Branded Backpacks: Custom Promotional Backpacks

Branded Backpacks Get You Where You Need to Go

There is nothing more convenient than carrying all your professional essentials with you on-the-go. That’s why branded backpacks make great corporate gifts for new hires, company partners, customer giveaways and sales team rewards. Personalized backpacks create brand experiences as employees, partners and customers carry them for years to come. From everyday use to long-distance travel, your company logo backpack will be the useful accessory your top players need.

Promotional Possibilities with Branded Backpacks

Branded backpacks can make every day an adventure. Heading out into the urban jungle? No problem! Personalized backpacks make carrying laptops and personal supplies a breeze – with a wide variety of stylish choices to ensure recipients have room for all their necessities. Going hiking? Wonderful! A logo backpack is the practical choice for a day trip out into nature. Setting off on the next overseas voyage? Great! Most branded backpacks are carry-on size, making them the best choice for air travel.

Branded Kitting with Personalized Backpacks

Did you know that branded backpacks also make promotional kitting fun and easy? You can incorporate all your favorite promotional products, from pens and notebooks to sunglasses and water bottles, into your personalized backpack for a stylish brand kit. We can even package and ship your branded backpacks with branded packing materials!

Pinnacle Promotions IdeaKits™ for Branded Backpacks

Looking for advice on branded backpacks? Our team of promotional experts can build you custom IdeaKits to help you choose the right personalized backpacks. Customized IdeaKits™ come packed with stylish product recommendations, brand solutions for specific needs such as new hire gifts or sales incentives and will highlight how your logo will make the marketing impact you are looking for. Our account managers will ensure your next promotional purchase is precisely how you want it. It’s our Pin Pledge!