Travel Adapters

Custom USB chargers and promotional travel technology for the road warriors

Gimme a U! Gimme an S! Gimme a B! What's that spell? USB! Golly gosh a-mighty, we are so excited about custom USB chargers! And it's just swell to meet someone who shares our enthusiasm! Like, if we could use all the exclamation points — and we mean all of them — to describe our love of promotional USB car chargers, we would! (You like our pom-poms? Gee, thanks!) Go team! Go team! Who do we mean? We'll say it loud, because we're proud. U-S-B! USB pride! USB pride! We're steppin' up, so step aside! We're the best; we're here to win. USB power's here again! Hoo-wee, do we love custom USB chargers. Why? Because promotional USB chargers from Pinnacle Promotions are the perfect giveaway for techies and avid travelers. From promotional USB car chargers to custom adapters, these promotional products are perfect for a long road trip, plane ride, or train trek. Get your corporate logo custom-printed onto promotional USB car chargers for a brand that travels as far as your customers do! (Let's make a pyramid, and then you can spot us for a basket toss!) USB just can't be beat! USB make you feel the heat! Goooo USB! Take a tech-savvy approach to your marketing efforts with custom USB chargers. Promotional USB chargers are great items for your next trade show, expo, or company event. Get your logo custom-printed on promotional USB car chargers and start charging up some serious brand recognition! (Spirit fingers, everybody!) You may be good at football. You may be good at track. But when it comes to USBs you better watch your back! These aren't dinky throwaways. Print your logo or company name on a promotional USB car charger, and your employees and customers will remember you every time they recharge. They're perfect for students, professionals, and families. Try the On-the-Go Car Charger, or a dual-USB output charger so you can plug in two devices at one time. Or how about a custom Swivel Car Charger, which has a split-ring attachment and is compatible with most cigarette lighter ports? We also have other exciting travel tech, like customizable Brookstone Espy Trackers, which can help you find your keys and other important items. R-O-W-D-I-E, that's the way we spell rowdy. Let's get rowdy. And work on our spelling. But first let's charge our phones. Woo! So give Pinnacle Promotions a call, and we'll set you up with the perfect promotional USB chargers for you and your needs. (And then we can braid each other's hair! Go team!)