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Promotional phone stands: great giveaway for techies and non-techies alike

Oh, the good old days, when everyone used a regular phone, the kind with a heavy handset and buttons on its base (or — gasp! — a rotary dial) that only let you to stray as far as the curly phone cord would allow. The days when you had no idea who was calling. And yet you still picked up the phone. Except during dinner. Never during dinner.

Yeah, we don't really miss those days either. Still, there are times when you want to put your phone down on your desk, but you don't want to lose it under piles of TPS reports, sandwich wrappers, unopened offers for lakefront properties, and the gossip magazines you pretend you don't like to read. That's when a promotional phone stand can come in pretty handy.

With a host of unique styles, shapes and colors, promotional cell phone stands offer a unique opportunity to reach techies and non-techies alike. Custom phone stands provide your audience with a safe and productive way to keep their cellphones right where they need to be, eliminating frustration and making their lives easier. Get your logo custom-printed onto promotional phone stands, and your brand will get some serious exposure. They're a great giveaway at trade shows and events. And unlike some dinky marketing trinkets, a promotional phone stand will stand, front and center, and won't get lost in a desk's morass (where did that copy of Life & Style go? Asking for a friend ...).

At Pinnacle Promotions, we offer promotional cell phone stands in a wide range of styles and colors. There's the custom aluminum stylus and phone stand, which keeps a stylus conveniently attached to your device. We have collapsible phone stands that feature a non-slip pad and an easel stance that folds flat for storage. There's the custom Magic Mobile Stand, which features special adhesive grips that hold your phone in place, keeping it at the perfect angle for viewing. Or how about a custom Metalix stand, made from stainless steel and perfect for your tablet.

We also have custom cell phone stands that come with picture frames, earbuds, and screen cleaners. There's even one that looks like two thumbs up. Another one is shaped like a toilet plunger - exactly what you've always wanted!

So give Pinnacle Promotions a call, and we'll set you up with the perfect promotional phone stands for your business and your brand. Your customers and employees will pick up their phones from their handy promotional phone stands to call and thank you for these great giveaways. Except during dinner. Never during dinner.