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Custom scarves and promotional headwear

You’re running down the beach, striding like a gazelle, and imagining that you hear the theme from “Chariots of Fire.” The sand under your feet, the blood coursing through your veins, and the wind hitting you in the face and sending your hair into your eyes and now oh no you are careening into the ocean and oops you’re down.

Terrible way to end a run, huh? Especially one that had all the makings of a slow-motion masterpiece. But hey, there’s a way to keep your fitness activities cinematic and your hair out of your dang face. Try custom printed headbands and promotional headbands from Pinnacle Promotions.

Print your logo or company information on promotional headbands and custom printed scarves, and you’ll not only help your employees perform better on the sand, the court, the track, and the field — you’ll also help your brand perform better. Every time your people wear one of your promotional headbands, they’ll be marketing your company.

Your marketing efforts will be a wrap when you custom print your logo onto custom printed scarves, promotional headbands, and promotional bandanas. These accessories are the perfect way to advertise your brand and show off your personality, all while providing your customers with an item they'll wear and enjoy time and time again.

Try the Port Authority Extra Long Fleece Scarf, made from 100 percent polyester fleece with an anti-pill finish. It’s available in eight fashionable colors, all of which feature dyed-to-match overlock stitching for a sophisticated look. It’s a great holiday gift.

Or how about the Fleece Custom Ear Band, which comes in six colors and can embroidered with an organization's logo? Or maybe your hands get cold when you’re playing football with your neighbors on Thanksgiving (we won’t call it a pick-up game; we know it’s much more ferocious than that). Then try a pair of customized touchscreen spandex gloves. They’re great for gripping the ball, and when you score a touchdown you can immediately gloat on Instagram without taking off your gloves.

Or maybe you just want to do that “Chariots of Fire” run on the beach, and look like a boss while you’re doing it. Then go for a customized Plush Terry Promotional Fitness Headband. It’ll feel like 1981 all over again. And you’ll run like the wind, without cursing it. (Dun dah dah dah daah daah, dun dah dah dah daah …)