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Journals & Jotters
Journals & Jotters
Foster brand loyalty and awareness by giving your target audience custom journals and jotters ... featuring your organizations name and logo. There are lots of options to choose from! Shop Journals & Jotters
Padfolios & Portfolios
Padfolios & Portfolios
Leave a lasting impression on prospective clients and business partners with customized ... promotional portfolios. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors! Shop Padfolios & Portfolios
Notebooks & Notepads
Notebooks & Notepads
One fantastic way to make sure people take note of your brand is with personalized notebooks and ... notepads. Enable customers to take your brand on the go today. Shop Notebooks & Notepads

Custom journals and promotional portfolios: give your customers all the write stuff

Dear Diary,

So I think I like Jimmy. His floppy hair. His beat-up skateboard. The way he leans really far back in his chair in class. Such a risk-taker. A rebel. I've memorized everything about him, and I like all of it. Well, almost all of it.

I don't like his notebooks. And you know I take those seriously. I mean, you yourself are a promotional journal with the name of my parents' company printed on the front. They got you from Pinnacle Promotions, and they say these notebooks are a great way to make a great impression — and impress clients and potential customers.

But Jimmy? He does not have a promotional portfolio or custom journal. His notebook is your basic spiral, with the cover ripped in half and scribbled with the skull from the Grateful Dead. While I admire his rebelliousness (and only gently question his musical taste — what's wrong with vintage One Direction?), I just don't understand why he doesn't have a promotional journal. Someone like him should be using the best custom notebooks that money can buy. What does it say about him that he doesn't?

And there are so many options! Pinnacle Promotions has spiral-bound, perfect bound, and executive custom journals and jotters in hardcover, softcover, leather, paperboard, carbon fiber, and recycled cardboard from such brands as Moleskine and Leed's. Some branded notebooks come with a stylus pen, colorful sticky flags, or a mirror.

My parents say a custom trade show jotter or promotional portfolio is a high-quality, sophisticated giveaway among a sea of throwaways. A custom journal is the perfect customer appreciation gift, because it sends the message that you care about quality and you care about your clients. But does Jimmy care about himself? I worry that his soul is more damaged than I'd ever imagined (and boy, have I imagined. I picture myself giving him the perfect advice, and he's forever grateful. Sigh.).

Every day I start to write him a note, to tell him that I like him and that Pinnacle Promotions has custom spiral notebooks, and custom notepads that come with a pen or a stylus. They have personalized notebooks with special details, like a neon stripe across a corner or pockets for business cards and documents. Some of the personalized notebooks are made of scuba material. But then I chicken out, and blush at the thought of him discovering my true feelings.

So for now, Dear Diary, this love is secret and unrequited. I can only dream of the day he'll get himself an awesome promotional journal — and then draw a heart on it, for me.
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