Gift Boxes & Packaging

Corporate gifts look better in custom gift boxes.

Even though you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, a gift's packaging can make a lasting impression. Use our promotional gift boxes to ensure you get the right message across about your brand.

Why mess with wrapping paper when you can add to the aesthetics of your brand with one of our promotional gift boxes? Customized with your company’s name and logo, these items will certainly enhance everything from pens and drinkware, to apparel and more, by creating a distinctive visual impression.

Let us help you exceed the reach of your gift-giving capabilities by packaging them in one of our custom gift boxes. Stylish options include different sizes, shapes, and price ranges with varieties available with attached hinged lids and tuck-in sides, velcro, snaps, or elastic bands for secure closure. Additional customization options include CD hubs, business card slits and other accessories and inserts that are available for your personal marketing needs. Our selection also includes boxes that are specifically designed to fit certain products such as wine bottles, mugs, or executive pens and are made from 100% recycled content fiberboard.