Custom Pencils & Mechanical Pencils

Discover the perfect pencil with our custom pencils collection. Order custom mechanical pencils or standard pencils with your logo. Discover the perfect option for your business today.

Get the lead out with branded promotional pencils

Remember those adorable custom pencils that had a troll on the top, and his hair was really long, and you'd rub the pencil back and forth between your hands to make the hair stand up, and then Mrs. Crabapple would yell at you and tell you to stop playing with that infernal thing and please see her after school because she's had it with you, and you are going to be clapping the chalk dust out of some erasers? And now those customized pencils are the stars of a kids' movie! They're lip-synching a Justin Timberlake song! Who woulda thunk it? We woulda thunk it. Because at Pinnacle Promotions, we know how great customizable pencils can be — great to use, great to play with (if you so choose; so there, Mrs. Crabapple), and great for spreading the word about your business and your brand. Don't settle for a chewed-up pencil that you found on the floor of your car. Get yourself, your employees, and your clients customized pencils. Order a whole bunch and imprint them with your logo, company name, or event information, and your brand could get some serious exposure and recognition at a low cost. Aside from being cost-efficient and effective, custom pencils are completely customizable for any and all brands or logos. And they're perfect as giveaways at trade shows and conventions. We have taken away the fuss of customizing promotional products by offering the Pinnacle Perfect version of this classic giveaway. Pinnacle Perfect products are the top products customers choose, again and again, at factory-direct prices and perfect for your next event. Or try a custom Buy Write pencil in any color, including retina-searing neon. Relentless quality! Or how about a custom A-Plus Pencil Case, which holds pens, custom pencils, scissors, erasers and other essentials and has an easy-open zipper pull. Perhaps you'd prefer a custom Carpenter's Pencil, which offers more surface area for your logo's imprint. Or maybe a customized Armadillo Mechanical Pencil, which has chrome accents, a sturdy metal clip, and a comfortable rubber gripper. You can also customize a 12-piece colored pencil tin. Here's another great giveaway: The Ribbon Mood Pencil, which changes color by the heat of your hand. It's like Hypercolor — for the modern world! Pinnacle Promotions can help you find the perfect customizable pencils to tickle your fancy. And what you do with that troll-topped pencil you've held on to for the last 20 years — that's your business. (We won’t tell Mrs. Crabapple.)