Promotional Magnets

Custom magnets are an essential part of any promotional campaign. Take charge and stay visible with a custom promotional magnet. Stay front of mind and be useful with these truly unique branded magnets.

Custom magnets make for attractive branding

Much to her dismay, no matter what your favorite Hostess with the Mostess tries — strategically placing the best snacks in the living room, gently encouraging a particular traffic pattern around the house, or putting up yellow caution tape — the party always ends up in the kitchen. Always. And when the small talk dies down and guests get anxious and search for something to talk about or to look at, their eyes go to the fridge. They're not looking at little Timmy's drawing of a rainbow castle (or is that a centaur?). They're taking in the wide and odd assortment of custom magnets. Your company's personalized magnets should be among them.

Custom refrigerator magnets are an unconventional yet effective way of getting your logo into the everyday lives of your audience without inconveniencing them. Custom fridge magnets are functional, holding up the kids' artwork, the grocery list, and a reminder to "keep your grubby hands off my cookie cake." Some people even keep their magnets at the workplace, which means your brand will be seen by colleagues, bosses, and CEOs alike. Start incorporating custom magnets into your promotional marketing strategy for a brand that sticks.

Pinnacle Promotions can help you find the right personalized magnets for your business and your brand. Our custom fridge magnets are durable, high-quality, and attractive (get it?), and come in a wide range of sizes, colors, and shapes. We have custom magnets shaped like pennants, light bulbs, houses, feet, teeth, pills, and churches. Some double as picture frames, others as calendars.

Try a custom four-color process promotional magnet that looks just like your business card. Or how about a custom magnet clip in the shape of a T-shirt? Or maybe the custom Postcard with Business Card Magnet is perfect for your next direct mail promotion, with a four-color process imprint on the front and back of the postcard as well as a four-color process imprint on the business card magnet. Send a colorful postcard to your clients with ample room for your marketing copy and leave them with a magnet that will keep your message around for years to come.

Some of our custom refrigerator magnets are made with corrugated cardboard, others glow in the dark so you won't miss out on marketing your brand to sleepwalkers and folks who find themselves eating half of a baked chicken on the kitchen floor in the middle of the night.

So get in touch with Pinnacle Promotions today, and we'll set you up with custom refrigerator magnets. They're the perfect tradeshow and event giveaway. They’re useful, impactful, and effective. Custom Magnets are something even the Hostess with the Mostess won't be able to resist — even as she's shooing guests out of her kitchen. Again.