Custom beverages and promotional drink bottles

“I like cold beverage, yeah. I like cold beverage, yeah. I like cold beverage, uh huh.”

Man, G. Love and Special Sauce really had it right in the 1990s, didn’t they? I mean, not grammatically. They needed a little bit of help on that front. But clearly they understood how awesome a beverage can be, waxing poetic about iced tea on the front porch, orange juice in the car, beer when you’re out fishing. They were missing something, though. They forgot to sing about promotional beverages.

What’s so great about custom beverages? Well, they taste great, of course. But they’re also a great way to market your company. Give Pinnacle Promotions a call, and they can print your logo or information on anything from custom labeled bottled water to customized energy shots — and you’ll have the perfect customized beverages for you budget, your brand, and your business.

Hand out customized instant iced tea packets, personalized café coffee packs, and customized tea tins to your customers, and they’ll market your business with every sip. These promotional beverages are perfect as giveaways at trade shows, conferences, and expos. Attendees will thank you for keeping them hydrated and happy, and you’ll easily spread the word about your goods and services.

Or maybe you’re looking for a great corporate gift. Try the Custom Single Serve Coffee Pack, which includes four individual, single-serve coffee cups and a mix of coffee flavors. Or how about the Harbor Tote with Bottled Spring Water, which has a handy carabiner clip? Or go for the promotional Hot Chocolate Kit in a Mason Jar, which will give your client a warm and fuzzy feeling this holiday season. The kit comes in a classic 12-oz glass mason jar and is decorated with a hand-tied grosgrain bow.

They’ll be a big hit. Just like “Cold Beverage” was for G. Love and Special Sauce.