Fashion Hats

Hats off to custom bucket hats and promotional military hats

In a shocking report, the New York Times took on one of the most incendiary topics of our time. It's a story so alarming, you'll probably want to sit down before we tell you about it. You're about to get rocked to your core. Here it is: Men used to wear hats all the time, and now they wear them mostly for fun. I know, right? We'll wait while you pick your jaw up off the floor.

"Nowadays, stylish men are going with everything from the boater to the beret," the article said.

Don't be caught unprepared — pick up some custom bucket hats, custom military hats, and custom fedoras from Pinnacle Promotions.

Custom fedoras are a great way to provide your customers and employees with shade and protection from the harmful rays of the sun while letting these folks serve as ambassadors for your brand. Custom military hats are a cool and cost-effective way to showcase your company information and impress potential clients.

Pinnacle Promotions can hook you up with just the right custom bucket hats for your clients and employees. Print your logo, company name, or event information on our custom fedoras and you'll have the perfect giveaway. You're sending the message that you care about your people and that you're committed to quality.

Custom fashion hats are a stylish avenue to better branding. Your customers will be excited to incorporate these unique custom hats into their everyday wardrobes, which means your logo will always have a place within their daily routine. And every time your customers wear your custom military hats or custom bucket hats, another set of eyes will see your brand message.

Try our customized District® Sun Bleached and Distressed Cap, made of 100 percent cotton twill with a leather strap buckle closure. This cap is fashionably distressed and features a pop of contrasting color on the brim. Or pick out the personalized Port Authority Sportsman Hat, an outdoor favorite that's pigment-dyed and garment-washed for a mellow look and soft feel. We also have customized Houndstooth Military Hats, Paper Straw Golfer Shape Hats, Eagle Shape Paper Straw Hats, Outback Boonie Hats, and Fedora Hats with Custom Straps.

"Now is a time for hats," the New York Times reported. Pick up some custom bucket hats and other personalized fashion hats from Pinnacle Promotions so that you're prepared for this insane turn of events.