Custom Flashlights

Outshine the competition with your very own custom-branded flashlights. Make the right impression on anyone with your custom flashlight. Order now and experience the Pinnacle Difference: fast shipping with top-tier customer service.

Light up your brand with custom flashlights

The camp counselor paused for effect, then put the flashlight under his chin, giving his face a ghostly glare. In a sinister voice he finished the spooky story with this dreaded line: "The call was coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE."

The children gasped. One dropped his s'more on the ground, another cried, another bit his friend. "Pretty scary story, huh?" the counselor asked. "No!" yelled the biter. "We're upset because you're not using a custom flashlight! What a missed marketing opportunity! We know how to read, so we would've been staring at the logo on your promotional flashlight this whole time. And then we'd remember it, and tell our parents about it, instead of telling them that you undercooked the baked beans and don't know how to tie a knot!"

Then all of the campers reached into their knapsacks and, in silent sync, pulled out their own personalized LED flashlights (now that was creepy).

That one kid might be a biter, but he’s pretty smart. He knows that you can make a big impact, and spread the word about your business and your brand, with promotional flashlights. And there's no better place to get them than from Pinnacle Promotions.

Shed some light on your awesome marketing tactics by getting your logo custom printed onto personalized flashlights. These promotional flashlights aren't just for the tool-lovers out there. We've custom keychain flashlights, custom booklights, personalized LED flashlights, and more, guaranteeing you'll be able to find the perfect promotional flashlight for your specific audience. Get a few of these custom flashlights into your marketing arsenal for a brand that truly shines.

We have custom Stubby LED flashlights, a multi-purpose hook light with magnet mounting, and a custom 3-in-1 Emergency Light from Brookstone, which has a backup light that turns on when the power goes out. We have slim personalized flashlights, swiveling promotional flashlights, and personalized flashlights on mini carabiners.

Or maybe you just want to read a book while your spouse snores away, as if he doesn't have a care in the world, and you're still awake at 3 a.m. Then try our custom Flex Booklight, a custom flashlight with a durable clip and flexible neck. Or how about a pocket-sized promotional flashlight that looks like a Rubik's Cube? Hours of fun, and so practical. There's also the customized Dynamo Flashlight that's powered by squeezing the handle.

So print your logo or company information on personalized LED flashlights, give them to your employees, your customers, and to trade show attendees, and you'll be sure to make a great impression. Unlike that camp counselor. Gotta work on his delivery. And his knots.