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Our 10 Favorite Gifts for the Bar

Our 10 Favorite Gifts for the Bar

No matter the occasion or recipient, beautiful, personalized glassware can make for a classy and useful present. With a wide range of custom wine glasses and personalized beer mugs to choose from, Pinnacle Promotions can help you select the perfect gift this year. Learn how to go about ordering these promotional gifts and take a closer look at some of our favorite custom wine glasses and personalized beer mugs.

How to select the right custom wine glasses and personalized beer mugs

Now that you’ve decided you want to purchase custom wine glasses and personalized beer mugs to gift to clients or staff members, you should pay attention to which products you’re going to engrave. You want to find a well-made product that they can enjoy for years without worrying about the items breaking or the imprint vanishing after being run through the dishwasher.

Pay attention to quality

Quality is key when ordering your custom wine glasses and personalized beer mugs. Cheaply made glass is more prone to breakage, and while some people prefer plastic glasses to avoid cracks, this material is not quite as elegant. Decide whether or not you’re hoping to give a more refined gift, in which case you should certainly order the products made from glass, or if you’re interested in giving a practical item that can be taken on the go, like plastic glasses or even wine tumblers. Pinnacle Promotions prides itself on offering the best promotional gifts made from the highest quality items, so if you opt to order customized products as gifts this year, you can rest assured that our collection is excellent.

When you order custom glassware with Pinnacle Promotions, you know you’re getting the best quality products because we make sure to use effective imprinting methods that will stay for years to come. Other personalized products may use cheaper methods that are not safe for the dishwasher or begin to wear off after a short period time, but our screen printing method will create a beautiful gift that can be put in the dishwasher without worrying about destroying the design you thoughtfully decided upon. You can also opt for a non-metallic print, which renders many of our top products microwave safe as well.

Select the right design

Custom wine glasses and personalized beer mugs are available in many shapes and sizes. When choosing which glassware to order as your next gifts to give, consider whom you intend to present these items to and what type of design would most appeal to them. In terms of custom wine glasses, you can opt for a classic stemmed glass design or the tasteful stemless option, which prevents spills and gives your barware a unique set of glasses.

Though some people don’t realize that there is a difference between a glass designed for white wine and a glass designed for red, there are slightly altered characteristics that you might want to consider before selecting your custom wine glasses. If the client is more of a white wine drinker, then you should choose our glasses designed for this type of vintage, which tend to be shorter with a smaller bowl area. For clients who prefer a bold red, these glasses are taller and feature a larger or wider bowl, which is intended to accentuate the rich flavors and scents typically associated with red wines.

Personalized beer mugs are also available in a variety of sizes and shapes depending on preference and intended use. For a classic style, you can select the curved shape of the pub glass or the tapered style of the classic ale pint glass. The tall pilsner glass or the unique flare pilsner glasses are good options too. Or consider one of the beer mug options available in sizes that range from 16 ounces to 25 ounces.

Order in advance

Once you’ve decided that custom wine glasses or personalized beer mugs are the gift you want to give this year, you should place your order right away. The customization process can add some time to preparing your order, so always be sure to check the estimated production time listed on each individual product. Most custom glassware items take between five and seven days to create, but we recommend ordering them two to three weeks in advance just to ensure you’ll receive the gift well in advance.

Our favorite custom wine glasses

Shatterproof Stemless Wine Glass

This beautifully designed shatterproof stemless wine glass can hold 12 ounces of your favorite vino and offers the perfect amount of surface area to add your custom design. Made from a PETG polymer, these glasses are unbreakable, which makes it the perfect item for someone who wants to take their wine on the go while attending a music festival, tailgate or other outdoor events. This item is also microwave- and dishwasher-safe, guaranteed to never crack or become discolored. Because of the unique design, this custom wine glass also keeps drinks colder for longer with a double-wall insulation feature.

Plastic Stemless Wine Glass

Another shatterproof option, the Plastic Stemless Wine Glass holds 12 ounces and makes for a fun selection because it can be ordered in a range of different colors including blue, red, green or purple. This item is dishwasher-safe and made from plastic, so keep that in mind when determining whether you’re looking for a classic glass or more versatile plastic option that is less prone to breakage.

Corzo Copper Vacuum Insulated Cup

For the oenophile on the go, this Corzo copper vacuum insulated cup is the perfect promotional gift. Not only can this tumbler hold wine, and keep it cold for hours on end, but you can also use it to keep coffee warm or make your ice cream last longer when sitting out in the sun on a warm summer day. Created with stainless steel, the double-walled insulation will retain a cold drink’s temperature for up to 24 hours while it can keep hot drinks warm for six hours. Order this item in black, blue, gray, silver or white and add a beautiful custom image or text over the top.

The best personalized beer mugs

Classic Ale Pint Glass

Able to hold up to 16 ounces, this classic ale pint glass is the perfect glassware for any beer lover. Featuring a tapered design, this personalized beer mug can be given in a set of four or more to allow the at-home bartender to treat his or her guests to a more refined beer drinking experience.

Tankard Mug

A favorite design, the tankard mug features a sturdy handle allowing the drinker to carry the mug around securely. Able to hold up to 16 ounces of liquid, the glass is both dishwasher- and microwave-safe though hand-washing is recommended.

Pub Glass

Another classic beer mug design, the pub glass features a curved design able to hold 20 ounces of your favorite craft beer. The shape of this personalized beer mug is classy and convenient because the curve is designed to fit perfectly in any beer drinker’s hand.

Stainless Steel Pint

Unique custom champagne glasses

If this occasion requires something a little more special than a custom wine glass or personalized beer mug, consider some of our beautiful custom champagne glasses, perfect for celebrating a promotion or marriage.

Vina Stemless Flute

One of the most elegant champagne glasses, the Vina stemless flute holds 8.5 ounces and stands out from the more traditional glass designs. Because the bowl of the glass is much larger on these then traditional champagne flutes, you have additional room for your custom message or design. These flutes are dishwasher-safe, though hand-washing is recommended, and microwave-safe if you select a non-metallic imprint.

Twisted Stem Flute

Another unique champagne glass design, this twisted stem flute features an twisted stem design to create an elegant appearance. Hand-washing is also recommended for this product as the item can be fragile.

The best way to order promotional gifts

Pinnacle Promotions’ vast collection of glassware, including custom wine glasses and personalized beer mugs, offers you access to dozens of designs. Whether you’re looking for a promotional gift for friends, family or co-workers, these items will satisfy everyone–especially with the addition of a custom image or message. If you have any further questions about the ordering or imprinting process, feel free to reach out to us by phone at 800.351.4226 or through our site’s contact us form.

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A Timeless Employee Appreciation Gift: Custom Wine Glasses

A Timeless Employee Appreciation Gift: Custom Wine Glasses

The importance of showing your employees that you care cannot be understated. Research has shown that managers who take a vested interest in the well-being of their employees and actively demonstrate this create a better work environment, which leads to happier employees and higher retention rates. One of the best ways to make your employees feel valued within the company is by periodically offering them employee appreciation gifts. You don’t need to spring for anything expensive or extravagant, but some type of meaningful item is sure to make them feel special and increase their job satisfaction. Custom wine glasses are a great choice when searching for employee appreciation gifts because they’re affordable and useful.

When to give your employees an appreciation gift

National Employee Appreciation Day

National Employee Appreciation Day is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your gratitude for each of your hard-working employees. Every year on March 1, bosses around the country devise simple ways to display their appreciation, helping to maintain a happy workplace where each staff member feels valued. Custom wine glasses are an excellent gift and can be personalized to make them extra special. When customizing wine glasses, the options are endless.

With a promotion or major achievement

If you’re planning to offer one (or more) of your employees a promotion and/or raise, you’re already demonstrating their value to the company and showing them how much their work matters. But, why not make the experience a bit more personal by presenting them with a gift at the same time? Order your employees custom wine glasses featuring your company logo and give them a unique souvenir to commemorate their workplace achievements.

Holidays or special occasions

Whether you’re considering giving your employees an office-wide gift for the holiday season or you want the perfect item to distribute individually each time someone is celebrating a birthday, Pinnacle Promotions’ company promotional items make for great gifts. You can order custom wine glasses in bulk and hand them out in beautifully decorated wrapping paper before your employees head home for the holidays. Many companies celebrate employee birthdays with an in-office party or an after-work happy hour gathering. For these special occasions, you can order a batch of custom wine glasses ahead of time, and on each employee’s birthday, they’ll receive their well-crafted wine glass.

Make employees happy with custom wine glasses

Choosing custom wine glasses

When choosing from our vast selection of company promotional products, you’ll discover dozens of different options for custom wine glasses. The stemless design is a classy alternative that tends to prevent spills because of the larger base. If you’re interested in a more classic wine glass, there are several options for stemmed custom wine glasses with plenty of space on the glass for a personalized design. You can also opt for stemless wine glasses in different colors or select one of the wine glass tumblers that can be used for a variety of liquids and keep the contents cool or warm for hours on end.

Other employee appreciation gift ideas

Are you looking for a different type of employee appreciation gift? Pinnacle Promotions offers a huge selection of different company promotional products that your entire staff will love. For the employee who loves sports, consider ordering custom golf balls or frisbees. You can also opt for other drinkware products, including personalized beer mugs, travel mugs and coffee mugs. No matter what your employees are interested in, Pinnacle Promotions is sure to have the perfect item for you to give this year as an employee appreciation present.

Let Pinnacle Promotions craft the perfect employee gift this year

When you order your company promotional products or customized presents from Pinnacle Promotions, you can rest assured that you’re receiving the highest quality items that have been imprinted with care. Browse our catalog of promotional products and select the perfect item for your employees and then upload your design and place your order. Most items take several days to customize and ship, but if you’re in a last-minute rush, you can check out our products that are available for 24-hour rush production. Feel free to reach out to our team of experts with any questions through our contact form or by phone at 800.351.4226.

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2019 promotional product trends

2019 promotional product trends

We're well into the new year, and it's time to get your marketing plan into gear for 2019. The right promotional giveaways are a key part of that plan, and with the new year come some new product trends...

2019 promotional product trends - recharge | Pinnacle Promotions


This trend encompasses mental wealth, positivity and physical well-being. It encourages a more holistic focus on the mind-body connection and inspires your best self by creating a better balance between your mental health and physical well being. This trend sparks a collection of products ready to nourish your spirit, reflect on your thoughts and feelings, and recharge and unwind with quality time.

Over the past few years, we have seen more and more companies offer office perks to make it easy for employees to stay healthy, both physically and mentally, while on the job. According to Working Mother, “Most employers know that one of the keys to workplace productivity is having happy and healthy employees.” Companies such as Nike, Google, and Microsoft have taken this concept to the next level and offer wellness zones such as quiet places to meditate and napping to fully functional gyms.

Today’s culture is particularly intrigued (or borderline obsessed) with the practice of genealogy. People use the DNA test, 23 and me, or to not only find out how it relates to health but they also use the results to feel included and part of something “bigger.”

With all the surrounding chaos and commotion during our everyday lives, people are looking for mindfulness and seeking happy places. As discussed in the 2019 apparel trends blog, hygge – a Danish word describing a comfortable feeling that engenders contentment or well-being – is an ongoing lifestyle trend. It promotes one to enjoy cozy time; whether that's snuggling up in a soft sweatshirt, taking a candlelit bath, or enjoying sofa-side chat with a loved one, glass of wine in hand. This also speaks to the athleisure fashion trend. Athleisure clothing is designed for athletic activities, but can be worn in other settings, such as at the workplace, at school, or at other casual or social occasions.

The Recharge trend translates to the promotional product world through the warm, happy, and fantasy color palettes, various journal options, and active accessories such as yoga mats and travel pet gear bags. Products will feature pops of color that highlight warm and happy hues such as the the Pantone color of the year, Living Coral. Journals can be used to write down your thoughts, reflections, or doodles to ease your stress – some journal options are composed of lined paper and coloring pictures to add another element of relaxation. And yoga mats and travel pet gear urge one to keep fit and active, promoting mental health, positivity and physical well-being.

2019 promotional product trends - connected outdoors | Pinnacle Promotions

Connected Outdoors

From climbing mountains to walking in the park, consumers desire to reconnect with nature, and the Connected Outdoors trend celebrates items inspired by the great outdoors. With these product options, you can pack it all in — from business to leisure, and satisfy your sense of adventure and exploration, no matter where your travels take you.

Brands are continuing to make great strides to show their care for the environment and the measures they are taking to protect the earth. According to Waste 360, 70 percent of millennials said a company’s environmental focus impacts their purchasing decisions. For example, The North Face is committed to creating durable products that stay out of landfills as well as incorporating more recycled fabric into its clothing. The brand also has a Clothes the Loop program, which rewards customers for donating old clothing and shoes.

Additionally, brands are joining the “give back” movement by donating to or partnering with major charities in an effort to raise awareness on various causes. The company Brandless believes in making better products accessible and affordable for more people, and has partnered up with the Feed America organization to donate meals to people facing hunger. Their mission is deeply rooted in quality, transparency, and community-driven values – on their website, they have three defined sections; 350+ High Quality Products, Simple Fair Prices and Tangible Acts of Kindness. Brands will continue to catch on to the the vibe of doing good, especially with members of the upcoming Generation Z demographic expecting it. Consumers believe that our world needs a lot of help right now, so there are plenty of causes to support.

You can see the Connected Outdoors trend in promotional products through rugged, earth-tone travel-style backpacks, drinkware with a purpose, and activewear or sports gear that exceeds expectations. Vendors are offering backpacks that encompass nature's colors such as olive, tan and brown. These styles of backpacks allow wearers to travel with ease due to their quality, structure and portability. Additionally, consumers today are more inclined to help protect the planet, and many companies are offering products that will benefit the environment – for example, metal drinking straws to help eliminate plastic straw waste and backpacks made from recycled plastic water bottles. These outdoor-inspired products connect consumers with their passion for outdoor experiences, no matter where they travel.

2019 promotional product trends - work on the move | Pinnacle Promotions

Work On The Move

Non-traditional workspaces demand products that allow consumers to work anywhere. These versatile options make it easy for digital nomads, on-the-road warriors, and sprinters running from meeting to meeting to stay nimble, organized, and productive wherever they meet to connect and collaborate.

Working remotely, sharing workspaces, and desk hopping are the now the new norm. Companies are embracing flexible workspaces with hoteling desks and conference rooms. According to ZDNet, Georgia-Pacific realized that many of their employees work remotely or from different facilities, so they removed offices on its 24 floors to create open layouts with lots of natural light. Mobility was a key factor in the decision to create the hoteling desk system. Employees have the ability to move around the floor as well as between floors, and will have the technology to connect seamlessly from any location. A mobile application allows them to book desks or rooms from any location.

The products that mirror the Work On The Move trend include technology infused into fabrics, portable and multi-purpose items, and sleek, simple designs. These products reflect the new ways we are working such as cohabitant work spaces or coffee shops. The office has transformed and the cube walls are coming down so we are adapting to a functional mobile office. Apparel and backpacks are being offered with headphone and USB jacks and power bank outlets. Multi-purpose products empower consumers to adapt to the environment while still being able to get the job done.

When buying custom products to promote your brand, staying on-trend is often the right move, as your customers and employees will appreciate seeing your branded items matching up with current retail looks. Each product and trend on this list gives you fantastic options that your company will love to give away.

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Custom Grills for Tailgating

Custom Grills for Tailgating

This year, when choosing the perfect personalized gift for employees, clients or potential new customers, consider one of our custom grills or customized grilling sets. Despite what some may think, tailgating is a year-round event with plenty of dedicated sports fans venturing out in the cold for pre-game festivities. If your company plans a lot of team-wide sports or outdoor events, these grills make for the perfect item to promote your business no matter the season.

Custom grills are a desirable giveaway item to promote brand awareness and get people excited about your company. Successful marketing campaigns often feature a well-made, high value item to attract attention and a custom grill definitely fits the bill.

These personalized items work well for any kind of promotional event, whether your company is hosting or just attending. Stock up and run special giveaways throughout the year. Read on to learn more about our custom grill products and take notes on our favorite tips for tailgating in the winter.

Why order custom grills?

Versatility and high perceived value! A personalized gift is the best way to show someone your appreciation. Whether you’re considering custom grills as a company gift for the staff or you’re interested in running a giveaway on grills with your company’s logo, our high-quality products and excellent customization process will create exactly what you’re looking for in a promotional product.

If a full grill set seems like too large of a promotional item for your business, you can also consider giving customized grill sets with all the accessories an outdoor chef needs to serve up a juicy steak cooked to perfection or grilled veggie kabobs with a delicious hint of smoky flavor.

Our favorite custom grills and customized grill sets

Portable BBQ grill and cooler

This portable custom grill is the ultimate product for sports fans with an insulated cooler top and easy-to-store grill rack inside. Perfect for a winter tailgate with friends, the grill is compact and light, making it easy to transport to and from the game. Order a set of 24 customized with your company logo and run a promotional giveaway with this useful gift.

Three-piece promotional picnic grill set

If your company is in the culinary industry, giving away customized grill sets is an excellent way to grab the attention of your target demographic. This three-piece set is sleek and easy to carry with you anywhere. Design the fold-over carry case with your unique company logo and give away this handy set of tongs, fork and spatula.

Tips for Winter Tailgating

Though grilling outdoors is usually thought of as a warm-weather activity, there are plenty of opportunities for a winter tailgate, too—if you know how to prepare properly. Here are some of our favorite tips for grilling out in the cold, so you can enjoy these custom grills year-round.

  • Invest in promotional tumblers, so you can bring warm drinks like spiked apple cider or tea with honey.
  • Don’t forget your pop-up tent. In the summer, this tailgating accessory can protect you from the blistering heat of the sun, but in the winter, it may provide shelter from rain or snow. If you attach a blanket or sheet to one side, you can also combat the chilly winter wind.
  • Bring along several packets of hand and foot warmers.
  • Prepare the food at home prior to the tailgate. Having everything chopped up and marinated makes it much easier (and quicker) when grilling in the cold winter weather.
  • Blankets! Pack the car with a generous number of blankets to keep you warm—and bring some extras just in case your friends didn’t come prepared.
Winter Grilling

Looking for even more ideas on custom products?

Pinnacle Promotions offers one of the widest selections of promotional items designed to capture the attention of potential customers and grow your company’s brand. Are you planning to attend a trade show this year? Then, you’re going to need to be prepared with giveaway items like koozies, pens and tumblers. If you’re looking for a promotional item that’s a bit more unique, we offer products by industry, purpose and even brand. Browse our expansive collection of items and add your company logo to any of our high-quality products.

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Tips for creating long-term loyal clients

Tips for creating long-term loyal clients

No matter what industry you work in, developing strong, lasting connections with your clients and customers is vital to a successful business. When you’re just getting started, retaining your first few clients is even more important to establish a base. Word of mouth is one of the most beneficial forms of advertising, and making your existing customers happy often leads to excellent reviews, which in turn begets more customers.

Why long-term clients are so important

It’s much cheaper for a business to retain customers than bring on new ones. The Harvard Business Review actually estimates that it is five to 25 times more expensive to bring on new customers than to retain your current business. Without lasting relationships, you’ll be constantly seeking out new leads which can be costly. Oftentimes, businesses place more importance on customer acquisition than retention, but this is not best practice when it comes to building a durable business model.

The Harvard Business Review also found that when customer retention was increased by five percent, businesses experienced a boost in revenue by anywhere from 25 to 95 percent. To help retain clients, you'll need to develop a clear strategy for communication and interaction with them to increase your chance that they will want to maintain a professional relationship with your company.

Avoiding customer churn

Customer churn is a term used to describe the rate at which customers do business with a company and then never return. Successful businesses pay close attention to their customer churn rates and attempt to keep them as low as possible.

What is customer churn?

You have likely spent a lot of time guiding a potential client through the sales funnel before landing them as a customer. The time, effort and resources put into this process are wasted when that customer decides to cease your business relationship, and your sales team will have to restart this entire process with another client to regain that business. Instead, take these steps to avoid losing customers and start building a stronger business model.

Focus on customer experience

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Imagine how you would want to be treated and what kind of service you would expect to receive if you were doing business with your company. No matter the industry, every client wants a friendly, knowledgeable and quick experience. You should design your company around making the customer experience as simple and rewarding as possible. This extends to your web design too. Your site should be informative and easy to navigate—make it simple for people to contact you and be clear about your company’s purpose and vision.

Strong communication

In any type of relationship, communication is key. When it comes to business, you want to clearly communicate with your clients in whatever form your business might require. For retail companies, this might mean accurately displaying item prices, shipping costs and return policies to ensure there is no misunderstanding between the merchant and consumer. In a marketing agency, you should have a team of people dedicated to maintaining client relationships. Sending out monthly reports and providing customers with regular updates is another recommended method for good communication.

strong communication image

You should also be clear on when your company is available to help clients. If your business hours are Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm, inform your customers that you can only be reached during these hours and try to be available as much as possible during that time. Of course, you can’t be sitting by the phone or computer waiting for a client to contact you. If they reach out while you’re busy, make it a priority to get back in touch with them as soon as possible.

Set expectations and always meet them

When you first begin a business relationship with a new client, provide them with clear guidelines on what to expect from your company. If you tell them that they’ll be receiving a report each month on the 5th, you need to consistently meet that deadline. Of course, sometimes issues arise that may cause delays. If this happens, use your open communication policy to explain to your client what is going on and accurately inform them of when they can expect what they need.

set expecations

If your clients know what to expect from you, they are much less likely to get frustrated or upset. Keep them in the loop about all deadlines, meetings and other vital information. If you run a retail business, setting expectations for customers can look a bit different. In this case, you can satisfy consumers by providing them with accurate pricing and shipping time estimates.

Think of your relationship as a partnership

When you think of your clients as equal partners, it’s much easier to give them the high-quality service they expect and deserve. Partnerships are all about give and take. If you’re thinking of your client relations as one-sided, then you’re likely not providing the best service possible. Consider what your customers need and require from your business. Then contemplate what it is you need from them. Business? Publicity? Good feedback? Keep this idea of partnership in mind during all interactions with customers and you’ll foster much stronger connections while also meeting your company’s goals.

Hand out promotional materials

Everyone loves free swag. It’s an attention-grabbing type of marketing that people can actually use. Design your company’s logo and select matching colors to display on a variety of promotional products. Custom water bottles are always an excellent choice because they provide plenty of space for creative designs, can be stored easily and make for a useful item your customers will love. Each time you sign a new client, create a welcome bag or basket filled with promotional materials like custom water bottles.

Promo water bottles

Create a brand that resonates with people

Much like the idea of creating a personal connection with your clients, creating a brand that people identify with is essential when working on customer retention. No matter what type of business your company does, you need to show people how your brand connects with them and why they should choose you over the competition. The best way to elicit an emotional response from potential customers and clients is by creating a strong brand.

A company’s brand is its personality—it adds depth and encompasses the business's overall purpose. Developing a strong brand gives your target market something to identify you by and, oftentimes, this greater sense of what a company represents is what attracts new business. Your brand should be more than simply a logo and a mission statement. Brands encompass a lifestyle. To create a connection with clients, try to expand your brand influence and help them to realize that you are the right company for them.

Be a knowledgeable resource and demonstrate your value

Attracting clients through branding and promotional materials can help establish your customer base, but you need to continually meet your clients’ expectations if you want to create lasting relationships.

Position yourself as an expert in your industry so that clients come to you for advice rather than searching the web. Even if your client asks a question you don’t know the answer to, use all your available resources to find the best answer for them and provide as much information as possible. The more helpful you are to customers, the more value they will see in your partnership–and they’ll want to continue maintaining a strong professional relationship.

Staff Training

Thoroughly train staff members

Your employees are a direct extension of you and your business. They should be prepared to take the same steps that you or your CEO would to benefit the company. All employees, even those who do not directly interact with clients or customers, should be thinking of your customers. How can each member of the team do their job better in order to foster good client connections? During training, make it a point to explain to new team members why customer retention is important and set goals for how everyone can help maintain these numbers.

Reward clients for their loyalty

Show your customers how important they are to your business. Rewards can come in many different ways. Offering discounts and promotions to retail clients is always a great strategy for customer retention. Promotional materials like custom water bottles are another common way to satisfy clients and show them how much the company cares about their business relationship. If your business offers a service to clients, you can consider offering additional free perks after they’ve maintained a connection with you for a certain period of time. Loyalty rewards are yet another method for making clients feel special and important while also demonstrating that your brand is more than just a business.

Provide excellent customer service

Customer service is the key to strong relationships. To create an excellent customer service experience, you should rope your team in on marketing strategy meetings and memos to ensure that everyone in the company understands the business’s goals. If your support team is knowledgeable about other aspects of the business, they can more accurately address concerns and resolve customer issues. When a client contacts customer service, they should receive friendly and helpful support without becoming frustrated. Long wait times and outsourced customer support can hinder client relationships and make your customers feel unappreciated. Be sure that your team is large enough to handle inquiries without leaving clients waiting for long.

Utilize the best quality promotional materials

Because promotional materials are so versatile and can be used to show customers how much your business cares, it’s vital that you order quality products that will last. Our promotional product experts at Pinnacle Promotions understand how important your clients are to your business and want to be an extension of your brand.

We’ll work together with you to create an attractive promotional item that reflects the goals of your business. With a nearly endless collection of great promotional materials, our company has the perfect item for every business. Looking for something specific? Search the site by product, industry and brand to locate your next promo product. If you need your items quickly, you can even take advantage of our rush orders on specific products, which can be prepared and ready to ship in 24 hours.

If you have additional questions on pricing, imprinting or anything else, feel free to contact us by phone at 800-351-4226 or through our site’s contact us form.

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Get cozy with our custom sweatshirts

Get cozy with our custom sweatshirts

When the weather turns cold, people reach for their jackets and long sleeve shirts. This creates the unique opportunity for you and your brand to use a promotional product that hits two birds with one hot stone: giving people something warm to wear while promoting the business.

Enter custom sweatshirts. A thick, soft sweatshirt with your logo on the front makes a great gift or promotional item for existing and potential customers. It's also a great way to reward employees while boosting the company spirit and culture. Here are a few things you need to know about these great promotional items.

Why custom sweatshirts?

First and foremost, sweatshirts are warm! Compared to heavier jackets, sweatshirts keep a body warm in cooler temps without the extra bulk of true winter gear. At the same time, they are more effective than lighter jackets and long sleeve shirts. Put simply, they are the type of clothing people wear when they want the right combination of comfort, warmth and convenience.

Custom Sweatshirt

More than that, custom sweatshirts are great products for branding. Whether giving them away or selling them, sweatshirts are easy to brand with your company’s logo.  Since you can fold them up and tie a bow on them, sweatshirts are also easy to package for promotional giveaways and events.

Finally, sweatshirts can be cost-effective when bought in bulk. For larger promotional campaigns, you can save money and create better advertising at the same time. Sweatshirts have a distinct advantage over traditional ads: you simply can't wear a commercial or digital ad.

The trick is knowing how to make the most of a sweatshirt as a promotional product.

Get the design right

An effective promotional product is all about effective branding. You do not want to go overboard to the point where the sweatshirt looks like a NASCAR paint job (unless, of course, you work for NASCAR). On the other hand, you can't neglect branding altogether. Striking the right balance starts with the logo.

Beyond the basic logo, think about other elements that feel unique about your brand. Sometimes, the simple things are the most effective. Choose sweatshirt colors that match your logo and add a tagline or company motto to the back.

Be careful to keep things clear and simple. You can always separate the main logo from additional graphics and text by placing extra content on the back or sleeves. More space between printed elements will give each image and word its own place to breathe. Smart design goes a long way to making a great promotional sweatshirt.

Sweatshirts for everyone

If you spend all this time planning and designing the perfect sweatshirt, make sure you have enough to sell or give away.

Don't forget about the proper sizing of the sweatshirt. Include the entire spectrum: extra small to 4XL sweatshirts should all be in your inventory to cover your needs.

Discover the effect of a good custom sweatshirt

Custom Hoodie

Custom apparel is a great way to make your brand stand out. It is also a great reward for employees you want to celebrate for special achievements and milestones, loyalty and good work in general.

If you want to brand products that are extremely useful, sweatshirts fit the bill. Compared to other promotional apparel, sweatshirts are great gifts any time of the year. Keep a few on location in the company gift shop or online store to treat guests and visitors as well.

All it takes is a little planning and creativity to come up with the best custom sweatshirt. We can help you out with that. We know all of the ins and outs of promotional products. We can help you choose the right sweatshirt brands, graphic designs, sizes to have the impact you want from your promotional products and gifts.


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Save the planet with custom reusable straws

Save the planet with custom reusable straws

It’s not just a straw, it’s a movement.

You may not have heard of California Assembly Bill 1884 by name but chances are you’ve heard of the plastic straw ban that’s taking the country by storm. According to the bill, when you dine at a full-service restaurant in California, you are getting your beverage without a straw – unless you ask for one, or it is a to-go drink.

While California may be leading the charge on the ban, plenty of restaurants in other states have followed suit. And while restaurants in violation will be fined $25, it’s perfectly legal to hand out reusable straws. Better yet, you can even brand them with your logo.

Reusable straws are designed to last for many years, are easy to clean with a straw brush, are generally dishwasher safe, and they are made from high-quality, plastic-free recyclable materials. Also, they can be used with hot and cold beverages, which is perfect if you prefer to sip your hot coffee or tea in the morning and want an iced beverage for the afternoon.

So, if not plastic, then what are they made from?

Environmentally-friendly straws are generally made from metal or silicone, and often come with their own carrying case or pouch – this stainless steel straw also includes a cleaning brush! Since straws themselves don’t have very large imprint areas for your logo, the branding is done on the pouch or the case. This reusable silicone straw comes rolled up in a convenient travel case.

If the idea of having to clean a straw after every use is not appealing, you can give out paper straws. Restaurants and bars nationwide have started to implement this change with great results  – paper straws are biodegradable (and marine degradable), and this doesn’t require a change in behavior, just a change in materials. This five-pack of paper straws comes in its own brandable pouch – a simple and effective eco-friendly giveaway.

Similar to disposable plastic bags, straws are only used for a few minutes but remain in the environment forever. They end up on our beaches and in the oceans – up to 80% of our trash is plastic of some form or another. So while straws may not be the one contributing problem, many companies including Starbucks, Hyatt and Hilton have pledged to do their part in cutting back.

Over 500,000,000 plastic straws are used in the U.S. every day, enough to wrap around the Earth 2.5 times. Now is the time to switch from the one-time-use plastic straw to the reusable straw. Fortunately, the switch is easy.

Promotional reusable straws: Saving the planet + a brand opportunity = a win-win.

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Stay warm with our custom coffee mugs

Stay warm with our custom coffee mugs

Everyone loves free swag, and nothing beats free swag that's also useful. Custom coffee mugs and tumblers are some of the most popular promotional products that not only attract attention to your business but are also valued by those who receive them. How many times have you gotten a promotional product that you glanced at and left in a drawer somewhere only to be forgotten? Don’t let that happen to your company’s branded merchandise. Consider what type of items you would want to receive as a potential customer—valuable, creative and unique products tend to grab people’s attention the most.

As a marketing professional, it’s your job to determine the best way to spread your brand awareness and expand your market, and giving away branded swag consistently proves to be one of the most successful ways to capture people’s attention. Similarly, providing your employees with promotional products is a great way to have them represent the company and spread the message. Custom travel mugs make for the perfect employee welcome gift, and double as a useful promotional item during events and trade shows.

Selecting the right promotional product

When determining what type of product you’re going to offer to potential clients and new employees, there are many factors to consider. What is your budget? Where will you be handing out these items? How many products should you order for the year?

The key to selecting the ideal promotional product is determining your brand message and finding a product that represents that message. Present it in a creative manner and ensure that it will benefit the recipient and you've got a recipe for success.

custom coffee mugs | Pinnacle Promotions

Why mugs are the perfect free gift

Custom mugs and travel mugs are the perfect balance between low cost and high reward. Mugs are an item that people continually use time and time again, and each day while they’re enjoying their morning cup of coffee, they’ll be reminded of your brand.

Room for cream...and creativity

With a variety of custom mugs to choose from, Pinnacle Promotions allows marketing professionals to design their selected mug style in countless ways. The Aztec Mug can be customized with your brand logo and features different outer/inner color combos to match your company’s color scheme. For an item that stands out a bit more, browse our unique mugs page with options including mugs with an attachable spoon, campfire-style mugs and even an iridescent ceramic mug.

Aztec promotional mug | Pinnacle Promotions

Practical gift people will actually use

Whether your potential customers are coffee or tea lovers, everyone enjoys receiving a new, stylish mug, especially during the winter when the thought of a hot chocolate in the evening is lingering in the back of everyone’s mind. Custom coffee mugs are a great employee gift that they can keep in the office, while custom travel mugs make for an excellent corporate giveaway item. Travel mugs are not as fragile as coffee mugs, and can be easily distributed at any event.

Affordable yet valuable

When ordering promotional products, the prices can add up quickly–particularly if you’re planning to attend a lot of events in the coming year. Selecting an item that is affordable but doesn’t appear cheap is important. Though custom mugs may look pricey, when purchased in bulk they’re actually quite inexpensive. As you determine your budget for the year, factor in promotional products and consider custom mugs or custom travel mugs as an option to cut costs while still providing people with an interesting and beneficial item to remember your brand.

Choose the perfect custom coffee mug

Select a gift you know people will love. With a nearly endless number of options, our company is happy to personalize your custom mugs to ensure that your brand captures people’s attention and makes you unique in your industry. Our customizable items allow you to add logos, text and even adjust colors to match your company’s color scheme. If you’re looking for more ideas on promotional items, you can browse our site by industry products and select items that people within your field would appreciate. If you have any additional questions, our experts are always happy to help. Contact us by phone at (877) 300-2007 or through our contact us form.

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Company Giveaway Favorites: Custom Calendars

Company Giveaway Favorites: Custom Calendars

There is nothing like a good promotional giveaway to generate buzz around your business. To make the most of it, you have to choose the right company promotional items to give away. Sure, everyone likes to receive free stuff. Not every gift, however, will have the same impact on potential customers. That is why we are fond of giving away custom calendars.

The simple calendar has a lot of uses for many people. Beyond keeping track of the day and month, it is a great way to make notes, pencil in appointments and keep everyday life organized. For your business, it is also the perfect way to insert some branded content into your customers’ and employees’ lives without being intrusive or too obvious. A central calendar is a great place to put company and team-building events as well.

Here is what we find so special about custom calendars:

Everyone can use one

Yes, computers, smartphones, tablets and other devices we use each day have a calendar. Most even do a better job by giving us quick reminders of upcoming events. Despite all of this great technology, many people still prefer the old-fashioned calendar.

custom calendar | Pinnacle PromotionsSometimes, the act of handwriting something into a calendar or notebook helps us to remember it better. Master calendars also make it easier to stay organized throughout the week to avoid missing deadlines.

Some people just like to see the individual pictures and messages that come with each month. Custom calendars tend to be more creative and engaging than their desktop versions.

A custom calendar as a promotional gift can be a powerful thing. You can offer something unique and useful to potential customers without spending a lot of time and money. It also gives you the most control over the final look of the gift itself.

Do you want to include your logo? That's easy. Want to share your company's special milestones and everyday experiences? With the combination of text and pictures above each month, you can do just that. The creative possibilities with custom calendars are limitless. This can, however, make it difficult to know what kind of calendar to make for the final giveaway. Here are a few tips to make sure you have the best calendar to hand out.

Pick the right calendar

All calendars have the same thing in common: They share the days and months of a given year. Despite this similarity, there are plenty of subtle differences between calendar types to consider. The most basic types are wall, desktop and notepad calendars. Each one offers a few advantages over the others.

custom calendar | Pinnacle PromotionsWall calendars are the most common in office settings. When you want a convenient and visible place to see the date, you choose the wall. The right calendar can also add to the space's decor without taking up too much room.

Desktop calendars, on the other hand, are the type that people interact with the most. Office workers who have busy schedules tend to prefer the desktop variety to write in events and appointments. Like the wall calendar, a desktop calendar can also add a sense of personalization into the mix.

Notepads, while less common, are the most versatile when keeping track of daily activities and events. You can rip pages away, tape them to a desk or wall, send them around to other people and more. They also tend to be smaller than other calendars, so you can save some money on packaging and printing costs by going this route.

Get the branding right

custom calendar | Pinnacle PromotionsMore than anything else, spend some time on what you want to put in the custom calendar. First and foremost, there should be some branding in the calendar. At the very least, include your logo on the cover or in the corner of each page.

Beyond branding, get creative with the calendar. Ideally, choose images and textual content that are either unique or related to the brand. Create a theme or tone to drive the creativity: make it humorous or tied to a specific event/holiday. The more the calendar stands out to the customer, the better.

Print the final result

Once you have everything planned out, the only thing you need is the calendar itself. Ideally, you will have plenty of calendars to give away to anyone you want. That is where we come in. We can print off as many calendars as you need in the style and design you want. If you find yourself wanting a great gift for a company giveaway, contact us. We’ll give you all the help you need to have a killer giveaway people will love.

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2019 Apparel Trends

2019 Apparel Trends

2019 is here and we have a lot to look forward to! Some of the trends from 2018 are sticking around for the new year and are expanding their influence into the apparel industry. The comfy/cozy trend – what the Danish call hygge (pronounced "hyoo-guh") – is one that isn’t going anywhere. Hygge is defined as a comfortable feeling that engenders contentment or well-being. It promotes one to enjoy cozy time; whether that's snuggling up in a soft sweatshirt, taking a candlelit bath, or enjoying sofa-side chat with a loved one, glass of wine in hand. Or maybe all three at once.

The hygge trend has inspired the apparel industry with luxe, rich and soft fabrics, muted, earth-tone color schemes, and unique silhouettes. Apparel brands in the promotional industry are no longer sitting back until these new retail trends come to life, but instead are right alongside the latest innovative styles.

Trend #1: Luxe, Rich and Soft Fabrics

Big apparel name brands such as Hanes and Gildan are incorporating new t-shirts made from 100% ring spun and combed cotton. These processes create garments that are softer and more luxurious than regular cotton. Combed cotton is softer than regular cotton "because it doesn't have any impurities or short protruding threads," according to , "and it is stronger than regular cotton because the combing process removes short fibers, which are prone to breakage.” Customers will benefit from ordering a ring spun or combed cotton t-shirt because the smooth, low textured fabric is more comfortable, will last longer, and is easier to print on. We will more than likely see brands start to incorporate these types of fabrics into their full lines as consumers move in the direction of comfort and style.

ComfortWash by Hanes Men's 5.5 oz., 100% Ringspun Cotton Garment-Dyed T-Shirt

Gildan Hammer Short Sleeve T-Shirt

J.America is another brand that is taking full advantage of the luxurious and soft fabric trend by marrying on-trend styles with athleisure comfort. They offer layered performance tops and hoodies which allow a person to go from a more casual office to lunch to the gym. Brand names like J.America are guiding distributors to suggest more edgy styles to consumers, particularly if it’s intended for a venue other than work.

Fleece options, such as the Teddy Fleece Crewneck Pullover, are transforming in the same way. The promotional industry is experiencing huge momentum with softer mid-weight fabrics with unique styles like the Pepper Fleece 1/4 Zip Pullover. Consumers are wanting better fabrics that are more comfortable and have a versatile appeal that can be worn in multiple settings.

Trend #2: Muted Earth-Tone Colors

Apparel brands have decided to hit the mute button when it comes to color palettes. Chocolate browns, reddish clays, sandy tans and forest greens are taking off in the apparel industry. Earthy neutrals are perfect for a monochromatic look and often emulate natural colors that derive from moss, dirt, trees and rock.

Bella+Canvas Unisex T-Shirt

The apparel brand Bella and Canvas is on the forefront of embracing this new trend. The ever-famous 3001 Unisex Short-Sleeve Jersey Tee is now offered in Solid Forest Triblend, Tan, Mauve Marble, and Storm to just name a few new colors.

Alternative Eco-Fleece™ Champ Crewneck Sweatshirt

Alternative Apparel is another well-known apparel brand in both retail and wholesale. The brand focuses on eco-friendly apparel with sustainable materials & processes, low-impact dyes & water conserving washes. Therefore, the colors they offer typically reflect its natural materials -- with colors such as Eco Rose Quartz, Eco True Currant, and Eco True Dusty Pine. The brand thrives on creating each fabric from the yarn up, innovating from fiber to finish.

Even if your company’s logo does not fit the muted color scheme, it is a great way to think outside the box and show customers that you are keeping with the times. For example, your company could do an internal eco-friendly campaign and provide shirts for the office to raise awareness as well as increase participation!

Trend #3: Unique Silhouettes / Styles

Apparel vendors are starting to realize that not everyone has the same same shape and size so they are revamping some of the “everyday” styles to incorporate new silhouettes. The apparel brand Anvil has been making wholesale clothing and apparel for over 130 years, and is branching out from the standard smaller fit women’s styles and offering looser fit t-shirts.

The Women’s Freedom Drop Shoulder Tee has a loose fit silhouette with side seam and tapered bottom. The loose fitting trend goes back to the athleisure comfort style which is taking the apparel industry full force. The larger silhouettes allow for more movement and air circulation, which means that, in many situations, they’re a lot more comfortable than their closely fitted styles. Aesthetically, they’re wonderfully unfussy and transmit an air of confidence. Since more fabric is used in a garment, it feels more substantial which makes it more appealing.

Anvil Women's Freedom Drop Shoulder Tee

American Apparel Flex Fleece Turtleneck

Fashion trends repeat over time as new “styles” are typically inspired from past eras. The promotional industry experienced the retro-revival trend this year with a number of products based on recycled, classic looks from the 70’s and 80’s that were reinvented with function for the modern world. The brand American Apparel offers basic, classic fits while also creating vintage-inspired styles. Some vintage, unique styles that this brand offers are the Flex Fleece Cropped Sweatshirt and Flex Fleece Turtleneck.

These styles pay homage to the 80’s but have been reinvented with the colors schemes and fit. The unique silhouettes that are premiering in the promotional world will provide customers a wider range of options for employees to wear to the office. According to Wellness Corporate Solutions, “casual clothing doesn’t necessary decrease productivity and t-shirts and hoodies have now become commonplace in many offices.” So remember, when you are placing an apparel order for the office or your team, think outside of the box and offer something new and innovative!

In conclusion...

These three apparel trends — luxe, rich and soft fabrics, muted, earth-tone color schemes, and unique silhouettes — will not only be highlighted in the retail world but also in the promotional world as lag  times between retail and promotional apparel have nearly evaporated. Promotional apparel suppliers and distributors have their fingers on the pulse of the most relevant fabrics, cuts and colors. By following these trends, your company will have a competitive edge by staying one step ahead.

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