Power Banks

Charge up your brand with custom power banks

We've all experienced it, that feeling of fear and anxiety in the pit your stomach, the spike of cortisol as your body moves into fight or flight. You scream inside your head, "What am I going to do??" Your eyes dart left and right; you dig through your purse and your briefcase and upend chairs and tables, frantically searching. You're panicking. Your phone is almost out of juice, and you can't find your charger. (Nooooooooo!) Never fear: Pinnacle Promotions is here. We have promotional power banks and custom chargers that can come to the rescue while making you a hero with your employees and customers and bringing more power to your brand. Don't settle for some boring plug-and-cord combination. We can print your company's name or logo on a wide variety of custom cell phone chargers, custom tablet chargers, and custom power banks in your favorite colors from brands like Brookstone, Magellan, and Leed's. Hand out a power bank emergency battery charger with an LED light and a charging cable that can be used as a wrist strap. Or how about custom portable chargers that combine a Bluetooth speaker, a power bank, and a phone or tablet stand? We also have power banks that double as flashlights. And then there's the popular custom Jolt Suction Charger, which sticks to the back of your smartphone and serves as both a charger and a stand. Or maybe you want a greener option. We can hook you up with customized Rely Solar Chargers, which are slim and compact and use direct sunlight to power up most smartphones. There's also the custom Illuminated Powerbank, which features a rechargeable battery and suction-cup back and works as a phone stand for both a horizontal and vertical view. When the custom charger is in use, your graphics will illuminate, reminding your employees and customers of your bright ideas and big-time dependability. And next time their hearts begin to race as they watch the bars on their smartphones and tablets dwindle, they'll reach for the custom cell phone chargers and custom tablet chargers with your company's name on them. And they'll breath a huge sigh of relief, because you saved the day.