Keeping Cool with Custom Sports Bottles

Okay loyal readers, I’ve got “ooh that’s cute” moment number 4 for you! Or is it 5? Maybe more? Okay I probably should have started counting a few “ooh-that’s-a-cute-promotional-product” moment’s ago, but I digress.

Today I stumbled across this little gem of a custom sports bottle while searching for an EarthSmart item for an upcoming Earth Day promotion. This stylish 22 oz. sports bottle has the metallic look and stylish shape of a more expensive aluminum water bottle, but with the incredibly low price expected of a basic sports bottle. The Metalike Bottle is BPA-free and dishwasher safe, making this the perfect grab-and-go, toss-in-the-dishwasher bottle for anyone running at full speed ahead.

I’d venture to say that sports bottles are always a great choice for spring or summer promotions. With many people spending those extra hours of daylight walking in the park, tossing around the ball at the local ball field or nurturing their budding blossoms in the garden, they need a portable way to stay cool. Giving a durable sports bottle is an excellent way to reinforce your brand image, while giving recipients a trendy and thoughtful gift.

Your customers are sure to love the Metalike bottle for it’s easy-grip shape, bold color and flip top lid and you’ll love it for the amazingly great price and powerful branding that comes with each sports bottle. Check it out if you need an affordable promotional product for those hot spring and summer events!

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So it’s like… the metal water bottle that isn’t!
Loves it

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