but many styles come in stainless steel as well. Stainless steel wine tumblers are an especially good choice for picnics. Give employees one of each kind of glass or bundle four or more of one type into a set so they can toast with their friends to their employee recognition.

  13. Best Customer Service

    Working in customer service is a tough job. But just because customer service is hard doesn’t mean that it also has to be thankless, so show your employees that you recognize their hard work, even if the customers don’t. Customer service reps are always helping other people, so give them something nice to treat themselves, such as a set of high quality custom bar accessories instead. Think automatic wine openers, stainless steel flasks, mixology sets, beverage sets, wall-mount beer openers, and more. Select an already-existing set or pair several items together to create your own. Bonus points if you combine this gift with some nice beer, wine or liquor—or even better, tickets to a group mixology class that employees can take together as a team-bonding experience, with no customers in sight.

  14. Coolest Under Pressure

    Employees who stay calm, cool and collected in the most stressful of circumstances deserve to be recognized appropriately. For a relevant gift that they’ll be sure to use for years, we recommend a durable hard cooler with a latching lid. Bison, Engel, and OtterBox all make quality hard coolers with large lids that offer a substantial imprint area for your logo and branding. Not only is a custom hard cooler a practical yet considerate gift, employees will be able to use it for a really long time. In fact, many of them come with a warranty to back it up (OtterBox even offers a lifetime warranty!). 

  15. Longest Tenure

    In a more flexible economy where many workers move on after just a few years, long-standing employees are getting more and more rare, making it more important than ever to recognize their loyalty. Give them a gift that will last as long as their tenure with an employee award made from glass, metal and/or wood. These classy-looking awards are sure to be treasured and clearly communicate your appreciation of your employees. Just make sure to order them in plenty of time before the ceremony, since the custom engraving takes time.

Your employees are sure to appreciate any of the ideas on this list of employee award categories. If you’re having trouble deciding between them—or you’ve narrowed down your decision and are ready to get a quote—feel free to reach out to our customer service team and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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9 Companies Getting Employee Engagement Right

9 Companies Getting Employee Engagement Right

Engaged employees are happier and more productive, but putting together a suite of employee engagement ideas that appeal to a wide range of workers is a complex undertaking. If you’re in need of a little inspiration, here are nine companies that are doing employee engagement right:

Pinnacle Promotions

Pinnacle Promotions delivers a stellar range of employee engagement opportunities outside of general company benefits. The Smile Squad and Doing Good, Feeling Good are two employee-driven groups that give back to our local community through volunteerism and donations.

We also believe in recognizing our employees for their hard work. The Pinnacle “Hall of Fame” recognizes a couple of standout employees and teams every month, from a recommendation made by a colleague or a supervisor. In addition to employee recognition, Pinnacle employees enjoy internal and external office events and bring-your-dog-to-work Fridays!


Company culture can be tricky for new employees to navigate, especially if they work at a multinational corporation with thousands of employees around the world. That’s why L’Oréal launched the Fit Culture App, which the company describes as a “one-of-a-kind mobile app that helps newcomers in decoding, understanding and mastering the company culture.” Conceived as a type of digital employee welcome kit and designed to be used over the course of a month, the app takes employees through daily lessons that last five to 10 minutes and utilize texts, videos, employee testimonials, games, and real-life missions to familiarize employees with company culture.


Instacart is a tech company offering same-day grocery delivery and pick-up in the U.S. and Canada. All full-time employees get a free Instacart Express membership, so their groceries get delivered for free. Instacart also offers free lunch and dinner, annual retreats, weekly events, and even a yoga room in its San Francisco office to keep employees engaged and productive.


Trupanion is a pet insurance company, so it makes sense that many of its unique employee engagement examples revolve around animals. The company offers free pet insurance for one furry family member, a free on-site dog walking service, discounts on pet care, and bereavement leave for pets as well as humans. As an added bonus for the humans, Trupanion also gives new hires stock grants as well as opportunities to purchase company stock with bonus payments.


Airbnb offers comprehensive health insurance plans, family and parental leave, paid volunteer time off and, of course, healthy food and snacks. However, the company also offers a quarterly annual travel and experiences credit so employees can travel and stay in Airbnb listings all over the world. Glassdoor reviews say the credit is $500 a quarter, or $2,000 a year, which is a pretty great perk that makes total sense for the homestay marketplace.

World Wildlife Fund

The mere mention of this wilderness prevention NGO probably brings to mind its logo, a lovable panda. While you’ve surely heard of WWF, you might not have heard of its “Panda Fridays” practice. The company gives employees every other Friday off to encourage work-life balance and employee retention. The practice also reduces the organization’s carbon footprint, since the office isn’t burning electricity and employees can keep their cars off the road instead of commuting.


Netflix doesn’t just make some of the best TV shows around—it also offers awesome employee benefits. In addition to insurance and unlimited PTO, employees can apportion some of their salary to buy stock options. The company subsidizes transportation for rideshares, offers a shuttle service, provides Zipcars for free checkout, and offers both valet parking and charging for electric cars. The onsite theater can seat up to 200 people and is used to pre-screen shows before they debut on the streaming service.


If you’re looking for great employee engagement example, biotechnology corporation Genentech is an excellent company. The company offers full-service cafeterias, on-site childcare, educational seminars and learning opportunities, tuition assistance programs (up to $10,000 per year), concierge and travel arrangements, sponsored employee sports teams, discounts to area museums and attractions and other on-site amenities including car wash facilities, bicycle repair, haircut services, and spa treatments.


The social media company is serious about helping its employees live Pinterest-worthy lives. The company offers family parties for pumpkin carving, Valentine crafts, BBQs, and Santa-sitting. Pinterest also provides pin-inspired recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Employees can learn new things from each other during studio nights and they also host clubs so employees can hang out with people who share their interests, whether that’s a cappella singing, running, soccer, or wine tasting.

We hope you’re as inspired as we are by these companies’ employee engagement examples! If you’re looking for more ideas, we recommend our collections of welcome gifts for new employees and covetable corporate apparel.

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An Employers Guide to Job Fair Recruitment Strategy

An Employers Guide to Job Fair Recruitment Strategy

Finding new talent at a job fair is kind of like speed dating. Both parties (employers and job seekers) arrive at a predetermined location, where they chat with one another in a given amount of time before the job seekers move on to the next employer. 

And just like speed dating, you hope to find that ideal person. Only in this case, it would be a highly qualified individual who adds value to your team and can get things done efficiently. A job fair is an excellent channel for recruiting new employees.

Having a solid job fair recruitment strategy can help your business stand out. An engaging team, a great looking booth, and the appropriate materials and promotional items are all important elements of your recruitment strategy.

The Steps to Recruit Talent at a Job Fair

Great employees are invaluable resources. Talent is hard to come by, and when you find someone brilliant, you hold onto them. Employees who work hard and efficiently are beneficial to your bottom line. A job fair recruitment strategy is important to define before the event. Here are our tips to do it successfully:

      Before the event…

  1. Set recruitment goals

    Whether you’re filling one position or 10, be sure to set recruitment goals before committing to a job fair. These goals should be attainable, so you can get the most out of the event as an employer. 

    A job fair that’s been vetted will be worth the time and money. Filling niche jobs will require a bit more attention. For example, if you’re filling a position for an internship, then you might want to look into college job fairs. Are you trying to hire vets? Veteran career fairs provide employment opportunities for those who’ve served in the military and their families. 

  2. Select the dream team

    Having the very best team to represent the company can attract new talent to the booth. The team selected should be knowledgeable about the organization, company culture, products and services, and the mission statement. It’s all about putting the brand in the best light. 

    While the dream team is your call, below you’ll find some employees you might want to consider bringing to the job fair:

    • Recruiters. Seeking out talent is what they do daily. A human resources recruiter can assist in collecting resumes and cover letters, and they can facilitate screening questions of candidates. 
    • Hiring Managers. The hiring managers know the details of the position. They can conduct on-site interviews, talk more thoroughly about the role, and answer any questions the job seekers may have about the organization. 
    • Team Members. Your staff can provide insight into the work culture, team dynamics, and the day-to-day details of the job. 
    • Designers. Having a designer present is essential for updating digital art files in a flash. If you’re showing a presentation, a video, or digital marketing materials, then you’ll be glad to have a designer as part of your recruitment team if you need to make quick changes. 
  3. Get marketing materials and promotional items purchased

    Order your marketing materials and promotional items before the event date. Items you might need to purchase include brochures, flyers, table covers, fun giveaways, and wall kits. If it applies to you, verify with the event coordinator that all sponsored advertising placements are on-brand and in their contractual locations at the venue. 

    Giving out promotional products is a great way to thank job seekers for stopping by your table. Swag items that serve a purpose and are easy to carry make excellent job fair gifts. Marketing yourself also means coordinating outfits. Be sure to get with your team about corporate apparel to wear during the event. 

  4. Prepare a list of questions

    Your time is short with each job seeker, so prepare a list of general questions to help field candidates. Asking about their experience with specific tools, past jobs, and skills is an excellent place to start. 

    Other questions you may want to ask include their interest in the company and future goals. These questions allow you to gain further insight into if they’re right for the job, and if they’re in it for the long-haul or may jump ship after a year. 

  5. Advertise where you’ll be

    Get the word out that your company is hiring by advertising the job fair. Promote this through social media, campus flyers, email blasts, etc. to reach as many qualified people as possible. Clearly state the event, venue location, time, date, booth number, and any other important information you think job seekers need to know. 

    You may want to include a statement about bringing a resume and cover letter, if on-site interviews will be conducted, and if job applications are available at the event.

    On the day of…

  6. Arrive early to set up the booth

    You never know what may happen on the day of. Give yourself and your team plenty of time to arrive at the venue to set up. You’ll need all hands on deck to unload the cars, assemble branding elements, connect computers to the network’s Wi-Fi, and layout the marketing materials and promotional items on the table. 

  7. Engage everyone while exercising good time management

    Engage with everyone, but do so with good time management. This can be tricky with a big turnout. However, make sure you’re not ending the conversation prematurely. Allow everyone an equal opportunity (in an appropriate amount of time) to learn about the job position, and let it end organically before moving on to the next person. 

    If you’re running interviews at the event, just be cognizant of the allocated time for each interview. Unlike chatting with job seekers at the booth, going overtime during interviews could result in another candidate not getting a fair interview. Jot down notes and relay any next-step information to the interviewees.

    After the job fair…

  8. Begin contacting the standout recruits

    If you met some exceptional talent, make sure you contact them quickly to set up a time and date for an in-office job interview. If there is still preliminary screening to do, you may be reaching out to candidates for a phone interview, skills assessment assignment, references, portfolio, etc. 

  9. Report on the results of your recruiting strategy

    Since it generally costs money for a company to participate in a job fair, corporate leadership will likely want a report on the turnout. You’ll want to measure the success of your recruiting strategy, which may also lead you to decide if improvements or amendments need to be made for the future. 

    There are tons of metrics you might be asked to report on. Here are a couple of examples:

    1. How many job seekers came to the booth?
    2. How many were interviewed at the event?
    3. How many resumes and cover letters were collected?
    4. Were positions filled with talent from the job fair? How many?
    5. What is the timeframe from the job fair to hire?

Why Job Fairs are Beneficial for Businesses

Job fairs are a great component of a business’s recruitment strategy because they open up the company to a large group of job seekers. Job posting sites can be expensive – especially for a small business or startup – and may not have the most intuitive technology to filter applications based on exactly what the hiring manager is looking for. 

Looking for talent to fill job positions at a job fair can save you time and money. Job postings on the web can sit for months, increasing the company’s expenses with nothing to show for it. At job fairs, you get to meet the job seekers in person, talk about their resume at that moment, get a feel for their personality, and see how they vibe with the team. You can say that the recruitment process is expedited. 

Questions Employers Need to be Asking

It can be quite a challenge to come up with a list of questions to ask job seekers at the event. See below for some of our suggestions that can help you spot talent!

  • Can you describe your experience as it relates to this field?
  • Why are you interested in this company and job?
  • What’s your preferred work environment? 
  • What are your salary requirements?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses? 
  • Why did you leave your last job?

With a solid job fair recruitment strategy in place, you’ll be able to attract qualified job seekers to your booth and fill open positions. Remember to act quickly when there’s a great candidate in your presence, as other companies are probably interested in him or her too. Bring them in for an interview and hopefully, you’ll be onboarding a new employee at your company soon!

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Employee Welcome Kits: 5 Proven Ideas

Employee Welcome Kits: 5 Proven Ideas

There’s a ton of information and training that new hires learn on the first day at a new job. When new employees are set to start at your company, a great way to establish rapport is with a new employee welcome kit. Present the newest members of your organization with a special box of company-branded merchandise to say “Welcome, we’re glad you’re here.”

Businesses benefit from welcome kits in their onboarding process. These kits may contain items that increase employee engagement, outline employee expectations, give insight into the company culture, and help new employees get started right away in their new roles. 

You can make a personalized new employee welcome kit with any budget at Pinnacle Promotions. From high-end promotional items to the simplest of gifts, a kit of coordinated products can make a lasting impression on your new hires. 

The Purpose of an Employee Welcome Kit

An employee welcome kit has distinct advantages:

    • Employee engagement
    • Insight into the company’s culture
    • Promotional products that support the job

When members of an organization are happier at their jobs, employee engagement is at a high. Giving promotional gifts is a kind gesture that can drive contribution to the goals and successes of the company. A welcome kit shows new hires that the company is committed to employee engagement, which can provide insight into the company culture and organizational advocacy among employees. 

Items such as pens, notebooks, and desk calendars can help new employees get started on their job duties right away. Consider adding new-hire resources and documentation into your onboarding welcome kit, such as a welcome letter from the team, a supervisor, or president as well as an FAQ flyer regarding important office information your new hires need to know. 

5 Proven Ideas to Create a New Employee Welcome Kit: 

A kit of goodies is a great introduction to your company. There’s a variety of products to choose from to help make your kit a hit with the new hires. Below we have five proven product ideas to include in your new employee welcome kit that will make them feel like part of the team:

Idea #1: Unique Gifts 

Onboarding new hires with unique promotional items and gifts show that your organization thinks outside of the box. Quirky, fun items will make your new employees smile – view our hand-picked favorites, here. You’ll be glad you did and your new employees, appreciative. 

Idea #2: Office Essentials

Office essentials not only help new employees set up their space, but it can also help them dive into their job responsibilities more quickly. Supplying new hires with a planner, branded pens, and sticky notes can help them learn the role, with effective note-taking during their onboarding training classes. 

Idea #3: Apparel

Employees enjoy receiving branded apparel to wear around the office and at company events, but they tend to wear their favorites outside the office. Custom apparel comes in many forms, including polo shirts, button-down shirts, outerwear, and even uniforms. Giving apparel is an excellent way to say “welcome” to new employees. 

Idea #4: Industry-Focused Gifts

Create a greater connection with your new employees by gifting branded items that are specific to your industry. Think of industry-focused items that they can use throughout the day. Something that will help them do their job well is a must! 

Educators and healthcare workers might appreciate a lanyard to hold their ID badge, whereas baseball caps and all-weather jackets might be beneficial for those who work in the elements. This will be seen as a kind gesture, allowing them to work more efficiently once they’ve settled in. 

Idea #5: Wellness Gifts

Gifts that promote health and wellness show that your organization cares about the wellbeing of its employees. Heavy workloads oftentimes create stress, and an outlet where you can reduce stress can do a world of good for employee welfare. Items like a stress ball, fitness tote bag, and a water bottle can encourage a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance. 

How to Create a New Employee Welcome Kit for Your Company

Sure, you can do it yourself. Though finding all the right items that make up the contents of your kit can be a lot of work, too. 

Here at Pinnacle Promotions, let us take care of the work for you. Our merchandise experts will help you find the perfect products to add. We’ll work our magic and put together a unique onboarding kit just for you. 

Let us handle putting the boxes together as well as the packing and shipping. You’ll love the efficiency and product consistency across your organization. To learn more about our creative ideas and promotional marketing concepts, check out the Pinnacle Promotions blog

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Tips for creating long-term loyal clients

Tips for creating long-term loyal clients

No matter what industry you work in, developing strong, lasting connections with your clients and customers is vital to a successful business. When you’re just getting started, retaining your first few clients is even more important to establish a base. Word of mouth is one of the most beneficial forms of advertising, and making your existing customers happy often leads to excellent reviews, which in turn begets more customers.

Why long-term clients are so important

It’s much cheaper for a business to retain customers than bring on new ones. The Harvard Business Review actually estimates that it is five to 25 times more expensive to bring on new customers than to retain your current business. Without lasting relationships, you’ll be constantly seeking out new leads which can be costly. Oftentimes, businesses place more importance on customer acquisition than retention, but this is not best practice when it comes to building a durable business model.

The Harvard Business Review also found that when customer retention was increased by five percent, businesses experienced a boost in revenue by anywhere from 25 to 95 percent. To help retain clients, you'll need to develop a clear strategy for communication and interaction with them to increase your chance that they will want to maintain a professional relationship with your company.

Avoiding customer churn

Customer churn is a term used to describe the rate at which customers do business with a company and then never return. Successful businesses pay close attention to their customer churn rates and attempt to keep them as low as possible.

What is customer churn?

You have likely spent a lot of time guiding a potential client through the sales funnel before landing them as a customer. The time, effort and resources put into this process are wasted when that customer decides to cease your business relationship, and your sales team will have to restart this entire process with another client to regain that business. Instead, take these steps to avoid losing customers and start building a stronger business model.

Focus on customer experience

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Imagine how you would want to be treated and what kind of service you would expect to receive if you were doing business with your company. No matter the industry, every client wants a friendly, knowledgeable and quick experience. You should design your company around making the customer experience as simple and rewarding as possible. This extends to your web design too. Your site should be informative and easy to navigate—make it simple for people to contact you and be clear about your company’s purpose and vision.

Strong communication

In any type of relationship, communication is key. When it comes to business, you want to clearly communicate with your clients in whatever form your business might require. For retail companies, this might mean accurately displaying item prices, shipping costs and return policies to ensure there is no misunderstanding between the merchant and consumer. In a marketing agency, you should have a team of people dedicated to maintaining client relationships. Sending out monthly reports and providing customers with regular updates is another recommended method for good communication.

strong communication image

You should also be clear on when your company is available to help clients. If your business hours are Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm, inform your customers that you can only be reached during these hours and try to be available as much as possible during that time. Of course, you can’t be sitting by the phone or computer waiting for a client to contact you. If they reach out while you’re busy, make it a priority to get back in touch with them as soon as possible.

Set expectations and always meet them

When you first begin a business relationship with a new client, provide them with clear guidelines on what to expect from your company. If you tell them that they’ll be receiving a report each month on the 5th, you need to consistently meet that deadline. Of course, sometimes issues arise that may cause delays. If this happens, use your open communication policy to explain to your client what is going on and accurately inform them of when they can expect what they need.

set expecations

If your clients know what to expect from you, they are much less likely to get frustrated or upset. Keep them in the loop about all deadlines, meetings and other vital information. If you run a retail business, setting expectations for customers can look a bit different. In this case, you can satisfy consumers by providing them with accurate pricing and shipping time estimates.

Think of your relationship as a partnership

When you think of your clients as equal partners, it’s much easier to give them the high-quality service they expect and deserve. Partnerships are all about give and take. If you’re thinking of your client relations as one-sided, then you’re likely not providing the best service possible. Consider what your customers need and require from your business. Then contemplate what it is you need from them. Business? Publicity? Good feedback? Keep this idea of partnership in mind during all interactions with customers and you’ll foster much stronger connections while also meeting your company’s goals.

Hand out promotional materials

Everyone loves free swag. It’s an attention-grabbing type of marketing that people can actually use. Design your company’s logo and select matching colors to display on a variety of promotional products. Custom water bottles are always an excellent choice because they provide plenty of space for creative designs, can be stored easily and make for a useful item your customers will love. Each time you sign a new client, create a welcome bag or basket filled with promotional materials like custom water bottles.

Promo water bottles

Create a brand that resonates with people

Much like the idea of creating a personal connection with your clients, creating a brand that people identify with is essential when working on customer retention. No matter what type of business your company does, you need to show people how your brand connects with them and why they should choose you over the competition. The best way to elicit an emotional response from potential customers and clients is by creating a strong brand.

A company’s brand is its personality—it adds depth and encompasses the business's overall purpose. Developing a strong brand gives your target market something to identify you by and, oftentimes, this greater sense of what a company represents is what attracts new business. Your brand should be more than simply a logo and a mission statement. Brands encompass a lifestyle. To create a connection with clients, try to expand your brand influence and help them to realize that you are the right company for them.

Be a knowledgeable resource and demonstrate your value

Attracting clients through branding and promotional materials can help establish your customer base, but you need to continually meet your clients’ expectations if you want to create lasting relationships.

Position yourself as an expert in your industry so that clients come to you for advice rather than searching the web. Even if your client asks a question you don’t know the answer to, use all your available resources to find the best answer for them and provide as much information as possible. The more helpful you are to customers, the more value they will see in your partnership–and they’ll want to continue maintaining a strong professional relationship.

Staff Training

Thoroughly train staff members

Your employees are a direct extension of you and your business. They should be prepared to take the same steps that you or your CEO would to benefit the company. All employees, even those who do not directly interact with clients or customers, should be thinking of your customers. How can each member of the team do their job better in order to foster good client connections? During training, make it a point to explain to new team members why customer retention is important and set goals for how everyone can help maintain these numbers.

Reward clients for their loyalty

Show your customers how important they are to your business. Rewards can come in many different ways. Offering discounts and promotions to retail clients is always a great strategy for customer retention. Promotional materials like custom water bottles are another common way to satisfy clients and show them how much the company cares about their business relationship. If your business offers a service to clients, you can consider offering additional free perks after they’ve maintained a connection with you for a certain period of time. Loyalty rewards are yet another method for making clients feel special and important while also demonstrating that your brand is more than just a business.

Provide excellent customer service

Customer service is the key to strong relationships. To create an excellent customer service experience, you should rope your team in on marketing strategy meetings and memos to ensure that everyone in the company understands the business’s goals. If your support team is knowledgeable about other aspects of the business, they can more accurately address concerns and resolve customer issues. When a client contacts customer service, they should receive friendly and helpful support without becoming frustrated. Long wait times and outsourced customer support can hinder client relationships and make your customers feel unappreciated. Be sure that your team is large enough to handle inquiries without leaving clients waiting for long.

Utilize the best quality promotional materials

Because promotional materials are so versatile and can be used to show customers how much your business cares, it’s vital that you order quality products that will last. Our promotional product experts at Pinnacle Promotions understand how important your clients are to your business and want to be an extension of your brand.

We’ll work together with you to create an attractive promotional item that reflects the goals of your business. With a nearly endless collection of great promotional materials, our company has the perfect item for every business. Looking for something specific? Search the site by product, industry and brand to locate your next promo product. If you need your items quickly, you can even take advantage of our rush orders on specific products, which can be prepared and ready to ship in 24 hours.

If you have additional questions on pricing, imprinting or anything else, feel free to contact us by phone at 800-351-4226 or through our site’s live chat.

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