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Custom stuffed animals: branded cuteness

Comedian Amy Schumer has an alarming collection of custom stuffed animals. As in, they're terrifying. Bunny, Mouser, Penny, Pokey. She loves those ratty things — which are probably more dust mite than stuffed animal at this point — so much she had actress Tilda Swinton's partner paint their portrait.

Don't be like Amy, or let your friends, employees, and customers lie around with crazy-looking critters. Get some brand-spanking new custom stuffed animals from Pinnacle Promotions. Your people will say "aw!" instead of "ew!" and they'll think of your brand and your business every time they go in for a cuddle.

Custom teddy bears make great giveaway items for trade shows, expos, conventions, or company events, and they're guaranteed to be loved and adored by all audiences. Promotional teddy bears provide a unique way of marketing your company and your services, and they're items that your customers are sure to hold on to. Print your logo a custom teddy bear's T-shirt or neck bow, and you'll start building some adorable brand recognition.

Keep cuteness at your fingertips the Teddy Bear Key Chain. Or pick out some Plush Big Paw Bears with shirts. These cute custom teddy bears are a fun and thoughtful way to promote your branding messages. From colleges and universities to hospitals and corporations, promotional teddy bears are fitting gifts for an endless number of events.

Pokey, on the other hand, shouldn't be brought to any event, anywhere. Schumer, as a little girl, wasn't invited to sleepover parties unless she promised to leave that particular straw-filled doll at home. "She's been described as the bride of Chucky, and also a nightmare machine," according to Schumer's recent autobiography.

Instead of a nightmare machine, how about giving your customers a customized Ole' Time Rag Bear with Shirt, which can be dressed in one of 14 colors? We also have custom tigers and lions. And then there's the customizable Marvelous Monkey with Shirt, and the super-soft Baby's Favorite Lil Bear Blue Stuffed Animal. So flippin' cute! Pinnacle Promotions also offers the Big Graham Promotional Teddy Bear, a larger version of the Baby Graham teddy bear and with the same graham cracker-colored fur.

Because isn't a custom stuffed animal with graham cracker-colored fur preferable to, say, a custom teddy bear with dirt-streaked and matted fur? Or crusty fur? Or a face out of a horror show? Somebody please tell Amy Schumer. And get Pokey away from me.