Pinnacle Promotions Furthers Internal Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Leading promotional products distributor Pinnacle Promotions is enacting new eco-friendly practices to continue its dedication to helping the environment.

Atlanta, GA - June 18, 2010 - Continuing its efforts to encourage environmentally friendly behaviors both within the company and the community as a whole, Pinnacle Promotions, Inc., one of the nation's leading promotional products agencies, has enacted new eco-friendly initiatives.

These include replacing light fixtures with energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs, installing new faucets that have flow restrictor valves to reduce the amount of water expended, and displaying signs in the bathrooms and kitchen area that read 'Keep Pinnacle Green! Conserve water and conserve paper' as reminders to act in accordance with the new eco-friendly practices. Additionally, each employee signed an Ecology Pledge Form, committing to take small steps toward a sustainable environment such as turning off computer monitors at night, driving less, recycling when possible, and using reusable bags when grocery shopping.

"We have had a really positive response from the employees; they understand that changing our generation's habits to benefit the environment will help not only us but future generations as well," said Deidre O'Hara, Human Resources. "It's important to recognize our actions have an impact on the outside world both as individuals as well as a company."

Pinnacle Promotions has always been dedicated to helping the environment and these are just the latest steps in the company's eco-friendly efforts. In November 2009 Pinnacle began a paperless system, greatly reducing the amount of paper used in the office by sending faxes electronically and using an online approval system that allows customers to confirm orders and approve products via e-mail. Pinnacle Promotions also trademarked a line of EarthSmart™ promotional products that are made from natural, organic or recycled materials and inflict minimal to no harm on the environment. Additionally, Pinnacle Promotions contributes 1 percent of all EarthSmart™ purchases to 1% for the Planet, an international network of more than 1,700 environmental organizations all committed to raising and distributing funds to non-profit groups in need across the globe.

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