Custom balloons inflate your brand

The man stroked his jet black goatee and pursed his lips. This, he thought, was high art. The kind not seen since Philippe Parreno took custom mylar balloons and turned them from pedestrian party favor to piece de resistance in his exhibit at Tate Modern's Turbine Hall. Yes, this was miraculous. "Um, are you lost?" the marketing employee asked, a bit unnerved by the man's stare. "Did you mean to come to this trade show? Do you want one of these promotional balloons?" The man snatched the string from the woman's hand, then traced his finger across the company logo printed on the promotional balloon, enjoying the squeaky sound that made. He realized that he was not only enjoying these custom latex balloons as art, but also as advertising — he would never forget the name of the company on the balloon, nor its logo, for as long as he lived. "Don't have another company party or event without first getting your logo custom printed onto promotional balloons," the marketing employee chirped. "Custom mylar balloons make great corporate decorations, and they're also easy and convenient to send home with your customers after the fun is all over. Make the right impression with custom latex balloons from Pinnacle Promotions." He scoffed. As if he needed to be told that promotional balloons are a great way to bring energy and excitement to expos, parties, and other events. Pfft. He knew they were perfect as centerpieces, and in doorways, and on stairways, and that they were wonderful take-home items for family-friendly events. He thought to himself about all the different kinds of custom latex balloons available from Pinnacle Promotions. There are biodegradable, helium-quality custom latex balloons. There are custom crystal latex balloons, personalized fashion opaque balloons, square foil balloons, and pearl latex balloons, all ready for customization with just a click or a call. Then he tied the string to his wrist, binding himself to the balloon and its inner essence, and imagined he was strolling a museum instead of the trade show floor. This custom balloon could easily have had a life as part of Jason Hackenwerth's "Aviary," the one-night balloon installation made for a gala at the Guggenheim. Nothing compared to the power of promotional balloons, he thought. Nothing.