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Boston promotional products take on a variety of forms, ranging from those that commemorate the Civil War to those that represent the historic Fenway ballpark and even those items that are distributed by the major companies headquartered in the larger Boston and Merrimack Valley region. The city of Boston in Suffolk County has a long history, dating back to the 1600s when it was founded by Puritan colonists from England. Today, Boston is well known for its rich culture, thanks in part to the surrounding neighborhoods and towns of Cambridge, Quincy, Framingham, Dorchester and Mission Hill. These diverse neighborhoods comprise the larger Boston Metropolitan Area of Norfolk, Suffolk and Plymouth Counties; they contain great museums, restaurants and shops where residents and visitors can find Boston branded products.

Boston along the Freedom Trail

Freedom Trail is a must-see for visitors looking to purchase memorabilia from historic sites. This two and a half hour walking tour winds throughout various parts of Suffolk County, stopping at 16 historic sites along the way. Some popular places along the Freedom Trail in Massachusetts are the Boston Common, which is America's oldest public park, and the Paul Revere House, which was built in 1680. Today, most school children know the story of Paul Revere and visitors are likely to find t-shirts, notebooks and other items that commemorate his legendary ride to Lexington, Massachusetts. Visitors will also find many other historic sites scattered throughout Boston neighborhoods, including the Shirley Eustis House in Roxbury, Franklin Park in Dorchester, and Mission Church in Mission Hill.

Boston at Fenway Park

Fenway Park, near Kenmore Square, is another historic site in Boston where residents and visitors are likely to find a number of Boston baseball products. The park, which is home to the Boston Red Sox Major League Baseball team, opened it's doors on April 20, 1912, making it one of the oldest ballparks in America. Jerseys from legendary Red Sox baseball players such as Cy Young and Babe Ruth are still popular sports apparel for sports fans of all ages. Boston is also well known for it's great public transportation system, and fans come from Cambridge, Framingham, Lowell, and Quincy to watch the Red Sox play.

Boston Businesses and Universities

Boston Businesses and Universities In addition to items imprinted with historic figures and sports players, many branded items contain logos of large businesses and universities that are located throughout Boston and Norfolk County. For instance, Harvard University, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is one of the top schools in both the Boston area and in the United States. Anyone in the Boston area is sure to see many sweatshirts, polos, backpacks and other merchandise embroidered with the Harvard name. Two other well-known universities located in the Boston area are Boston College and Boston University. Located in the Fenway-Kenmore and Allston neighborhoods, Boston University is not only a reputable educational institution, but also one of the largest employers in Massachusetts' capital city. Other well-known companies that have headquarters in Boston include Staples, Inc., located in Framingham, and Bain & Company. Over the years, these companies have achieved high levels of brand recognition, probably in part due to their distribution of Boston-themed giveaways.

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