Promotional Gambling Products & Bunco: From Speakeasies to the Suburbs

Sick of board games? Tired of Bingo? Well, say hello to Bunco, a dice game invented in 18th-century England. While Bunco was a popular gambling game during the 1920s and Prohibition era, it has now evolved into a social dice game where players typically compete for door prizes instead of money. Although promotional gambling products are commonly incorporated into casino night fundraisers or galas, Bunco is a more family-friendly option that does not require any skill or practice, thus appealing to a broader audience. To learn the rules of Bunco and find out how starting a Bunco league can benefit your brand, keep reading…

Bunco is a game of chance, played in multiple rounds, and only requires dice, pencils and paper to play. Players are seated at tables of four and compete in pairs to accumulate the most points. There are six rounds, played in numerical order from one to six, and the number of the round also serves as the target number for that round’s rolls. In each round, players take turns rolling three dice, aiming to land on the target number. For each die matching the target number, players are awarded a single point; if the player rolls three-of-a-kind of the target number (at which time the player calls out “Bunco”), they earn 21 points and are declared the winner of that round. Also, rolling three of a kind of any other number is worth a points value of 5 points. The first team to score 21 points wins the round and play stops at all other tables.

The team with the highest score at the remaining tables is declared the winner of their respective tables, and all winning teams move on to the next table in the rotation. All players switch partners at the end of the round, so nobody plays with the same partner twice in a row and all players get to know one another by the end of the game.

Players track their individual wins, as well as individual Buncos and team wins, and at the conclusion of all rounds, prizes may be awarded in these categories or any other categories you decide to invent. For example, the lowest scoring player may be given a consolation prize or the loudest shouter of “Bunco!” could be given an award.

Bunco fundraisers are a creative new twist on casino nights, and you can raise money for your favorite charity or your own organization by charging players an entry fee, selling raffle tickets, or selling food and beverages at the event. The game is easy to learn and by the end of the night, attendees will be thrilled that your brand has introduced them to such an enjoyable activity.

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